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First Officer Training ic

Post by Chit »

Many thanks to Reike for the verbatim transcript of the first officer training on 28 June 2015. This is unedited, apart from putting in bold the points that drove a particular conversation (so you can find things easily), and we will edit in both parts of the conversation where people were separated for different chats.

6/27 20:01:12.837 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Ya can step out of the shadows Reike
6/27 20:01:17.411 Reike-ArgentDawn grunts.
6/27 20:01:17.411 Nomìne-ArgentDawn glances over his shoulder
6/27 20:01:36.230 Reike-ArgentDawn says: I feel quite good in them though.
6/27 20:01:36.899 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Taffy?
6/27 20:01:40.406 Jarrowfield has come online.
6/27 20:01:41.037 Reike-ArgentDawn says: No thanks.
6/27 20:01:44.782 Reike-ArgentDawn says: Hurts the teeth.
6/27 20:01:45.016 Tikál dances with Stoen.
6/27 20:01:50.215 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Taffy?
6/27 20:02:01.363 Nomìne-ArgentDawn shakes his head to Stoen and takes a sip from his flask
6/27 20:02:13.001 Tikál-ArgentDawn 's Annie attempts to use Moonfire!!!!!!! TAKE COVER!
6/27 20:02:13.001 Lovemay-ArgentDawn helps herself to a piece, with a noise of satisfaction, and then offers Annie the second.
6/27 20:02:15.474 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Nice would be to wait for any late commers.
6/27 20:02:23.221 Lovemay-ArgentDawn says: Sssh. I-.. WAAH!
6/27 20:02:31.145 Nomìne-ArgentDawn gives his flask a little shake as he grimaces and peers to Tikal
6/27 20:02:38.355 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: What.. What was that?
6/27 20:02:42.724 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Yer kid, yer responsiblity.
6/27 20:02:46.482 Lovemay-ArgentDawn beats a hasty retreat.
6/27 20:02:51.177 Tikál-ArgentDawn says: ... Indeed.
6/27 20:02:57.726 Lovemay-ArgentDawn clears her throat, a little embarassed.
6/27 20:03:11.597 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Jasdevi-ArgentDawn: Lighthouse or training area?

6/27 20:03:16.215 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Now, we will not wait for any potential latecomers. Ya know why?
6/27 20:03:20.002 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Nomìne-ArgentDawn: Lighthouse
6/27 20:03:25.666 Tikál-ArgentDawn steps out of the beam.
6/27 20:03:28.837 Nomìne-ArgentDawn looks over the group
6/27 20:03:32.488 Tikál bursts into dance.
6/27 20:03:40.371 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: It.. Because if they feel behind from the start, they'll try harder.
6/27 20:03:55.085 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Decent answer, not the right one.
6/27 20:03:57.208 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Anyone else?
6/27 20:04:00.138 Nomìne nods at Jasdevi.
6/27 20:04:11.563 Tikál-ArgentDawn says: Because we will help them catch up without wasting your time.
6/27 20:04:16.159 Stoen-ArgentDawn looks around at people.
6/27 20:04:19.929 Lovemay waves at Jasdevi.
6/27 20:04:25.961 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Would hope so, but ain´t the right one either Tikal
6/27 20:04:28.525 Reike-ArgentDawn says: They need to learn the time.
6/27 20:04:30.406 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Oooh. Good one.
6/27 20:04:41.542 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Close that Reike, an not right.
6/27 20:04:43.928 Tikál-ArgentDawn says: Because time waits for no man.
6/27 20:04:46.292 Lovemay peers around, searchingly.
6/27 20:04:59.074 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: If we wait for latecomers. We punish those who made it in time, an reward those who are late.
6/27 20:05:11.908 Nomìne-ArgentDawn gives his flask a little shake
6/27 20:05:14.044 Lovemay-ArgentDawn makes a little noise of understanding, her expression clearing.
6/27 20:05:36.208 Tikál-ArgentDawn says: Can't we just punish them by not giving them the taffy.
6/27 20:05:56.454 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: All the things ya mention are good reasons for why it should not matter. An taffy while nice, does not count nearly as valuable as time.
6/27 20:06:01.883 Nomìne-ArgentDawn taps his flask
6/27 20:06:24.487 Reike-ArgentDawn says: In other words, show up on the fucking time don't be a slacker.
6/27 20:06:36.887 Lovemay-ArgentDawn frowns briefly.
6/27 20:06:43.615 Stoen-ArgentDawn takes out a little notebook from his pocket. He writes "Taffy < Time".
6/27 20:06:56.611 Tikál-ArgentDawn says: There is litte point us whining about them being late however as they are not here to listen to us ranting on.

