The Counter-Assassination 15.04

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The Counter-Assassination 15.04

#1 Post by Nomine » Wed Apr 10, 2019 9:10 am

The Counter-Assassination

The assassin is after the 8-year old daughter belonging to a noble house, which should have made this a simple and straight forward matter. However, things are rarely as simple as they seem.

The girl is the result of an affair the mother had some years ago, her husband discovered the affair and had the father exiled. To the husband`s credit, he raised the child as his own, and by all accounts, he has been a good father. The child remains an only child after a twenty-year marriage and the sole heir to the family title. They are by no means a wealthy noble family, not as nobles go. Over the last decade, the mines that made the family rich has run dry, and with that, the family has lost most of their fortune.

The birth father (our client), could not find any work as a mine foreman after his exile and turned to a life of crime. Over the years he has built up some notoriety. These days there is a sizable bounty on his head, which also means he can`t go to the law.
He has warned the mother about the assassination, but the husband is still feeling the pain from the infidelity, only the only outcome has been that they hired a guard and restricted their daughter's movement.

Then the father turned to me, knowing that I too am a father, and therefore more likely to not sell him out.

The assassin.
She is a professional, which means she has been killing people for gold for many years. She won`t be easy to pick out of a crowd and about the only thing I know definitively is that she is missing one of her nipples, which won`t help us much.
She has hired a team to help her reach the target, as well as to escape safely. The team is mostly humans, mostly former soldiers.
While we don`t know how her team is composed, I would expect:
Somebody to breach the door.
Somebody to protect the escape, likely a hunter.
Somebody to create a distraction right before, or during the job.
One or two people to function as muscle if needed.
A fixer, somebody to bribe guards, arrange for the escape route.

We believe it is most likely that she will hide in plain sight and approach the house like any normal person(s) would.

The location.
The noble family`s city home, there seems to be only one door - leading to the plaza square. Rooftops and windows are possible entrance points, but not likely. We think the front door is the most likely choice, simply because it is safer and easier for the assassin to walk up to the door.
Morrigan estimates that it would not take her much more than a minute from the front door is breached, until she could reach the kid. Especially not in a scenario like this, where she does not need to worry about being seen. So, from the moment the assassin reaches the front door, we will have to act within a few seconds.

Another complication is that we are not acting with the noble family's blessing, the mother knows about us and our good intentions, they can`t risk trusting us. Which means if we draw attention, we can end up getting arrested. If we draw too much attention, the assassin can withdraw and strike at another time. During the talk with Pol, we came up with the idea of setting up a noodle cart on the plaza and using it as a cover for some people being close to the door.

OOC stuff.
The event will take place the 15.04 - start at 20:00.
We will be using Gilneas city as a stand-in for a generic Northen town that has fallen on bad times, with most of the population has left.

We will be using this system:

Simple roll system: You roll for what you try to do if you get above a number (10, 20 or 30 depending on the situation), you succeed. If you get below - bad things happen to you (Players choice) Nomine will give you the target number.
If there is a group action, choose one person to act/roll for the group. Any bad consequences will then happen to all.

Modifiers can be given, but should be kept to the +/-5 range.
If you want a crit system, anything over 90 is a crit.
This is a Controlled Situation, if you get below 10, bad things happen to your character
This is a Risky Situation, if you get below 20, bad things happen to your character
This is a Desperate Situation, if you get below 30, bad things happen to your character.
You choose what sort of bad thing that happens, but it should have a consequence and fit "What could go wrong, in what you tried to do now"

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