Francis Raleigh & Zaccary Fox

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Francis Raleigh & Zaccary Fox

#1 Post by Francis » Thu Dec 10, 2020 11:35 pm

(The letter in your hands is written in a not at all neat script. It's shakey, blocky, and very much appears to be written by someone that does not at all write often)

To whom-ever's hands this letter falls into,

My fellow brother in arms and i have been fighting against the scourge in the last weeks and found ourselves drifting without much a purpose once the threats died down.
Both him and i are far from putting our weapons down, and neither do we seek to retire.
So a common friend of ours, an Apothecary by the name Louis Meriwether, recommended us to seek contact with a fellowship called 'Starlight' to offer our skillsets and experience to.

I believe this is the part in a letter where we are meant to introduce ourselves. So i shall do just so.

My name is Francis Raleigh. For many years now i have been a sell-sword and soldier. As long as the contracts align with my morals, my blades remain unforgiving and in dire lack of weaponry, the claws and fangs i call my own should not be underestimated either.
In my free time i... run errands. Do odd-jobs here and there to stay afloat and earn my keep. Though i do believe myself at home in the shadows more often than not.

My companions name is Zaccary Fox. He's a marksman with deadly aim and rarely misses a shot. In his time off-service to king, country or the next-best paying purse-owner, he's a wartime writer and a bee-keeper as well as a family man and an exceptionally good tracker. That man earned his expertise through years of practice. Both off and on field. A reliable man that will always have your back if push comes to shove.

We've been on the road for a while now and seek to start a new chapter of adventures that will not require us to jump off Death's razorsharp edge every day anew.

With hopes to set up a meet for a talk in person.

(the letter is signed in two different handwriting styles. The first shakey and blocky, the other immaculate, but devoid of swirly nonsense)

F. Raleigh & Z. Fox


Both characters are alts of "Philias" and "Wilsby". Contacting both of us via Discord to set up a meet should be the easiest way.
If there are any questions, please do feel free to ask away. We're both more than happy to answer, either here, or on Discord.


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