6/27 20:07:03.458 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: So, lets do the round, starting with Reike. I want to know what you expect from the training, an I expect minium three points from each one of ya.
6/27 20:07:07.205 Nomìne nods at Hínters.
6/27 20:07:18.308 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Floor is yers Reike
6/27 20:07:27.425 Lylieth has come online.
6/27 20:07:41.316 Reike-ArgentDawn says: I expect to get to know what you expect from an officer. How hard a work it is, and if I can contribute to Starlight.
6/27 20:07:52.308 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Good, Jasdevi?
6/27 20:08:05.224 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Lylieth-ArgentDawn: Shoit! oi'm nearly there
6/27 20:08:06.541 Lovemay-ArgentDawn pauses thoughtfully.
6/27 20:08:15.170 Reike-ArgentDawn shuffles off the ledge.
6/27 20:08:47.393 Jasdevi-ArgentDawn says: Looking to find out your side of the story, see if i can help out and if i really want to do it.
6/27 20:08:58.858 Hínters-ArgentDawn folds his arms across his chest, metal grinding against metal making awful noises.
6/27 20:09:06.036 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Fair points that too, Shanura?
6/27 20:09:32.427 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Nomìne-ArgentDawn: Lighthouse Lyl
6/27 20:09:43.742 Lovemay-ArgentDawn says: Gosh... How best I could contribute. If I'm cut out for this sort of thing, and more about what you do yourself.
6/27 20:09:57.169 Lovemay-ArgentDawn makes the end sound like a slight question, fiddling with her sleeve.
6/27 20:10:00.759 Nomìne-ArgentDawn makes a mental note, before nodding to Stoen
6/27 20:10:18.688 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Lylieth-ArgentDawn: did someone hit me last noight?
6/27 20:10:19.227 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: It.. I hope to get to learn, it.. People from new angles. Like, it.. I mean I don't know what Shanra would be like as an officer for example so, it.. I'm really curious to find out. It.. About myself too, I guess.
6/27 20:10:50.884 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Jasdevi-ArgentDawn: No but someone might if you don't hurrt up?
6/27 20:11:09.162 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: So Tikal yer go, an for Lyl an Hinters. Topic is three things minium ya expect from the officers training.
6/27 20:11:14.011 Tikál-ArgentDawn says: To understand more about what you do, to find more ways to help Starlight and to find more skills to better myself, a pay rise, and free child care.
6/27 20:11:34.930 Nomìne-ArgentDawn harumps at the mention of pay rise
6/27 20:11:41.606 Lovemay-ArgentDawn hastily stifles a little laugh.
6/27 20:11:45.263 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Floor is yers Hinters.
6/27 20:12:10.554 Hínters-ArgentDawn says: I have no interest in being an officer, mainly here to listen and say.. Hello.
6/27 20:12:42.174 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Ain´t an answer am I afraid, even if yer only here to observe. I expect ya to have a few expectations
6/27 20:12:42.686 Reike-ArgentDawn looks at Hinters, perking a brow, as she does her best to hide a laugh.
6/27 20:12:44.761 Nomìne-ArgentDawn half smiles
6/27 20:13:05.797 Jasdevi-ArgentDawn says: Who are you again?
6/27 20:13:06.941 Jasdevi peers at Hínters searchingly.
6/27 20:13:14.769 Reike-ArgentDawn says: It's Hinters Jas.
6/27 20:13:14.975 Hínters-ArgentDawn says: Just some guy.
6/27 20:13:51.438 Nomìne-ArgentDawn gives his flask a little shake as he waits
6/27 20:14:14.004 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: It.. why did you come here to listen, Hinters?
6/27 20:15:20.280 Lovemay-ArgentDawn has another nibble of taffy, and offers Jasdevi the box with a small smile and a sideways glance before turning back to Hinters.
6/27 20:15:55.334 Hínters-ArgentDawn says: I'd like to know more about Starlight. If I didn't come, Reike would kick my ass. Thirdly.. What is to be an officer, I guess.
6/27 20:15:56.410 Hínters shrugs. Who knows?
6/27 20:16:05.151 Hínters-ArgentDawn says: It is, ahem.
6/27 20:16:11.175 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Fair enough, an Lyl. What about yer expectations?
6/27 20:16:16.615 Reike-ArgentDawn coughs a little at the kicking ass part.
6/27 20:16:27.721 Lylieth-ArgentDawn says: Well.
6/27 20:16:37.060 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Tikál-ArgentDawn: I expect Reike to kick his ass now too, lets add that to my list.
6/27 20:16:44.014 Jasdevi-ArgentDawn shakes his head and gives Shan a small smile.
6/27 20:17:16.903 Lylieth-ArgentDawn says: What an officer does. Whoiy ye moight or moight not want to be one and...Guess oi just expect to learn somethin' new. Ye and miss Chit have different ways o'doin' things.
6/27 20:18:21.651 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: So to sum up all this; What Starlight is, what an officer actually does, different approaches, self exploration an build skills, how to contribute to that thing that is Starlight
6/27 20:18:34.792 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: An of course to avoid ass kicking, free child care an a payrise
6/27 20:18:47.194 Lylieth-ArgentDawn says: Wait...We get paid?
6/27 20:18:50.193 Lovemay-ArgentDawn nods agreeably, and places the box back on her lap.
6/27 20:18:57.242 Jasdevi-ArgentDawn says: We don't.
6/27 20:19:01.378 Reike-ArgentDawn says: In blood sweat and tears.
6/27 20:19:02.667 Lylieth-ArgentDawn gives Nomine a scrutanising look. Then looks to Jas.
6/27 20:19:03.524 Jasdevi-ArgentDawn says: Officers however..
6/27 20:19:18.784 Tikál-ArgentDawn says: Really? I get ten gold an hour from Nomine to not kill the exploders.
6/27 20:19:23.260 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: We profit in countless ways Lyl, experience, knowledge, skills and so on.
6/27 20:19:26.938 Jasdevi-ArgentDawn says: They seem to 'acquire' money from good deeds.
6/27 20:19:37.913 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: It all counts to a rich reward, or payment as one could say it.
6/27 20:20:01.313 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Now in all seriousness. We will meet expectations on most of what ya listed.
6/27 20:20:05.397 Nomìne-ArgentDawn taps his flask
6/27 20:20:07.707 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: It.. Maybe perhaps Tickle would settle for a percentage pay increase from.. fom his current zero.

6/27 20:20:22.624 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: What do ya think the expecations are from us to ya who join the training?
6/27 20:20:28.722 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Yer up first Hinters an Reike last
6/27 20:20:34.707 Tikál grins wickedly at Stoen.
6/27 20:20:47.292 Reike-ArgentDawn looked as if she was about to say something, her jaws snaps closed again.
6/27 20:21:54.792 Hínters-ArgentDawn says: Patience, be understanding erh..
6/27 20:22:03.740 Hínters-ArgentDawn says: Is it three things again?
6/27 20:22:12.067 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Good start, an no need for three things this time
6/27 20:22:18.993 Hínters-ArgentDawn says: Grand.
6/27 20:22:21.228 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Tikal yer up
6/27 20:22:32.150 Tikál-ArgentDawn says: To be commited, try our hardest, and enjoy ourselves.
6/27 20:22:37.554 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Stoen?
6/27 20:23:17.463 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: It.. Not seeing this as a competition. Like, it.. I mean like Tickle said, it.. We should enjoy ourselves and.. and not get stuck in some mindset that we're trying to "Win" anything.
6/27 20:23:36.264 Nomìne nods at Lovemay.
6/27 20:23:56.504 Lovemay-ArgentDawn says: To commit ourselves to it properly, and.. Gosh, Stoen phrased mine a little more eloquently. To do some self-evaluation, maybe.
6/27 20:24:10.479 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Jasdevi floor is yers
6/27 20:24:52.629 Jasdevi-ArgentDawn says: Work hard at it, Take on what you have to teach us and show a little respect for you taking time out to do it..
6/27 20:24:59.749 Lylieth-ArgentDawn strokes her hand on her chin. Seeming to try hard and think.
6/27 20:25:02.076 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Fair enough, an Lyl?
6/27 20:25:52.609 Lylieth-ArgentDawn says: Oi guess ye expect us to go a bit further in carin' fer everyone in the guild than me moight as non officers?
6/27 20:26:03.427 Nomìne-ArgentDawn nods before looking to Reike
6/27 20:26:07.106 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: An Reike?
6/27 20:26:38.966 Reike-ArgentDawn says: Be the adult and not fall into petty arguments, grow a set of balls and show our interest in this and not just waste your time.
6/27 20:27:07.661 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: All good points, an we most certainly see ya as adults, well most of the time. There has been exceptions.
6/27 20:27:24.455 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: However, while we hope ya will put the effort inn, work hard an ay this is not a competition.
6/27 20:27:49.291 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Key is that ya are active participants during these few training weeks we got toghter.
6/27 20:28:49.992 Lovemay nods.
6/27 20:28:50.767 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: It won´t be me an Chit droning on about different topics an asking a few questions. We expect discussions, to be challenged by ya, an for ya to keep asking "Why". A new officer will mark Starlight, an we can´t do right by Starlight if we don´t see yer
6/27 20:28:52.462 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: full.
6/27 20:29:22.474 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: We are not looking for another Nomine, or another Chit. Heck, not even another Mielle or Anadelobrin, who both gave much to Starlight an helped it grow.
6/27 20:30:04.156 Tikál-ArgentDawn says: Good, because we can't be things that we are not.
6/27 20:30:12.959 Jasdevi-ArgentDawn raises a hand.
6/27 20:30:18.693 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Part of what Chit an me will also work on finding out during these weeks are also how many officers we need. Ain´t a fixed number in my mind.
6/27 20:30:23.810 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Good Tiks, an ay, Jasdevi+

