Reactions to Azerite from Before the Storm

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Reactions to Azerite from Before the Storm

#1 Post by Stoen » Thu Jul 26, 2018 6:01 pm

Touching Azerite is quite something, but the game hasn't really covered it very well. To help people know how this particular rock feels to touch, I've typed out some bits of Before the Storm below:

When Anduin first touches Azerite:

The stone tumbled gently into Anduin’s palm.

And he gasped.

The heaviness of grief vanished as if it were physical armor that had been seized and yanked off. Weariness fled, replaced by surging, almost crackling energy and insight. Strategies raced through his head, each one of them sound and successful, each one of them engendering a shift in comprehension and ensuring a lasting peace that benefited every being on Azeroth.

Not only his mind but also his body seemed to ascend abruptly and shockingly, rocketing in an instant to whole new levels of strength, dexterity, and control. Anduin felt like he could not only climb mountains . . . he could move them. He could end war, channel the Light into every dark corner. He was exultant and also perfectly, wholly calm and completely certain as to how to channel this rushing river – no, tsunami – of energy and power. Not even the Light affected him as this . . . this did. The sensation was similar but less spiritual, more physical.

When Grizzek the goblin first touches Azerite:

Grizzek grasped it. He closed his other hand over the top.

Everything in the room suddenly came into hyperfocus. The color amplified. The lines were sharp, clean. He heard layers in the sound of the ocean, oculd almost feel the vibrations of a birdsong.

And his mind .

It raced, tumbled pell-mell, analyzing and calculating what percentage of his hand was in contact with the orb, to what degree a callus or the sheen of sweat on his suddenly damp palm inhibited contact, to what uses this could be put –

Grizzek snatched his hand away as if it had been burned. It was glorious – almost too much.

When Sylvanas first touches Azerite:

Her eyes flew wide, and she sucked in a soft gasp of astonishment.

Once she had mourned the life denied to her. She had contented herself with the gifts of her undeath: her devastating banshee wail, the freedom from hunger and exhaustion, and the other shackles that tethered mortals. But this sensation dwarfed them both.

She felt not merely strong but mighty. As if her grip could crush a skull, as if a single stride could cover a league and more. Energy coiled inside each muscle, straining like a beast of pure precision and power against a leash. Thoughts raced through her brain and not simply her usual calculating, cunning, clever thought but shining, frighteningly, brilliant ones. Innovative. Creative.

She was no longer a dark lady or even a queen. She was a goddess of destruction and creation, and she was stunned she had never understood how deeply the two intertwined. Armies, cities, entire cultures – she could raise them.

And fell them. Stormwind would be among the first, yielding its people to swell the numbers of her own. She could deal death on a scale that-

Sylvanas released the orb as if it had burned her.

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Re: Reactions to Azerite from Before the Storm

#2 Post by Chit » Thu Aug 23, 2018 10:15 am

So...Azerite is cocaine. That should end well.

This is really useful for rp, and rather scary.
How much do we actually get to touch Azerite? What is its effect when contained in the necklace?

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Re: Reactions to Azerite from Before the Storm

#3 Post by Nomine » Fri Aug 24, 2018 7:37 am

It is a fairly limited substance as I understand it. E.g not much of it around. So in the amour piece, you don`t have that much to contain with.

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