Introduction - Liathéne (Joined)

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Introduction - Liathéne (Joined)

#1 Post by Liathene » Sat Jun 03, 2017 8:49 am

Name: Liathéne
Age: Old? (Never could figure out those elf ages..) A somewhat young elf, but old by any other standard..
Gender and race: Female night elf, kaldorei.
Occupation: No real 'job'. She serves for the alliance, and aside from that, survives as best she can.

Liathéne grew up in what she thought was a peaceful world, blissfully unaware in a little village somewhere. She and her father would go on fishing trips, and it seemed to her they went all over the world this way. In reality, they went not very far at all. When her father went off to war, her mother found a job cooking in an orphanage, and Liathéne stayed with her. But her father never came home, and Liathéne eventually went off to find him. She found herself among druids, being trained in their ways, and learning to survive in a world much harsher than she thought. Amongst them, she found talents she was unaware of.
Swept up by the happenings in Azeroth, she was soon fighting for the alliance. And so, this has been her life. She continues to serve, hoping to protect the citizens of Azeroth from yet more war and death, in whichever way she can. However, she is not the type to run headfirst into a fight. She knows she is better living to fight another day, and she intends to be around for a very long time.
She lives day to day, does not tend to count the years, and is not well educated in any way. This, unfortunately, means she is quite unaware of much history, including much of that she has lived through herself.

I haven't roleplayed on this server at all, and was never much into lore. I'm a casual player, and wanted to be around friendly people after having not played at all for 2 years. Heard of you guys through Nomine, and decided to give it a go. :)

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