6/27 20:30:25.030 Jasdevi-ArgentDawn says: What exactly are you looking for in a new officer?
6/27 20:30:54.061 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Good question. An I reckon I will answer first, an then Chit can add her view on it. It will differ a bit I reckon.
6/27 20:31:04.507 Nomìne-ArgentDawn gives his flask a little shake
6/27 20:31:30.663 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: It.. I think maybe perhaps it's dangerous to answer that, it.. I mean what if people try to act in alignment with what you say, it.. Instead of who they are?
6/27 20:31:31.308 Tikál-ArgentDawn 's Annie attempts to sneak to Stoen and raid the taffy.
6/27 20:31:53.119 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: If that was a concern Stoen, then we could pack down officer training right now
6/27 20:32:04.245 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Oh.. I guess.
6/27 20:32:17.837 Tikál-ArgentDawn says: I imagine Chit and Nomine know us well enough to know if we were just acting.
6/27 20:32:27.940 Stoen-ArgentDawn notices nothing. Annie succeeds in robbing the Gnome of his Taffy.
6/27 20:32:37.272 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: I am looking for somebody who takes responsiblity, who are fine with arguing between us an then no matter what he or she thinks is right to do, stands by the officers choice. Hard that on its own.
6/27 20:32:56.306 Reike-ArgentDawn brings up a knee resting her chin on it, her arms wrapping around the leg.
6/27 20:33:05.394 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: I am looking for somebody who don´t think that being an officer means ya got power to boss people around, or demand things of em. Unless the situation warrants it.
6/27 20:33:24.096 Tikál-ArgentDawn 's Annie sits down beside Stoen and eats a small piece of Taffy before looking around the group... and trying to chew quietly.
6/27 20:33:36.661 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: I am looking for somebody who shares my view that an officers should always strive to make themselves not needed.
6/27 20:33:58.804 Nomìne-ArgentDawn ponders for a moment
6/27 20:34:24.052 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: An then somebody who is willing to have blood on their hands, so others can keep theirs clean. I reckon thats part of the hard bits for an officer.
6/27 20:34:52.950 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Be it that blood comes from taking a blow meant for another, or cutting a throat of an enemy. Well, that matters less to me.
6/27 20:35:15.305 Jasdevi-ArgentDawn nods thoughtfully before looking to Chit.
6/27 20:35:15.840 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: What about ya Chit, what do ya look for in an new officer?
6/27 20:35:24.013 Chit-ArgentDawn says: What I am wantin is someone who Starlighters feel safe with, even if they are kickin up a fuss. An someone I can work with without havin to tread on eggshells all the time.
6/27 20:35:47.661 Lovemay-ArgentDawn absent-mindedly reins in her tiny cloud serpent, nodding along.
6/27 20:35:58.927 Tikál-ArgentDawn says: Chit, none of us lay eggs...
6/27 20:36:03.325 Chit-ArgentDawn says: That's also the bit about what Nomine said on takin the officers joint view.
6/27 20:36:11.840 Tikál-ArgentDawn says: Well Reike did that once time...
6/27 20:36:25.064 Nomìne-ArgentDawn frowns a bit
6/27 20:36:25.555 Chit-ArgentDawn says: Ya know what I mean Tiks - Like I gotta choose my words so as not to upset an officer.
6/27 20:36:27.695 Reike-ArgentDawn looks at Tiks puzzled.
6/27 20:36:32.603 Tikál winks slyly at Chit.
6/27 20:37:02.928 Chit-ArgentDawn says: An also that people look fer the good in others. And that also they are willing to do the hard thing.
6/27 20:37:26.597 Stoen-ArgentDawn raises a hand.
6/27 20:37:33.538 Lylieth-ArgentDawn pulls the band from her hair as a good deal of her hair seems to be hanging loose from it's grasping. She bunches it together before slithering the band back in place.
6/27 20:37:42.861 Tikál-ArgentDawn raises his hand, for once.
6/27 20:37:46.625 Chit-ArgentDawn says: Whether that is standin up to someone an tellin em a truth. Or swallowin their own pride to do what is needed.
6/27 20:38:12.932 Stoen-ArgentDawn lowers his hand again.
6/27 20:38:37.808 Chit-ArgentDawn says: Stoen?
6/27 20:39:01.855 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Oh! No, it.. I was going to ask what "The hard thing" meant, but.. But you just clarified that, so it.. Nothing from me.
6/27 20:39:20.028 Chit-ArgentDawn says: OK Tiks?
6/27 20:39:56.339 Tikál-ArgentDawn says: All very good expectations, but do you expect the people you chose in the end to show every single trait on the list or just a healthy balance?
6/27 20:40:18.810 Chit-ArgentDawn grins.
6/27 20:40:26.191 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Well, that is a good comment, an here we can talk about something thats true for Starlight, more than for me an Chit
6/27 20:40:26.975 Chit-ArgentDawn says: That's the entry ticket.
6/27 20:40:39.546 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: While we of course show all those traits an many more good ones.
6/27 20:40:45.845 Nomìne-ArgentDawn flashes a smile
6/27 20:41:02.676 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Being an officer is also about being able to see peoples qualities. The strenght in em.
6/27 20:41:43.942 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Often we see, like ya all here do, different good things about a person. Than what they see or would say about themselves.
6/27 20:41:53.851 Reike-ArgentDawn uses the free hand to roll about the small pebbles, still listening.
6/27 20:42:57.710 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: An I have to say that if one think being an officer is about enjoying power, perks an so.
6/27 20:43:21.231 Tikál-ArgentDawn 's Annie takes a nother piece of Stoens taffy and chews a little more loudly than before seeming to have forgotten that she stole it.
6/27 20:43:28.003 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: We share one shelf in the guildbank. Thats pretty much it when it comes to perks, well, unless ya count that Chit wears the tabard a bit less than me.
6/27 20:43:53.361 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: An keeping those tabards fresh is a damned hefty cost when we are under attack..
6/27 20:44:26.488 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Answer yer question Tiks?
6/27 20:44:31.487 Stoen-ArgentDawn keeps looking at Nomine, not noticing the shameless robbery of his taffy-assets right behind him.
6/27 20:44:31.754 Tikál-ArgentDawn nods.

