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The Reminder contest

#1 Post by Stoen » Sat Dec 01, 2018 8:52 pm

People are sort of saying that that weird Gerna gnome did something to the old boat by the Lighthouse. Like something about making it so that when people sit in it and concentrate, they’ll be transported to a room where some sort of past version of themselves are waiting. I’m not sure what it’s all about, but she called it Mission “test it on expendable lab rats”, so maybe perhaps don’t go near the boat.
- Stoen


So! We’re having a writing contest.
Setting: Be it curiosity or whatever other reason you can think of, your character decides to sit down in the boat. They are whisked away to a room where they meet a past version of themselves. What happens is up to you. Maybe the past version hates who they will become; perhaps they remember some stuff your current character does not or maybe they just have a nice chat. It’s entirely up to you.

The contest will run until the 24th this month and the winner will be announced at the first guild meeting in 2019.

The prize will be an Alliance-themed scarf and beanie from the Blizzard store to keep you warm this winter.

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Re: The Reminder contest

#2 Post by Syrawenn » Sun Dec 02, 2018 11:34 am

I like!

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Re: The Reminder contest

#3 Post by Devvy » Tue Dec 18, 2018 4:36 pm


Stormwind, lighthouse island. A Monday evening.
Earlier on, a group of people held a meeting there. For an hour, the island had to give up its alone-ness. 
Then the people left and everything was again as it should be. For a short time.
An approaching flapping sound could be heard. The sound of wings. A few seconds later a transport bird landed and a gnome hopped off.
A lady gnome. With a white ponytail. She looked around her and walked towards one of the old boats that was pulled halfway up the sand.
She seemed to study it for a while, almost hesitant. Then she looked around her a last time and climbed in. 
Sitting on her knees she examined the structure. Then, under one of the benches, half hidden, she found a box.
As she opened it, a faint yellow light shone in her face. A platform raised itself and a large red button became visible.
The gnome took out a notebook from her pocket, pinched her eyes shut and pressed the button.

Carefully, without even breathing, Devvy opened her eyes again. She was no longer in the little boat. She was in a room. Ten feet by ten feet. Stone walls. A sink against one of them, with a pump. A mop stood in the corner. Other than that the room was empty. Except two simple wooden chairs. Opposite one another. Devvy occupied one. In the other chair sat a young gnome woman.
The two looked at each other. The woman cocked her head. Devvy frowned.

"So, who are you then?" The woman asked in Gnomish.
"Just a visitor." Devvy answered, also in Gnomish.
"Is this a dream? I have many dreams"
Devvy nodded. "Yes, a special kind of dream. A dream where you can decide what happens."
The woman did not answer. 
"Are you Argenti Whittal?" Devvy asked.
"Yes. Call me Argi. Everyone does."
Devvy made a tick in her notebook with a neat little pen.
"Your husband is Fourwise Whittal?"
A nod. And a frown.
"One more question and then we can begin. Are you pregnant?"
The woman smiled a little. "Yes. Only a few months. A good bit to go. You are very observant."
Another tick in the notebook. Devvy turned a page and checked some earlier notes.

"This is a dream, miss Argi. But a very important one. First of all you will remember it completely when you wake up later on. Do you like ale?"
Devvy produced a good sized skin with a stopper. "Dwarven of course. Best there is." She opened the skin and holding it in one hand, dug out two mugs with the other. She offered one mug to the woman and keeping one herself. She smiled as she poured the ale into both mugs and put the empty skin on the floor.
"Cheers." She held up the mug and emptied it in one swig. The lady opposite her did the same.
"If this dream goes on like this I will be happy to remember it." Argi remarked with a content look and wiped a little foam from her upper lip.
"Do so miss. Do so. Remembering is all-important."
Devvy looked at her notes again. 
"Now, See here that you have a midwife to deliver your dau... child. Right? Called miss Wrigglepocket?"
"How do you.."
"Ditch her. She will drop the baby on her... its head. Can be very limiting for child when growing up"
"Take another midwife. One that does not drop babies on their head. Very limiting you see. For the child."
Argi rolled her eyes.
"Say it miss."
"Ditch the babydropper."
"Very important miss."
"...Of all the dreams..."
Devvy turned a page in her notebook.

"Second bit. Make sure there are always lots of cigars in the house. Always."
"What? Why?"
"Because you must never... EVER... let him go out to 'just get some cigars from the cornershop' and be right back".
Devvy waved a finger at the woman.
"Super important. Always have cigars."
Devvy nodded and put her notebook in her bag.
"Ok, whatever, miss Dream. Ditch and cigars."
"Say you will remember when you wake up."
Argi shrugged and said "I will remember".
Devvy smiled and held out her hand to shake. "Deal."
Argi leaned over, replied "Deal" and shook.

The moment both hands touched, the room disappeared in a thick yellow mist. It lasted less than a second.
Then the mist cleared. Devvy blinked and let her eyes get used to the darkness of the lighthouse island.
The little gnome climbed out of the boat and rushed to the waiting bird.
When the bird rose in the air she steered it to the entrance of the underground tram.
Jumping off, Devvy ran into the entrance to catch the first train to Ironforge.
“Auri," I asked slowly, "are you joking with me?"
She looked up and grinned. "Yes I am," she said proudly. "Isn't it wonderful?”

