Vereld's Introduction (Joined)

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Vereld's Introduction (Joined)

#1 Post by Vereld » Mon Jun 12, 2017 9:57 pm

Name: Vereld Deepstrider
Race: Kal'Dorei (Night Elf)
Age: A few centuries, quite young for a Night Elf.
Sex: Male
Profession: Vagrant? Does that count? He just wanders around, usually pretty aimlessly...

OOC: I'm available pretty much any day in the evenings (after 18:30) except in maybe July, when I have a lot of work.


A weathered-looking Night Elf in slightly tattered but clearly maintained and functional mail-wear. He has a lean and sinewy constitution, like that of old gnarly roots. His eyes are always subtly flicking around, observing everything around him. He doesn't say much, but one can tell it is not because he does not wish to; He simply doesn't know how to.
Years alone in the wilderness has made him unaccustomed to social interaction. This, combined with long years of solitary contemplation, makes whatever he says seem very deliberate and profound-sounding, even if this isn't his intention at all. He does not get jokes or comedy, and will often, clumsily, try to cover up his social shortages with crude attempts at joviality.

Because of his time in the wilderness, he has missed most of the recent events in the world. He knew of Deathwing, of course, Since almost the entire world got reshaped by his reign of terror. Not to mention that Deathwing was quite "easy to spot" if you will, flying over the world raining down destruction. However he knows nothing of The Lich King, Pandaria or Garrosh, and just recently got news of the Legion's attack, having spotted one of their ships during the initial invasion. This combined with having mostly wandered northern Kalimdor makes him ignorant of many of the other races, even though he might have heard about them before.

Reasons for Joining (Summary):

Having just recently found himself on a ship and ending up in bustling Stormwind, a brief encounter with members of Starlight piqued his interest in "people". For the first time in his life, Vereld feels that rather than breathtaking vistas of glorious forests and humbling mountains, there might be beauty and secrets to see in people too. Besides, knowing that the world is now a far more dangerous place than when he first set out on his journey. He figures that "Having some stalwart comrades to watch your back isn't such a bad idea when you're out exploring." Also that he thanks to Starlight has opened up to the concept of "other people".

IC Letter of Application:

*The handwriting looks carefully placed, as if the writer was scared to make even a tiny mistake. Flipping the letter over reveals what seems to be a copy of the letter written in Darnassian. You turn it back over again and quickly realize from the incorrect grammar and conjugations, that this has been carefully and painstakingly, direct-translated, word for word, from Darnassian by someone who clearly does not know Common writing. Shaking your head, you start making out the meaning of the letter*

To "Syra" or whomever may read this,

Elune be with you!

I am Vereld of the Deep Striding.
I write to you for contemplated your words from our last of encounters. The world became a dangerous place I was in wandering far away lands. Many a league with tired feet I pushed through, many a great wonders laid naked eyes upon, stealing breath and stirring of the soul. Alas, that was in times that came before. I now see grip of peril strong around us. I see great value in shouldering friends.

I long for skies endless without, but now believe that also inside hearts there might be skies endless too. With wish of great to wander in heart under multitide skies, to once more steal breath and stir of soul. To make an aegis of strong I do submit heart of me to shoulder stand with you against tightening grip darkness.


*After reading the letter a few times, you consult your resources on Darnassian*

To "Syra" or whomever may read this,

Elune Adore!

I am Vereld Deepstrider

I write to you because I've considered your words from our previous meeting.
The world has become increasingly more dangerous during the time I've been away travelling in distant lands.
Until now, I've wandered far and wide with myself and animals as my only company. I've seen many breathtaking views that would surely stir your spirit but... This was before evil once again decided to sink its claws into our world. Because of this, I now see that there might be some value in having allies.

I have always looked towards the Endless Sky at the horizon but... After meeting you... I have a feeling that there might be yet another Endless Sky, yet another horizon...hidden in the hearts in each and every one of us. I wish to wander under these many,many skies too. To peer into them and find out what breathtaking and wonderful vistas they hold beneath them.

I wish to protect this, and to do so; I submit myself to you, would it be that I may stand shoulder to shoulder with you in the face of the oncoming darkness.

// Vereld

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Re: Vereld's Introduction (Joined)

#2 Post by Chit » Sat Jun 17, 2017 10:43 am

Welcome to Starlight Vereld!
I wanted to post how much I enjoyed your Introduction, with its combination of ic and ooc. I think you'll find Starlight's tradition of writing in Journals and Diaries fun. The diaries are of course read oocly, and other characters will not know what they contain even if their players do. But this device allows our members to portray two aspects of character - both what is seen, and the inner person and what they may be struggling with.

Diaries can provide clues which can allow another member an insight into what is really happening, so that their character can ic open the door to being finding out more and forming a deeper connection. It helps people have realistic conversations; in my own case a character initially enraged Chit by mispronouncing her name - in an obvious way, rather than the correct way 'Tchit' as in 'church'. Rather than this leading to prolonged dislike, a way around it was found, and the two characters formed a very deep bond from what they discovered about each other.

This also allows realistic building of relationships. In the real world, you wouldn't tell everyone in the world your life history when you first met them! But the diaries allow you to find out more. This is also true of the profiles and the 20 questions thread; you might enjoy these.

Find all this in the WoW/In Character section of the forum.

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