6/27 20:45:44.097 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Now for the first task of the evening. An lets do it nice an easy, ladies versus the fellas. Ya will get ten minutes to complete the task
6/27 20:46:09.500 Jasdevi shoos Annie away. Be gone pest!
6/27 20:46:14.077 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: It.. Annie is in the ladies' team them.
6/27 20:46:38.984 Tikál-ArgentDawn takes the box of Taffie from Annie and shiffles her off towards Chit.
6/27 20:46:50.638 Jasdevi-ArgentDawn says: She's spying for us i hope.
6/27 20:46:55.314 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Yer task is to answer the following. "Starlight is to recruit ONE new member, what sort of person should it be, and where do we find them?" - Please consider races, abilities, an personality.
6/27 20:47:02.178 Tikál-ArgentDawn says: I am sure she is.
6/27 20:47:09.792 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Hinters, please join the men even if yer observing
6/27 20:47:12.108 Nomìne smiles at Hínters.
6/27 20:47:16.034 Lovemay peers around, searchingly.
6/27 20:47:24.347 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Oh.. Let's sit down and.. and go clockwise, it.. Each person speaks their mind then.

Men's conversation

6/27 20:48:04.473 Lovemay-ArgentDawn says: Ooh. Gosh, yes.
6/27 20:48:05.885 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: So, it.. Anyone wants to go first?
6/27 20:48:47.203 Nomìne-ArgentDawn offers his flask to Chit
6/27 20:48:54.927 Tikál-ArgentDawn says: I think we should recruit a Tauren Shaman, as we have a history of killing a cow it could help us to learn respect for the bovine critters.
6/27 20:49:18.186 Jasdevi-ArgentDawn rolls his eyes.
6/27 20:49:20.255 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: It.. I think Starlight needs to grow, it.. Its tendrils, I guess. So, it.. If we only have one new member then it.. Someone who is good at fitting in. And.. And also who, it.. Good connections would be nice.
6/27 20:49:22.988 Tikál-ArgentDawn says: Also they could give us a good insight into the hordes movements and provide great strength and wisdom.
6/27 20:49:33.772 Hínters-ArgentDawn says: Do we have a Dwarf?
6/27 20:49:36.699 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Oh! Sorry, it.. I thought you were done speaking, it.. Didn't mean to interupt.
6/27 20:49:46.076 Tikál smiles at Stoen.
6/27 20:49:49.332 Jasdevi-ArgentDawn says: Closest things we have to dwarves are Lyl and me..
6/27 20:49:52.830 Tikál-ArgentDawn says: Sorry Stoen, just me being slow.
6/27 20:50:03.081 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: It.. What are your thoughts, Hinters?
6/27 20:50:22.818 Hínters-ArgentDawn says: Dwarves are good company, great drinkers, basically anything about them is positive.
6/27 20:50:38.515 Jasdevi-ArgentDawn says: Except when they start fights in pubs for no reason.
6/27 20:50:48.271 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: It.. There are bad dwarves too, it.. I mean the Embrace had them. It.. What sort of personality traits makes you say dwarf?
6/27 20:50:51.473 Hínters-ArgentDawn says: Pretty sure I've seen more humans do that than dwarves.
6/27 20:51:08.623 Tikál-ArgentDawn says: Does not matter what the race is, alcohol is the cause of those fights.
6/27 20:51:13.287 Hínters shrugs. Who knows?
6/27 20:51:28.333 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Oh.. Jastvi, what do you think?
6/27 20:51:35.526 Hínters-ArgentDawn says: Most Dwarves I've met have been fun and great company, no specific traits.
6/27 20:51:51.602 Nomìne-ArgentDawn nods a bit
6/27 20:52:25.687 Jasdevi-ArgentDawn says: Either way, Race wise we need more Dwarves, Draenei and Gnomes to give us more diversity in that area. Ability wise we look for people who can help us grow. Whether that be people like yourself Stoen who are social or fighters....
6/27 20:52:50.390 Jasdevi-ArgentDawn says: Personality we want friendly and approachable people. People who won't go out their way to cause trouble and have something to give.
6/27 20:53:40.119 Jasdevi-ArgentDawn says: If i was basing a choice on anything it'd be the personality. Other stuff doesn't really matter as much i reckon.

6/27 20:54:31.944 Tikál-ArgentDawn says: Like in any family we need people who are not all exactly the same in personalities too, otherwise Starlight becomes stale, there has to be flow, people who will not always get along but when put together can work with good synergy.
6/27 20:54:57.213 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Okay, it.. Um.. So it.. Tickle made a good point about healing, and.. and race-wise, Hinters makes a good point that we could use more Dwarves. And.. and personality-wise, it.. I suggested someone with connections and it.. Friendly. And it..
6/27 20:55:24.317 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: And Jastvi added that it should be someone who is approachable and doesn't cause trouble.
6/27 20:55:59.164 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: It.. Sorry, it just, it.. Good to summarize to make sure we understand each other.
6/27 20:56:07.936 Tikál nods at Stoen.
6/27 20:56:22.548 Stoen-ArgentDawn scribbles in his notebook.
6/27 20:56:25.721 Jasdevi-ArgentDawn says: Sounds about right as a generalisation.
6/27 20:56:48.529 Tikál-ArgentDawn says: Should we need more males or females?
6/27 20:57:01.080 Tikál-ArgentDawn says: If race is an issue is gender not also?
6/27 20:57:21.971 Hínters-ArgentDawn says: As Jas pointed out, personality above anything else.
6/27 20:57:33.613 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Oh.. I don't know, it.. We still need to figure out where to find them, so.. so maybe perhaps we should figure that out, it.. Before moving on to extra credit things like gender.
6/27 20:57:51.346 Tikál-ArgentDawn says: The whole of Azeroth Stoen.
6/27 20:57:59.812 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: So, it.. Where do we find a Dwarf healer who is approachable, friendly, has connections and doesn't cause trouble?
6/27 20:58:00.346 Tikál-ArgentDawn says: Good people are not all in one place.
6/27 20:58:09.779 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Oh.. That's true.
6/27 20:58:20.681 Jasdevi-ArgentDawn says: Twilight Highlands...Wetlands...Thelsamar, Ironforge.
6/27 20:58:35.577 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Maybe perhaps, it.. Someone like that would get invited to a lot of social events, right?
6/27 20:58:36.813 Tikál-ArgentDawn says: I would suggest that we find them where ever we are when we find them.
6/27 20:58:40.545 Hínters-ArgentDawn says: Wildhammer dwarves do have a reputation of being rather.. wild.
6/27 20:59:20.830 Tikál-ArgentDawn says: Be it on a battlefield or in Nomine's brothel or chasing Annie through the woods as she tries to catch a squirrel.
6/27 20:59:28.396 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: It.. I mean if we try to scout out events, it.. We may find people like that there. It.. I mean if they have connections and are approachable and friendly.

