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Game of Snobs

#1 Post by Syrawenn » Wed Jan 30, 2019 4:12 pm

As some of you know (cause I've been insanely NOSY on Discord), I am planning a long term event.
Long term?
For several reasons!

1) I can't predict my online time, so information might also come to you through this board or private messages
2) if I can't predict my time, nor can others! This way even people who might not make it to the final chapter will have had a chance to get involved/play a part/be of use/pointedly ignore the whole thing.
3) I had more reasons, but I forgot.


Information might reach you in snippets, you might not even recognize the hints I am dropping because I won't be the ONLY one dropping hints...nope, not gonna tell you who my accomplices are. More fun this way.
Don't worry if you don't notice a bloody thing. Such is life, after all :)

Not gonna tell, cept that it has something to do with the area or npc's of Kul Tiras (well duh!).
It will develop through you all.
There is room for multiple ways of tackling this story: cunning, listening, empathy, active detective work, fights, healing, exploring, anything goes. You don't have to let your perceived lack of skills or level hamper you in this one.

Most of the developing story will take place all over the world, so you do not need a high level character for most of the chapters. The final chapter will quite possibly take place somewhere in Kul Tiras.

But IF you'd like to be involved as a player, I am asking you the following:
around august 2018 Kul Tiras opened for play. I wish to know your character's involvement in the discovery, the events, anything. When did you arrive there for the first time (be it in the actual game or in your background story), what were your goals there, what or who did you pursue? How active ARE you in Kul Tiras, ic-ly speaking?

This information will be used for my timeline in order to get things going.
If you can, send me this information in a pm on the board or through discord. That way I can read back on everything I get from you guys. Whispers in game will get lost because my head isn't screwed on properly.

Also, if you want to act on the information you get, let me know! If you are actively going after more, you are likely to GET more.
If you decide to sit on the info, fine too :) This is going to be a character driven story. I am not going to force anyone's hand.

If you'd rather be part of the planning, let me know too :) You could even use your own characters in the planning or opt for an npc. Let's just have some fun.
By the way: playing an npc does not stop you from playing along with your characters. I could put you in the way of another Starlighter for some information while your character does their own thing at another time in the adventure.

Post em here!
Unless they are supersecret questions...then pm!
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Re: Long term event

#2 Post by Syrawenn » Fri Feb 15, 2019 7:33 pm

Information on Boralus (will be updated as we go along). This is information anyone would be able to pick up on if they walked around in Boralus on a regular basis. Any specifics being found out by players, will remain between us :)

Minor noble houses:
Family crest: a hawk, soaring up.
Race: human
Parents: Mack and Zeleria. Mack holds a humble position in the merchant council due to his generous donations to the fleet. Zeleria does not go out much and is mostly concerned with the Society of Good Manners.
He has bought his way into the wood trade and hopes to make a fortune there after having done moderately well with tea and spices. What his family does not know, is that he is heavily endebted to one Horatio Fennelwald, because of some heavy favours he asked for.

Oldest daughter: Myria, engaged to be married to Florian Marwanus.
Son: Kiernan, quite satisfied with his honorary guard job in Boralus. Honorary, because he certainly does not have to do it for the money. He does do a good job though, and as such as spent time in the detention area as well where he got in the thick of a fight when some prisoners tried to escape.
They did indeed escape, which got him transferred to another branch of the guards after he recovered from his wounds.
Wears the family ring.

Family crest: a mountain in the clouds.
Race: human
Oldest son: Frederik, engaged to Celia van Sonderen.

Family crest: balanced scales
Race: human/ Kul Tiran
Parents: Kul Tiran father, human mother
Oldest daughter: Florence, a sturdily built brunette.

Merchant houses:
Race: human
Oldest son: Florian, engaged to Myria Hawkins.
Mother has passed away some years ago.
The family has made a nice fortune by investing in the building of several estates in Kul Tiras. Most houses have had the pleasure of contracting someone of the Marwanus foundation. There are some ties to other places as they are reaching beyond Kul Tiras these days.
Ravian Marwanus: cousin to Florian, military man stationed in Fort Daelin.

