Introduction - Nightspirit

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Introduction - Nightspirit

#1 Post by Nightspirit » Thu Jan 04, 2018 10:19 pm

Name: Elarrah Nightspirit
Age: 12,214 (Yes, that does indeed make her old.)
Race and Gender: Highborne (Night Elf) Female
Occupation: Scout/Blade-for-Hire

Elarrah or Ela was born in the ancient settlement of Ameth'Aran prior to the War of the Ancients and The Great Sundering. She was brought up by her mother whom had originally hoped her daughter would become a prominent and capable Magi, however at an early age it became clear that while Elarrah had the aptitude, she lacked the desire, instead wanting to combine her mother's desire for her to become a mage with Ela's own desire to become a melee combatant, skilled in all manner of small, one-handed weaponry.

Her life continued normally until the time came for her to serve her people in the War for the Ancients, something she barely survived herself, only to be exiled once it was over and the Well of Eternity was destroyed. From there she followed her people into exile until the time came where she could become part of events unfolding in the Eastern Kingdoms. Ela sought refuge here in Human lands from then onward as she hasn't dared return to Teldrassil or other Kaldorei lands since, despite the decree welcoming Highborne back into Kaldorei society.

While the legacy of her people will always be viewed as one of greed and destruction, especially by less progressive thinkers among the Kaldorei and other factions, Elarrah strives to make sure the personal legacy she leaves behind is one to be remembered fondly if not admired or even looked upon in awe, for this reason her dream is to be able to secure and nurture the lives of others both from within and outside of her own people. While she wouldn't mind settling down with a family, due to her past it is not something she actively looks towards.

Elarrah is quite a reserved person with a brooding and calculating personality, she doesn't always make a point of letting her opinion or thoughts be heard, even when such things are being asked for by those around her. Her gaze will always be looking things over from one moment to the next, as she almost seems to challenge herself to take in and remember as many details as possible even about the most mundane things. She is also rather artistic, though this is a trait she rarely if ever displays and she especially doesn't openly talk about it, since her artwork is a form of escapism both from her past and any recent troubles, Elarrah would feel rather crushed if others whom she didn't know or trust found out about some of the things she has drawn or written.

OOC: Elarrah is a Rogue who possesses control over and the ability to use Arcane though I do my best to moderate this so her power is suitable to her environment and any event/guild settings. I have been role-playing on Argent Dawn for almost nine years now and most of that has been within the Kaldorei/Kalimdor communities and I feel its time to try to branch out.

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Re: Introduction - Nightspirit

#2 Post by Tikál » Fri Jan 05, 2018 2:42 pm

Thank you for showing interest in us, hopefully we will see you in game soon.
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