6/27 21:00:07.584 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Right, but it.. Say we only get one more member, it.. How do we focus our efforts to find them?
6/27 21:00:15.618 Jasdevi-ArgentDawn says: Being fair, We've always been waiting for people to approach us.
6/27 21:00:36.808 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Oh.. That's a good point! Like, it.. We could be the people they want to seek out.
6/27 21:01:30.325 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Maybe perhaps we could combine the ideas, it.. Like.. If we go to events and.. and act friendly and approachable too, it.. Then people will get a good impression and.. and if they need a guild later, it.. They'll seek us out.
6/27 21:02:30.767 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Oh.. Sorry, it.. I guess I talk too much, it.. What do you guys think?
6/27 21:02:32.695 Jasdevi nods.
6/27 21:02:38.780 Jasdevi-ArgentDawn says: Sounds about right.
6/27 21:02:42.330 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Oh.. Time's up.
6/27 21:02:43.304 Nomìne-ArgentDawn takes a sip from his flask
6/27 21:03:06.424 Tikál-ArgentDawn slides the confiscated Taffy back to Stoen.
6/27 21:03:20.621 Stoen-ArgentDawn still doesn't notice the Taffy was ever gone.
6/27 21:03:24.557 Tikál smiles at Chit.
6/27 21:03:32.791 Chit-ArgentDawn leads Annie back to her dad.

Women's conversation
6/27 20:47:42.423 Lovemay-ArgentDawn scoots around, turning the group into more of a circle.
6/27 20:47:43.522 Lylieth-ArgentDawn looks to Reike and Shan.
6/27 20:47:44.042 Reike-ArgentDawn pushes herself to stand, looking to Lyl and Shan.
6/27 20:47:51.738 Reike-ArgentDawn says: Should we move a bit away?
6/27 20:47:56.379 Lylieth-ArgentDawn says: oiye oiye.
6/27 20:48:00.202 Lovemay-ArgentDawn says: Ooh. Gosh, yes.
6/27 20:48:01.614 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: So, it.. Anyone wants to go first?
6/27 20:48:34.923 Reike-ArgentDawn slumps down and looks at the other two, smiling flatly.
6/27 20:48:41.671 Lovemay-ArgentDawn says: That's more then enough.
6/27 20:48:41.889 Reike-ArgentDawn says: So one new person.
6/27 20:48:49.391 Lylieth-ArgentDawn stretches her legs out and nods a little.
6/27 20:48:53.972 Lovemay-ArgentDawn settles back down, with a thoughtful expression.
6/27 20:49:05.182 Reike-ArgentDawn says: What do you two see as qualities there can bennefit Starlight?
6/27 20:49:28.171 Lovemay-ArgentDawn says: Gosh, as long as they meld well with Starlight, then I... That's a tough one.
6/27 20:49:36.618 Lylieth-ArgentDawn says: Depends on how Starloight wants to be benefited from the new recruit. Oi mean. Ye'd need tae look at what it needs.
6/27 20:49:38.174 Chit-ArgentDawn says: Tikal thought ya might like Anne.
6/27 20:49:46.298 Lovemay-ArgentDawn trails off, pondering it in silence. She smiles over her shoulder.
6/27 20:49:54.421 Reike-ArgentDawn looks over her shoulder to Annie then shakes her head.
6/27 20:49:59.348 Lovemay-ArgentDawn says: Oh! Annie, come and sit with us. As long as there's no moonfire.
6/27 20:50:02.969 Reike-ArgentDawn says: She'll just tell Tikal what we've been talking about.
6/27 20:50:33.195 Lovemay-ArgentDawn says: Well, it doesn't matter too much, there's no losers.
6/27 20:50:41.336 Lovemay-ArgentDawn says: But maybe for this box, she'll keep it to herself.
6/27 20:50:47.222 Reike-ArgentDawn says: Anyway, I'm with the both of you on that, but I also want someone who's able to think for themself and don't cry wolf each time they see a spider.
6/27 20:50:51.111 Lovemay-ArgentDawn rattles the box of taffy scraps in Annie's direction.
6/27 20:50:55.699 Chit-ArgentDawn says: I'll keep her near me til the task is over, anyhow
6/27 20:51:40.511 Lovemay-ArgentDawn says: Mmm, somebody who's opinionated! But... Open to friendly debate about things.
6/27 20:51:40.985 Reike-ArgentDawn says: I don't really care about race, fraction or what not. As long as they're as you both said, someone who's able to go in and be part of Starlight as a whole.
6/27 20:51:53.156 Lovemay-ArgentDawn smiles, with a thoughtufl noise.
6/27 20:52:09.412 Lylieth-ArgentDawn says: Oiye. Bring their experiences tae better everyone in the group.
6/27 20:52:20.528 Reike-ArgentDawn says: One thing though, I do care, I do care about it not to be a Death Knight. I know that we in Starlight has a rule there says no Death Knights.
6/27 20:52:56.252 Lylieth-ArgentDawn says: Well oiye. Maybe someone who can heal wounds?
6/27 20:53:01.147 Reike-ArgentDawn says: So how to boil that down to one person in total? And where to find the person?
6/27 20:53:03.305 Lylieth-ArgentDawn says: Or can use magic as well?
6/27 20:53:12.295 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Nomìne-ArgentDawn: Ya got six more minutes, remember we want one answer from each group in the end.
6/27 20:53:28.676 Lovemay-ArgentDawn says: I'd enjoy another Night Elf in Starlight, I think. Irenya's already taught me plenty of things I was very ignorant about.
6/27 20:53:40.678 Lovemay-ArgentDawn says: I mean... When you spend all your time with humans, you get comfortable with humans.