History: the Marwanus family has always been in the building trade. About 150 years ago one Lineam Marwanus built the Waterham estate, including the balcony and the pillars that collapsed so nicely. He was at some point accused of witchcraft and executed by hanging.

Race: Human
Father: Christopher
Mother and two little children (both girls).
They have a long history in Stormsong: their house was built over a century ago by one of their forefathers and recently (about half a year ago) renovated by Marwanus Sr. at the balcony end...the part that came tumbling down.

People of importance:
Horatio Fennelwald,
Race: gnome
Intermediary for a lot of Houses to assure safety and anonimity for all. He employs people he trusts for the lesser jobs, but the important ones he keeps to himself to lessen the chance of a loose tongue. He is well respected, true to his word and has not been known to keep a penny extra that he did not earn faithfully.
Holds an office in Boralus as well as in Arom's Stand. On the side his office is known to take on gambling bets. He has his ways of assuring the promised money will make it to his account.

Captain Garland,
Captain of the Seashell, likes his cardgames. Frequents the Blue Donkey.

Captain Mannard Tinderbox

Captain of the White Mare, a trading vessel.

Jake the Boot
Sailor aboard the White Mare, tried to be braver than he was skilled and got run through. Was patched up nicely.

Veyla, (name was not mentioned in this first chapter)
Cleans houses and was unlucky enough to stand on a balcony in a building of the Marwanus company when it collapsed. She demands payment for the three houses she cleaned on his insistence, yet Senior seems to be dodging her.

Celia van Sonderen
Originally from a family of market people, free lance traders along the different traderoutes through the main land. Caught the eye of House Walsenberg because of her fine eye for valuables. Patronage lead to an engagement, with the originaly fiancée, Florance Debalance, was left all alone...

Social circles and organisations:
Society of Good Manners
Headed by Zeleria Hawkins, this group of women strives to strengthen virtue and manners in society. There are montly meetings where the world is discussed and plans are made to educate young women in all things proper.

Honorary guard
A group of young wannabees who actually pay good money to get into a guard-like position. These are the cosy places to be unless requested otherwise. This is usually seen as a form of social service which excuses them from having to enter the army.
Headed by Grymus Farhand, a surprisingly tall dwarf, these youngsters are whipped into shape regardless of their social standing.

The Blue Donkey,
An upperclass inn for people with a li'l more to spend.

Nate's Needlework
A small, one man shop for tailored outfits, headed by - you guessed- Nate Willington.
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Re: Game of Snobs

#3 Post by Syrawenn » Fri Apr 26, 2019 8:42 pm

Stormwind information being used all over the place:

Healers' Association
Stormwind department headed by Ferdin Merryweather, a jovial, rather tall man with long, black hair.
Kien got accepted and as such has access to their boarding houses in bigger cities.

Stormwind Officials
Kealan Sinnon: Stormwind scribe, in charge of most applications and information regarding the different trades in town. Started out as simple scribe, writing letters for anyone requesting his service.

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Re: Game of Snobs

#4 Post by Syrawenn » Sat Apr 27, 2019 8:45 pm

Society connections made by the players:

Kien is now a part of the Healers' Association, which means he can be sent out at a moment's notice for emergencies, but it also means he can draw on their resources in most big cities.
He has helped Veyla with her broken ankle, earning her gratitude. She trusts him.

Rey is being offered a patronship by Marwanus, which means she will have access to social gatherings involving the minor noble houses and upper merchants. It also means her wrong doings will reflect back on Marwanus!
She has a connection to sergeant Ravian Marwanus at Fort Daelin.

Devvy has been noticed by several tradesmen after her loud spoken wish to open an inn in Westfall! Letters and little curtesy gifts will start arriving to convince her to work with them. Think of little statues, a nice wooden frame for a picture, a lovely miniature stained glass window...anything to convince her, really.

