Anomen Shadowfang - Introduction

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Anomen Shadowfang - Introduction

#1 Post by Anomen » Thu Jul 25, 2019 7:08 pm

Name: Anomen Shadowfang
Age: 20
Gender and race: Male Worgen
Occupation: Warlock/Wanderer

Anomen grew up in Gilneas with his mother and little sister. When he was 5 years old, an Imp named Pagmir appeared and started following him around, never harming him or doing anything that gave a different impression than watching over him. While the Imp was a friend to him, nobody else was one. They all mocked him and called him names, causing him to despise other people and making him keep to himself. His mother kept him locked up inside most of the time to protect the other children, since Pagmir threw a fireball at a child who tried to hit Anomen.

The day Gilneas fell, was the day that Anomen changed forever. His mother gave her life to protect him from a charging Worgen and all he has left to remember her by is a small locket. Her dying wish was for him to get his sister out safely. He held her hand and helped her gather the courage to follow the soldiers to safety, until a breach happened. A Worgen charged at her and Anomen didn't know how, but time felt as if it stood still. He quickly grabbed a fallen sword from the ground and held it out while standing in front of his sister. He managed to stab the charging beast but the Worgen got a deep bite into his chest, causing Anomen to black out of shock.
He woke up on a boat as a Worgen, with his sister looking at him with wide eyes and great fright. He managed to turn back into a human quickly, but the damage was already done. He was taken away from her and ever since their bond has been broken.

Anomen wishes to find a way to live without constantly being tormented by his past. He is often found sitting in the Mage Quarter either reading or just thinking. He has a problem with showing his face because of some burn scars, and recently his glowing eyes, causing him to usually hide in his hood. His Imp, Pagmir, is still with him. Usually, Pagmir causes him great trouble by getting him kicked out of Inns. He is training to become strong enough to protect the people he cares for, which is a very small list.

Making his way through every day with a tired and somewhat pessimistic outlook, Anomen is slowly finding more reasons to go on and to smile again. He usually gets out of trouble by talking, but when that doesn't work, he is reasonably adept at fighting with either his spells or his trusty sword, Illina. Pagmir is always ready to help him out, as well.

IC Letter: I don't often write these things but here we go. My name is Anomen Shadowfang and i'm a worgen warlock. I have an Imp that causes trouble for me and i'm not good with most people. One of your members, Syra, told me to write a letter to sign up. Never really saw myself as material for anything but she told me to at least try. The thing's i can offer is a decent set of spells, a reasonable sword arm and a sense of humor that will make you want to groan. I can usually be found around the Blue Recluse, so if you wish to scout me out before sending a letter or something, you know where to find me. I'm hesitating with sending this but if i don't try, i'll never know if i could have found a place i finally belong.
Anyways, I hope that this letter suffices, if there are things that i have forgotten you can always get into contact.

Signed, Anomen Shadowfang (A small red imprint of an Imp hand is put next to the name.)

OOC: Hello Starlight people, I'm just an idiot who was told to apply here by one of your members that i roleplay with every now and then.
I'm still trying to get back into roleplaying since it was something i always had great fun with.
I hope that I didn't screw up this post since i'm very prone to doing things like that ^^
I'm basically free every day so if you want to give me a chance to try out, the time that works best for the recruiter is fine with me.
Anyways, have a wonderful day and i apologize for making you read this!

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Re: Anomen Shadowfang - Introduction

#2 Post by Nomine » Fri Jul 26, 2019 7:39 am

OOC: Hello Starlight people, I'm just an idiot who was told to apply here by one of your members that i roleplay with every now and then.
Much love to whoever told you to apply!

Put you on my list - and will look for you in game, but at which times/when is the best time to look for you?

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Re: Anomen Shadowfang - Introduction

#3 Post by Anomen » Fri Jul 26, 2019 9:19 am

I'm usually on between 13 and 16-17 and from 19 to 22. *Server time*
Sometimes on different times here and there but off of the top of my head that is the average that i play ^^

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