6/27 20:53:45.879 Reike-ArgentDawn looks at Shan then nods slowly.
6/27 20:54:08.828 Reike-ArgentDawn says: Then why a Night Elf? Why not a gnome? Or maybe another Pandaren?
6/27 20:54:30.175 Lylieth-ArgentDawn says: Or even a Dwarf.
6/27 20:54:32.799 Reike-ArgentDawn says: They all got those things we've suggested.
6/27 20:54:42.787 Lovemay-ArgentDawn nods thoughtfully, conceding to that point.
6/27 20:54:45.628 Lovemay-ArgentDawn says: Gosh, no, you're right.
6/27 20:55:27.015 Lovemay-ArgentDawn says: Gosh, now do we make all this concise?
6/27 20:55:28.451 Reike-ArgentDawn says: Five more minutes or? We're slacking..
6/27 20:55:46.701 Lylieth-ArgentDawn says: Well. If tis a noight elf. Then possibly a priestess o'elune?
6/27 20:55:47.116 Lovemay-ArgentDawn rests her chin on her hand, drumming her fingers against her cheek with a sheepish smile.
6/27 20:56:05.263 Reike-ArgentDawn starts to look slightly stressed, she pulls the hat from covering her eyes to rest at the neck.
6/27 20:56:10.871 Lylieth-ArgentDawn says: Got the experience, Can heal wounds, Also the lassies are warriors as well.
6/27 20:56:21.519 Lovemay-ArgentDawn didn't look too worried herself, nodding along slowly.
6/27 20:56:27.764 Reike-ArgentDawn says: Where do we recruit her then?
6/27 20:56:29.432 Thurian has come online.
6/27 20:56:51.112 Lylieth-ArgentDawn says: Darnassus?
6/27 20:57:01.887 Lovemay-ArgentDawn says: Willing to muck in with all sorts of different bits and pieces, open-minded... The elves are very traditional there, some of them.
6/27 20:57:07.622 Lylieth-ArgentDawn shrugs a little and flexes her hand back and forth.
6/27 20:57:13.469 Lovemay-ArgentDawn says: Maybe on the road? A travelling night elf is already a little bit of a free spirit.
6/27 20:57:18.937 Reike-ArgentDawn says: I also know that those true elves, do shy away from Darnassus.
6/27 20:57:29.694 Reike-ArgentDawn says: So do we want one who's openminded, then sure we should go for Darnassus.
6/27 20:57:43.418 Lovemay-ArgentDawn says: Not open-minded enough to mingle with humans willingly.
6/27 20:57:51.660 Reike-ArgentDawn says: Or that, why not on the way to Booty Bay then?
6/27 20:57:57.415 Reike-ArgentDawn grins a little, waggling her eyebrows.
6/27 20:58:01.296 Lovemay-ArgentDawn giggles, a little weakly.
6/27 20:58:33.866 Lylieth-ArgentDawn says: SO. A noight elf Priestess o'elune who moight be at various goblin ports?
6/27 20:58:42.271 Reike-ArgentDawn says: So, some travelling female elf, pristress, of the Elune.
6/27 20:58:43.298 Lovemay-ArgentDawn giggles a little harder.
6/27 20:59:03.228 Reike-ArgentDawn says: Who likes to go to Booty Bay, that might be a pirate in the hiding!
6/27 20:59:09.044 Lovemay-ArgentDawn says: Calm and collected and not afraid of dangerous things. Being an elf, she wouldn't be reckless, or silly.
6/27 20:59:09.555 Reike-ArgentDawn says: So, all in all, we want a pirate?
6/27 20:59:18.652 Lovemay smiles.
6/27 20:59:25.577 Lovemay-ArgentDawn says: I think a pirate would fit right in, sometimes.
6/27 20:59:34.081 Reike-ArgentDawn says: Scrap the pirate. I'll go with what you said Shan, it makes sense really.
6/27 20:59:34.355 Lovemay-ArgentDawn nods, light-hearted and only joking from the look on her face.
6/27 21:00:04.758 Reike-ArgentDawn says: So have we got the answer? Or is the answer really, there's no real answer to the question?
6/27 21:00:38.746 Lovemay-ArgentDawn says: She would be... Open to becoming a pirate if it helped some bigger picture? Not all of them are greedy... Oh, gosh. Do you think it's one of those rhetorical questions, the whole time?
6/27 21:00:41.295 Lylieth-ArgentDawn says: Well oideally we'd want to work to improve our weaknesses.
6/27 21:00:47.954 Lovemay-ArgentDawn smiles.
6/27 21:00:48.973 Reike-ArgentDawn looks from Shan to Lyl. Smiling a little.
6/27 21:00:49.630 Lylieth-ArgentDawn says: Suppose ye can't be picky though.
6/27 21:01:07.385 Reike-ArgentDawn nods slowly.
6/27 21:01:19.073 Reike-ArgentDawn says: Well should we stick to the Night Elf female who's a priest then?
6/27 21:01:33.869 Lylieth-ArgentDawn says: Oiye. Oideally atleast. tis what we want.
6/27 21:01:40.330 Reike-ArgentDawn nods.
6/27 21:01:41.975 Lylieth-ArgentDawn puts enthisis on "Ideally"
6/27 21:01:44.733 Reike-ArgentDawn says: Who want to speak up?
6/27 21:01:55.312 Lylieth-ArgentDawn says: Oi can do it if ye loike.
6/27 21:02:02.811 Lovemay-ArgentDawn nods at Lyl, somewhat relieved.
6/27 21:02:07.019 Reike-ArgentDawn looks from Lyl to Shan, then nods.
6/27 21:02:15.468 Reike-ArgentDawn says: Alright, should head back then, ten minutes has past.
6/27 21:02:24.438 |Hchannel:GUILD|h[Guild]|h Nomìne-ArgentDawn: Gather up, time is up
6/27 21:02:26.877 Lovemay-ArgentDawn clambers to her feet, looking satisfied.
6/27 21:02:27.392 Reike-ArgentDawn offers both ahnds out.
6/27 21:02:29.967 Lylieth-ArgentDawn stands up and brushes the sand off her as much as possible.
6/27 21:02:30.456 Lovemay-ArgentDawn says: Good timing, Reike!
6/27 21:02:35.773 Lylieth-ArgentDawn takes Reikes hand of course.
6/27 21:02:39.681 Lovemay-ArgentDawn would too.
6/27 21:02:44.039 Reike-ArgentDawn grins, nodding heaving Lyl and shan up.