Lia has made a promise to Waterham. She will be kept in the loop about anything that concerns his old family estate and the family itself. Information will follow through her trading company: the Clearwater Trading Company since she does not want Waterham to know her own name.

Tikal is doing a favour for Hawkins in order to gain a favour for himself. This favour means finding out how Florian Marwanus is making his money.
He has also befriended younger Hawkins, Kiernan, an honorary guard with access to different kinds of information and places.
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Re: Game of Snobs

#5 Post by Syrawenn » Sun Apr 28, 2019 7:26 am

Part one, in which Devvy makes a new friend, Nomine sees his game hijacked and Kien sees red.

Disclaimer: this summary will not include private information characters went after. It is up to them to share this information or not.

Tikal has taken on a little job to help out Mack Hawkins because Ticks himself needs a favour from this man. Mack is worried his daughter might be engaged to a con man and asked Ticks to figure out whether Florian Marwanus is actually making his money in building or if he has something illegal on the side.

TIkal has traced Florian to one of his favorite establishments: The Blue Donkey, located in Boralus Harbour. This is a place where the upper class comes to drink and be merry. While Devvy goes undercover with Ticks, Nomine and Kien strike up a game of chance to loosen the tongues. Since Nomine paid for a full round in the inn, this works wonders. They meet captain Garland and tailor Nate. The latter is enamoured by Kien's outfit (love that outfit! Who's your tailor!...the one who knows where this quote is from gets a special prize :P) and explains most houses have their own personal tailors. He's still aspiring to get to that position.

Devvy and Tikal start talking about wanting to open an inn in Westfall, playing on the sentiments of the conversations in the room. They draw Florian out who is very interested in playing a part there, mainly because he too has an interest in Westfall.

Meanwhile Nomine tests the waters with captain Garland: with his charming personality all out there he soon finds out there are rumours going around the Marwanus buildings are not as sturdy as they should be: apparently several houses collapsed in Stormsong Valley. This would fit with what Lia picks up on, who chooses to remain aware of the crowd: she too hears of people grumbling softly about Marwanus buildings.

Enter Rey: our exotic dancer makes a move on Florian. To his credit he does not seem to let it distract him too much from his business opportunity. Devvy has to leave the premisses, leaving Florian in the claws of both Tikal and Rey, which is nothing compared to the hurricane that enters shortly after: a red haired woman barges in on crutches, demanding justice and especially payment from Marwanus senior!

Florian takes this as his cue to leave, looking rather upset. The redhead gets his chair and the undivided attention of ...well, nobody, because Rey leaves after Florian and Tikal decides to stealth after together with Lia! Nomine has business elsewhere, so what is a girl to do? Luckily she recognizes Kien as the nice surgeon who actually got her ankle back together and they have a lovely talk about her cleaning houses and having the bad luck of standing on the balcony when it collapsed. She has cleaned three houses for Marwanus after proving herself and wishes to get paid already. Kien calms her down and advises her to write a letter first and make sure if she was dealing with Marwanus Senior in the first place when given the job.
She hops out again with her new mission, leaving Kien to report back to Starlight.

Meanwhile in the dark streets poor Florian is shaken by the disturbance. Good thing Rey is there to hold his hand. She walks him home while talking of the redhead being part of a shadow council and talking to demons, as well as his engagement to Myria and love interests in general. After Florian finds out Rey has no family to speak of, he offers house Marwanus as a patron to her cause. After all: a social lady like Rey should have a chance to get introduced into the proper circles!
They part ways at the door, Florian behaving perfectly correctly as he offers his carriage to drive her home.
They will meet again.

Starlight hops from one conclusion to the other: who is the worse builder? The father or the son? And where do they get the money if building is indeed not going as intended?

End of part one.

All those that wish to pursue private detective work or undertake solo actions in this story, feel free to poke me in discord or online. Do not feel embarrassed for possibly hogging my time. I love a continuing story :)

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Re: Game of Snobs

#6 Post by Syrawenn » Mon Apr 29, 2019 9:24 pm

Part two, in which the party hears a ghost and Rey jumps from a nonexistant balcony and to conclusions.

