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Violet Lemont (joined)

#1 Post by Violet » Fri Jul 10, 2020 4:01 pm

Name: Comtesse Violet Lemont
Age: late 20s, early 30s
Gender and race: Female human
Occupation: Mage, tactician, matriarch

Violet grew up as a commoner, the daughter of a watchmaker, and a seamstress in Dalaran. Her magical talents became apparent very early in her life, so it was not surprising that the young girl followed the path of the Mage at the Academy of Arcane Arts. She quickly outdid the skills of her fellow novices, especially in the fields of evocation and illusion - both her preferred weapons of choice till this very day.

At the time of the war against the Lich King she met Lord Rickard Lemont. At first, the commanding paladin and the insolent novice did not have much fondness for each other - but as the war campaign against the undead forces progressed, they came to appreciate and love the other. Among the nobles of Stormwind, however, this union was met with little approval, especially from the Lemont family and Lord Lemont's promised One. A commoner who so brazenly infiltrates the bloodline of the nobility - unimaginable. And yet the lord married his "flamelet" and raised her to the ranks of nobility. After the tragic death of Lord Rickard, who left his wife, a daughter and his brother, she returned to the family seat in Stormwind. Convinced that Violet was much better suited to the fine social and tactical skills than he was, Lord Reynould Lemont, Rickard's younger brother, appointed his sister-in-law as the matriarch of the House of Lemont, but follows her with deep loyalty and affection to this day.

Since then, Violet has never hesitated to take up arms whenever her king or honor demanded it, in memory of her husband, who paid the highest price in the fight for home and king. She made a name for herself not only as an exceptionally gifted magician, but also as a cunning tactician and strategist, and was decorated numerously for her achievements and victories, forging close and lasting friendships to many of the Alliances allies. Today, however, after the recent battles, she has returned to Stormwind - tired of war and full of a deep longing for a simple, quiet life, for now.

The Comtesse has a keen interest and admiration for exotic songbirds, extravagant pointed hats, tropical flowers, old books as well as sweet pastries. Far away from the arrogance that overcame so many of her fellow mages, she has retained kindness, politeness, and restraint - the latter sometimes making her incredibly awkward in certain social situations. Quite the opposite to her familiar James, who probably embodies all the arrogance she seems to lack. But they both share a love of pointed hats - the jet-black tomcat always decorates his head with such an accessory as he often follows his mistress around the city.

I don't want to spoil all the little details about my character, which has a backstory of about 11 years by now. But I do hope the little overview gives you a good picture of what this character is about. I was asked by Phil if I was looking for a guild by any chance. So well here I am I guess. I just recently transferred to this server from a german RP-Server - which for me was hell, too much drama, too much wannabe elitists, too much gossip. Things I don't like. From what I saw so far, this would seem to be a cozy place for my Violet.
Yet I do have to point out a few things myself, too.
Since I suffer from a by now very severe chronic illness, it is possible that I sometimes can't play for weeks due to severe pain and not being able to move. Especially in the summertime, when temperatures rise above 15 degrees celsius. I also happen to be a mythic progress raider, so if my health allows me to I'm absent for 4-5 evenings whenever new raid content releases in the first 2 weeks, afterward 2-3 evenings during progress. I hope that doesn't scare you off too much, and I'm looking forward to hearing from you. EDIT: also, english is my 3rd language, so if i happen to be writing garbage I'm very sorry :D :) cheers, Lis.

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Re: Violet Lemont

#2 Post by Syrawenn » Fri Jul 10, 2020 5:42 pm

Ello there! Thanks for your lovely ic descriptions and ooc explanation. We have both roleplayers and dungeoneers in guild, so I suspect there will be something to talk about in any case.
Also, Starlight fully understands that real life comes first, always. I would love to meet up to discuss the ic and ooc bits in person :) A bit stuck this weekend with blown computers and a hubby birthday, but if you happen to have time this sunday during the day, I'm game!

Both 'formal application' and 'chance meet' talks are possible, so do let me know which one would make sense for the comtesse.

Hope to meet you soon,

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