6/27 21:03:02.185 Tikál-ArgentDawn slides the confiscated Taffy back to Stoen.
6/27 21:03:16.377 Stoen-ArgentDawn still doesn't notice the Taffy was ever gone.
6/27 21:03:20.308 Tikál smiles at Chit.
6/27 21:03:28.531 Chit-ArgentDawn leads Annie back to her dad.
6/27 21:03:38.230 Tikál tickles Annie. Hee hee!
6/27 21:03:53.229 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Welcome back, I reckon we will start with the gents for a change. Who speaks for the men?
6/27 21:03:58.058 Nomìne-ArgentDawn looks over the group
6/27 21:04:10.865 Jasdevi-ArgentDawn says: Feel free, Stoen. You summed up the points.
6/27 21:04:17.945 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Oh, it.. sure.
6/27 21:04:22.875 Reike-ArgentDawn looks at Hinters, smiling a little in his direction.
6/27 21:04:53.592 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: It.. I think that if we could only pick one ideal new member, it.. We kind of agreed on a Dwarf healer who is friendly, approachable, doesn't cause trouble and.. and who preferably has connections.
6/27 21:05:35.088 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: And it.. We figured that the best way to find someone like that would be to, it.. To go to events and be friendly ourselves, so.. So that people like Mister or Miss Dwarf would be more likely to seek us out when they need a guild.
6/27 21:05:59.428 Stoen-ArgentDawn sits back down.
6/27 21:06:05.127 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Healer, Dwarf, friendly, can be approached. An to find em, go to events an be friendly ourselves. Still expecting him or her to seek us out
6/27 21:06:08.880 Hínters-ArgentDawn shifts his gaze to Reike briefly, smiling curtly before returning his gaze to Stoen, then Nomine.
6/27 21:06:21.750 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: It's the long game.
6/27 21:06:24.528 Lovemay-ArgentDawn applauds Stoen politely once he was done.
6/27 21:06:34.177 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: What holds ya back from going to the Dwarf an say "we like ya, will ya try becoming a Starlighter?" - Jasdevi or Tikal, what do ya say?
6/27 21:06:36.864 Chit smiles.
6/27 21:07:10.409 Tikál-ArgentDawn says: Nothing holds us back, but then if we are too pushy we just push them away, it really depends on the situation.
6/27 21:07:25.531 Nomìne-ArgentDawn nods a bit
6/27 21:07:40.871 Tikál-ArgentDawn says: It is better to plant the seed and let it grow.
6/27 21:07:44.778 Tikál winks slyly at Nomìne.
6/27 21:07:54.357 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: What one seeds, one also needs to reap.
6/27 21:08:05.964 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Ladies, what who speaks for you?
6/27 21:08:12.935 Reike-ArgentDawn motions to Lyl.
6/27 21:08:13.223 Lovemay points at Lylieth.
6/27 21:08:14.602 Lylieth-ArgentDawn waves her hand and stands up proudly.
6/27 21:08:24.302 Lylieth-ArgentDawn says: Oi do.
6/27 21:08:24.675 Stoen-ArgentDawn looks up at Lylieth.
6/27 21:09:02.168 Lylieth-ArgentDawn says: Well ye see. We weren't too far off. We also thought o'havin', Oideally, A healer also.
6/27 21:09:50.982 Lylieth-ArgentDawn says: Though we considered more o'a Noight elf priestess o'elune. Because they're nae just healers but foighters too and oi'm guessin' they're used to givin' good advoise and helpin' people who're havin' trouble and all.
6/27 21:10:01.431 Tikál-ArgentDawn 's Annie moves to sit infront of Stoen.
6/27 21:10:02.504 Reike-ArgentDawn nods a little.
6/27 21:10:34.608 Stoen-ArgentDawn peers at Annie and pats her on the head before returning his attention to Lylieth.
6/27 21:10:41.848 Lylieth-ArgentDawn says: And there is a temple in Darnassus where we'd loikely foind one or the open road. Possibly even some o'the ports dependin' on their moind frame o'course.
6/27 21:11:17.095 Lylieth-ArgentDawn says: But loike oi said. Mostly oideal. Oi guess we take anyone who can bring somethin' good to Starloight without causin' too much troube in return.
6/27 21:11:46.135 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: A healer, Night elf priestess, combines kindness with claws, able to listen an give advice. Fair enough that. I think ya will have more luck at the ports than in Darnassus proper. As we need one that are willing to be in Stormwind a fair bit.
6/27 21:11:58.462 Lylieth-ArgentDawn gives a sage nod and looks to shan and Reike. As if seeing if she missed something.
6/27 21:12:09.525 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: In Darnassus proper you can find more.. well "homebound" Night elfs, have ya considered how to find somebody with an exploring mind more?
6/27 21:12:21.653 Lovemay-ArgentDawn nods at Lylieth encouragingly.
6/27 21:12:24.251 Stoen-ArgentDawn politely claps at Lylieth, before suddenly realizing that nobody is doing it. He swallows hard and looks down in shame.
6/27 21:12:51.260 Reike-ArgentDawn says: Well we could always call in Jay, he's got quite the exploring mind, but I know he won't go well with most of Starlight.
6/27 21:13:11.485 Nomìne-ArgentDawn nods to Reike
6/27 21:13:12.340 Tikál-ArgentDawn 's Annie attempts to lick Stoen, her mouth still sticky with taffy.
6/27 21:13:17.007 Lylieth-ArgentDawn says: Appealin' to their nature oi reckon boss.
6/27 21:13:29.406 Lylieth-ArgentDawn says: If they're explorin' types they'll want to explore oiye?
6/27 21:13:34.756 Stoen-ArgentDawn blinks a few times before returning to petting Annie's head.
6/27 21:13:37.476 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Jay is interesting, an fair point Lyl.
6/27 21:13:51.131 Lylieth-ArgentDawn places herself down on the ground and takes a deep breath.
6/27 21:13:52.112 Reike-ArgentDawn says: We did talk about getting someone who's travelling the road.
6/27 21:14:00.512 Nomìne-ArgentDawn looks over to Reike and nods
6/27 21:14:06.064 Reike-ArgentDawn says: Then that require us to travel as well.
6/27 21:14:15.939 Reike-ArgentDawn says: So, if you want travellers, we need to get off our ass and do that too.
6/27 21:14:54.696 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Ay, that is the truth of it Reike, We need to find a match, an for a traveller, that means we need to travel too. Or if we seek fighters, we need to be fighters as well
6/27 21:15:51.444 Stoen-ArgentDawn raises a hand.
6/27 21:15:55.037 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Ay, Stoen?
6/27 21:16:32.822 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: It.. People aren't just one thing though. Like, it.. Pol is a chef and.. and he may meet another chef over their mutual interests, it.. Even if the other chef is also a traveler.
6/27 21:16:42.169 Chit-ArgentDawn looks over at Stoen.
6/27 21:17:05.660 Reike-ArgentDawn rises her hand too.
6/27 21:17:15.305 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Ay, but while I am an guildmaster, I will always be a ladies man an a con artist. Expect me to remove either of those things an ya will be dissapointed.
6/27 21:17:15.734 Tikál-ArgentDawn says: I meet lots of fighters Nomine, but I imagine most of them are not fit for joining... well anything now.
6/27 21:17:16.471 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Reike?
6/27 21:17:17.798 Chit-ArgentDawn nods a bit.
6/27 21:17:25.104 Lovemay-ArgentDawn halfway raises her hand, and then lowers it to listen to Reike.
6/27 21:17:32.606 Stoen-ArgentDawn looks over at Reike.
6/27 21:18:32.621 Reike-ArgentDawn says: The thing is, as you just pointed out Stoen, Starlight is different kind of backgrounds. But also, stick to the core values of Starlight and we'll find people who matches, it's always been like that, no? People knows after the Pathfinder
6/27 21:18:32.621 Reike-ArgentDawn says: period if they like it here or not, and we find out if they're fit for starlight or not.
6/27 21:19:15.006 Chit-ArgentDawn says: If one Starlighter likes em, it's a good start, I guess.
6/27 21:19:16.734 Chit smiles.
6/27 21:19:33.690 Reike-ArgentDawn nods.
6/27 21:19:34.767 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Oh.. True, it.. I guess someone who really likes something we don't wouldn't really, it.. Want to stay here long-term.
6/27 21:19:39.480 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Our process is as ya point our Reike, designed to let people find out or not. The better we make the match to start with, the less people got to go through the pathfinding process.
6/27 21:19:47.188 Tikál-ArgentDawn says: Starlight has always been diverse so in theory anyone can fit if they want to.
6/27 21:19:49.857 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: An the Pathfinding process is a costly one in terms of manpower

