Llarian Wintermoon

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Llarian Wintermoon

#1 Post by Llarian » Sat Nov 06, 2021 2:12 pm

Name: Llarian Wintermoon
Age: Young adulthood
Gender and race: Male Kaldorei
Occupation: Craftsman

Quiet and unassuming, you would be forgiven for walking by Llarian without a second glance. Truth be told that's perfectly fine by him due to his shy nature and demeanour.

Born at sea to a merchant mother, he spent his early years at home with his father, who raised and taught him and his two Siblings in the ways of a traditional Kaldorei family. Breaking tradition, Llarian soon thereafter set out on his own path and travelled to many lands across Azeroth, and plied his trade in many places, broadening his view and understanding of the world and meeting many incredible people along the way.

Displaced like many of his kin still are after the attack on Teldrassil, Llarian is still looking for a place to settle for good and call home.

Hey! Long time rp'er (though a little rusty since returning!) Originally from SWC so I remember Starlight very fondly and would love the chance to be a part of such a guild!
As for Llarian, he is my new character after creating a new account and for the most part he's still being fleshed out, but it has been fun to start again with a new toon!
Available to be contacted in game this weekend, or any time after 15:00 Server time any day this week! <3

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Re: Llarian Wintermoon

#2 Post by Chit » Sun Nov 07, 2021 8:21 pm

Thanks for writing this Llarion - I'll send you an in-game letter setting up the meeting and I look forward to you meeting you!

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