Powarranger: Gerna's Bonkers Blunder

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Powarranger: Gerna's Bonkers Blunder

#1 Post by Stoen » Mon Jul 01, 2019 7:08 pm

Powarranger event: Gerna's Bonkers Blunder

The story:

Gerna did a whoopsie. Not a massive one. A couple of misplaced parentheses here and there, maybe she rounded up when she should have rounded down. In any case, she destroyed the world. It happens.

With timelines in a constant flux, new realities are suddenly swapping in for the old one. Thankfully, Gerna has graciously allowed Starlight the opportunity to repair this mess. When the timelines shift, all they need to do is remember. And touch a crystal. Of course, the remembering aspect may be a tad tricky.


We are dialing the insanity up for this one. Every event you guys create will be set in a parallel universe. Maybe Starlight is suddenly in an old western, perhaps they are the crew of the Starship Whatever. Whatever weird scenario you want to run, go for it. To make things easier, we suggest just running your event in a bit of a cliché setting so people have a reference for it. Sort of a “Think of TV-shows like X and Y…” approach. If the event last an hour or two, we do not have a lot of time for building a deep and interesting fantasy world. Save that for your novel.

When you think of an interesting approach, put it on the forum and save the date on the ingame calendar. Are there certain roles in this new world that are limited? For example, the crew of the Starship Whatever can only have one captain. Mention this in the post. As people think of their characters in this new world, they post them on the forum to reserve the role. First come, first serve unless there are specifics that make this an issue. You handle that as you see fit.

After this, you need to find a raid that fits with your theme. Do not worry if it is not an exact match. It is better to have a place for ourselves considering just how “out there” these events will be. With a raid and setting in mind, you are pretty much set to go.

So how does Starlight get back to their old world? The timelines are still in flux and there is a chance to remember. At certain intervals, you will ask people to roll. At first, the chance for a successful roll will be rather low, but it will increase over time. If people roll successfully once, their character will start to doubt what is happening, realizing that there is something wrong. Upon rolling correctly the second time, the character will come to their senses fully.

There will be a shard to find. However, you should ensure that it is difficult for the characters to get. Make it something that requires a significant amount of ‘awakened’ characters to get. Maybe it is in the hands of an NPC. Perhaps the non-awakened characters will defend it fiercely.

Got it? Cool. Let us have some fun with this.

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