6/27 21:20:19.383 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Now, I like both ideas in this case. Strong ones, an being an officers is not only about being able to talk a good game.
6/27 21:20:25.507 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: It is about making things a reality.

6/27 21:20:34.265 Nomìne-ArgentDawn pauses for a moment, as he looks over people
6/27 21:21:00.070 Reike-ArgentDawn perks a brow at Nomines words, almost expecting him to send them off finding what they came forth with.
6/27 21:21:26.779 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: That is why before the next training, both groups are responsible for finding one such person an bringing em to meet Starlight, in this case meet Starlight will be defined as Chit or Me.
6/27 21:21:41.638 Stoen-ArgentDawn blinks a few times.
6/27 21:21:43.633 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: So no need to recruit em, that would be unrealistic, an as Tiks says. This is a long game.
6/27 21:21:51.211 Lovemay-ArgentDawn looks very surprised.
6/27 21:21:59.935 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: What questions do ya have?
6/27 21:22:05.794 Stoen-ArgentDawn raises a hand.
6/27 21:22:10.818 Lovemay-ArgentDawn raises a hand too.
6/27 21:22:12.472 Reike-ArgentDawn doesn't really look surprised she squints her eyes coughing.
6/27 21:22:21.347 Tikál-ArgentDawn says: Does kidnapping work in this situation?
6/27 21:22:27.755 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: No.
6/27 21:22:30.136 Chit-ArgentDawn looks down at the pebbles, looking very serious.
6/27 21:22:30.943 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Nice idea though.
6/27 21:23:25.598 Lovemay-ArgentDawn thinks for a moment, and then lowers her hand again.
6/27 21:23:35.006 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Out with it Shanura
6/27 21:23:37.142 Nomìne-ArgentDawn smiles
6/27 21:24:10.195 Lovemay-ArgentDawn says: Oh! Stoen first.
6/27 21:24:23.784 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Oh! I had two questions so, it.. You can go first.
6/27 21:24:29.981 Lovemay smiles at Stoen.
6/27 21:24:33.154 Nomìne-ArgentDawn chuckles
6/27 21:24:54.403 Lovemay-ArgentDawn says: I was going to ask, even if we're not recruiting them... Do they have to be recruit-able? What if they're already in a guild?...
6/27 21:25:16.449 Lovemay-ArgentDawn says: I don't like to poach.
6/27 21:25:17.583 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Does not matter Shanura, might still be that we impressed em, but no need to consider that
6/27 21:25:30.589 Lovemay-ArgentDawn nods, relieved.
6/27 21:25:31.708 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: So if ya don´t want to risk poaching, then don`t
6/27 21:25:34.015 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: An Stoen?
6/27 21:25:37.911 Chit-ArgentDawn says: Will still be a friend of Starlight.
6/27 21:25:41.811 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: When is the next training? And also, it.. Do we have to be, it.. um.. You know. Honest about our intentions for bringing them to you?
6/27 21:25:45.567 Nomìne nods at Chit.
6/27 21:25:58.411 Chit grins wickedly at Stoen.
6/27 21:26:06.731 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: As we are not poaching, ya don´t need to say "I want you to meet them as part of officers training that I am on"
6/27 21:26:26.640 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: But I reckon they should know, that you think they would be good for Starlight an thats why ya want em to meet an officer
6/27 21:26:49.912 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Oh.. Thanks.
6/27 21:26:55.925 Tikál-ArgentDawn says: Hey Jas, up for a trip to Ironforge to get stabbed?
6/27 21:26:59.268 Tikál smiles at Jasdevi.

Next meeting
6/27 21:27:00.663 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: So to when is the next training.
6/27 21:27:07.824 Reike-ArgentDawn looks to Lylieth and Shan.
6/27 21:27:13.860 Jasdevi shrugs. Who knows?
6/27 21:27:20.718 Lylieth-ArgentDawn looks to Reike and Shan and gives a broad smile.
6/27 21:27:25.836 Lovemay-ArgentDawn meets Reike's eye and offers an optimistic nod of the head.
6/27 21:27:30.757 Lylieth-ArgentDawn says: Well miss Reike. Ye said ye wanted to travel.
6/27 21:27:51.818 Chit-ArgentDawn says: We can come to ya if ya call us to be walkin by.
6/27 21:28:08.976 Lovemay-ArgentDawn says: I... Stranglethorn is a little humid for me, but I'm sure I can whip up something.
6/27 21:28:15.329 Reike-ArgentDawn chews her cheek, nodding just a tad.
6/27 21:28:25.058 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: We plan to keep this training sessions short an good. So one next week: What is best Saturday or Sunday?
6/27 21:28:38.350 Jasdevi-ArgentDawn says: Either one does me.
6/27 21:28:44.505 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Oh.. No preferences from me either.
6/27 21:28:48.971 Reike-ArgentDawn says: Saturday for me.
6/27 21:29:01.428 Nomìne-ArgentDawn looks around and nods
6/27 21:29:05.170 Lovemay-ArgentDawn thinks hard for a moment, raising her eyes to the sky.
6/27 21:29:50.959 Lylieth-ArgentDawn says: Oi think either oi can make.
6/27 21:29:53.690 Lovemay-ArgentDawn says: Sunday would be slightly better, but Saturday is okay. I'm afraid somebody might have to keep a few notes for me, fiftenn minutes or so.
6/27 21:30:03.035 Lovemay-ArgentDawn says: Fifteen, pardon me!
6/27 21:30:12.504 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Sounds like Saturday is best for the most of ya then. Same time, same place an thank ya for making it tonight
6/27 21:30:14.496 Tikál-ArgentDawn says: I'm with Shan.
6/27 21:30:18.123 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: We will fill ya in Shanura an Tiks
6/27 21:30:18.607 Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Maybe perhaps we could, it.. Start fifteen minutes later?
6/27 21:30:25.719 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: An we can do that
6/27 21:30:28.733 Lovemay-ArgentDawn nods gratefully.
6/27 21:30:44.700 Lovemay-ArgentDawn says: Oh gosh... If I'm even later than fifteen, I don't want you wasting everybody's time.
6/27 21:30:49.679 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Officers should not be to stubborn than later
6/27 21:30:55.172 Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: An we settled that Shanura
6/27 21:30:57.848 Nomìne-ArgentDawn chuckles
6/27 21:31:02.047 Lovemay-ArgentDawn says: You never know when a gryphon will get caught in a tail-wind... Phew.
6/27 21:31:06.724 Lovemay-ArgentDawn nods again, settling down.