Sleeper, dreamer, guard on top
Guardian wake and all will stop
Dreamer dream and weave the land
We'll be safe as we still stand
Sleeper sleep, do not awake
Or our souls are theirs to take
Guardian, dreamer, sleeper still
Please protect us if you will...

Rey has gotten her meet with cousin Ravian Marwanus and besides his beautiful blue eyes he had nothing much to offer in information. He did however manage to give her a clue as to how to continue when one road does not seem to offer the answers you are looking for.
So instead of going after Marwanus, Rey gathers a quartet of Starlighters and decides to visit the houses that have supposedly collapsed.

They meet up at the manor of family Waterham. Outside people are clearing the rubble from the balcony that has collapsed. They soon find out it's the pillars underneath that gave way since there is nothing much left but 'mashed potatoes and gravy' as Lia subtly notes.
The subtleties continue: Lia figures out nature is no fan of this house, Lyl tries talking to the owner who is less than pleased to see four strangers on his doorstep when the whole house could come down before he gets his art out and Rey is particularly curious about what influences this house knows after hearing about strange voices inside.

Soon it is not about hearing voices but HEARING those voices! It starts with a strange children's song about dreamers and sleepers, but Lia is overwhelmed by a terrified child's voice when Cheys tries to move the perceived shadows from the supporting pillars away. Meanwhile Rey figures out upstairs that some kind of fel energy has been used to bind those shadows to the pillars. As Cheys gets sucked into the memories of the child's spirit stuck in the pillar she relives parts of its history where the kid got sick and somehow after that bound to the pillar.
Poor Lyl is still wheezing because of some new injuries elsewhere and is having trouble keeping up. Yet she manages to keep the owner nicely preoccupied while the others do their work.

A priest, a druid and a warlock walk into the sounds like the start of a bad joke and it ends like a bad joke: Rey releases the fel energy on the pillars and with the release the entire second floor comes down! She catapults herself from the opening the broken balcony left while Lia realizes that with the crumbling pillars the terrified voices have ceased. There is laughter in the treeline now, as the kids are free to go.

Happy campers, except the poor owner who sees his entire family house drop to the ground.
Lia works out a payment arrangement with the poor fellow (since he has already taken note of Lyl's tabard AND Lyl gave him Nomine's name) and even manages to still convince him to help them find information on who built the house originally and where the materials came from.

After all her magical research Rey is now convinced that the red lady from the Blue Donkey is a warlock.

Observant Cheys-or maybe the memories of the child- finds a little rectangular old piece of metal in the rubble, some indents in a rough pattern. Who knows what they might have found had they checked out the other side with the newly collapsed pillars?
We will never know.

End of part two.
Confused yet?
You will be...
in part three!

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Re: Game of Snobs

#7 Post by Syrawenn » Sat May 18, 2019 5:29 pm

Kiernan has disappeared without a trace. Tikal learned this through a letter from Hawkins senior who is very worried about his son. Ticks found out Kiernan had an average night with a nice little game of dice with his collegues after which he went home alone.
He never arrived.

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Re: Game of Snobs

#8 Post by Syrawenn » Mon Jul 01, 2019 6:50 pm

Interlude part 2
Kiernan Hawkins has resurfaced, missing one hand. Tikal has a pretty good idea who is to blame for this one, seeing how the same person (Horatio Fennelwald) has been asking for insane amounts of money from the Hawkins family for certain services rendered. He has asked Grymus of the Voluntary Guard to help him locate this person to see justice done IF they can make the proof stick.

Meanwhile Rey is happily entertained by the Sowing Circle as hosted by Zeleria Hawkins. Unfortunately the meet is cut short when the family first learns of Kiernan's disappearance and she finds new connections through Celia van Sonderen, another young woman that rose from patronage to fiancee (to a man yet unnamed).

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