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Re: The Reminder contest

#4 Post by Sehlanna » Sun Dec 23, 2018 11:09 am


There was nobody by the lighthouse when Sehlanna arrived, and she realised that she had arrived too early to the guild meeting. To pass the time she walked around the small island. There wasn’t really anything interesting on that small space, just the nameless tombstone, and the old boat. She stepped into the boat and sat down. She sighed and realised how tired she was. The war was taking its toll on her, and the past few days she had started to lose hope that it was ever going to end, and she was starting to wonder if there even was a point to continue the fighting.

A strange pulling sensation caught Sehlanna, and she felt herself drift away from where she was sitting in the little boat by the lighthouse. It was as if her body elongated while travelling through a narrow pipe, that seemed to go on forever. Her mind couldn’t handle the strain and for a moment she passed out. When she came to, she wasn’t sitting in the boat anymore. Her head was still spinning a little as she looked around and tried to get her bearings.


She knew where she was but her mind took a while to process it.


Slowly she got up, and her legs were shaky. Her heart was pounding fast, and she quickly switched into her cat form so she could melt into the shadows and try to calm herself. The place looked as she remembered it, and the smells were slightly overwhelming now that she was in her prefered animal form. The memories came tumbling down on her, and she was sure that had she not switched to cat form she would be hyperventilating and had to deal with a severe anxiety attack. She stretched and tilted her head to feel her own fur against her face. The stretching ended in a yawn that helped her relax a little more.

There were people attending to their usual chores, and Sehlanna watched them intently. A Kaldorei was selling food and drinks to a gnome. She could hear a hammer hit and anvil in the distance, and the laughter of dwarves. One of the Kaldorei was singing a sweet song while she was sweeping the floors of the inn. And that was when she saw her. A young Kaldorei with white hair in a ponytail, a white and purple dress, and bare feet. She followed the Kaldorei.

Sehlanna could feel her own heart breaking as she softly tread the ground of the place that had been her home for many years. In her cat form the sadness was numbed a little by the anger that she also felt when thinking of what this place looked like now. She didn’t quite understand how, but somehow she had travelled back in time. Perhaps it was just a dream.

The Kaldorei she was following, had found a seat by the dock, and was now sitting and watched the boat that was anchored there with a look of longing in her bright eyes. Sehlanna moved closer to her, but kept a little distance so not to be discovered. She didn’t want to scare the girl. She didn’t want to scare her past self. Instead she sat down still in her cat form, and let all her senses take in the surroundings. The smell of the ocean, the bustling sounds of a regular day here in Auberdine. It sent shivers down her spine, and she felt her eyes tearing up. She looked over at her younger self, and felt the urge to go and say something to her. But what? Should she tell her about what was going to come? That Auberdine would lay in ruins soon. That Darnassus would burn. What good would that do?

Sehlanna sighed and got to her paws, and started walking back to the inn.

“Elune Adore.”

Sehlanna looked up and was greeted by a gentle smile from the Kaldorei she had once been. All she could do was to nod back, and then turn and walk away. The rage was taking over, and all she wanted now was to get back to her own time. Her surroundings were becoming blurred, and she was walking through a red mist. The hopelessness she had felt earlier was replaced with a burning desire that filled her whole being. She would have revenge. They would pay for taking this place away from her.

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Re: The Reminder contest

#5 Post by Syrawenn » Sun Dec 23, 2018 3:10 pm

ARGH! Can I still write this up tomorrow?? I thought it was til 31!

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Re: The Reminder contest

#6 Post by Stoen » Sun Dec 23, 2018 10:43 pm

Sure, the deadline is the 24th, so it's all good if it's posted on that day. Also, we won't verify what timezone it was posted in if you need to score an extra hour or two on that account.

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Re: The Reminder contest

#7 Post by Syrawenn » Mon Dec 24, 2018 10:45 am

The lighthouse.

Syrawenn grimaced. It used to be her safe place before Nomine picked this spot as new Guild Gathering Ground.

Again, typical. Of course he'd think of this place too.
Family an all that.
If ever we needed proof that he ís my dad, heh.
Anyway, focus.

Gerna was not to be trusted, but still, if there was any way to get word to Syra back then, it might help her now.
If it was true.
If it wasn't a hoax.

Ey, the memorywalk was more. This 's prolly more. So I gotta take care what I say. Not give out too much. Tried too many things already. Shoulda found Tarn by now after the caverns an it didn't happen, so stuff gets pulled back to what it was anyway.
At least the bigger stuff.
Wonder who does the reality pullin.
But if I keep it might go unnoticed. Might not get pulled.
There ya go.
Back to when.

A careful step.
Then the brown haired girl took a seat....
When the brown haired girl took a seat..

A year
A day
A blink
Another one.
With the same brown hair.
The same roll of the eyes.
The same...

"What the flippin netherbats is goin on THIS time!" Syra grumbled from the other side. Whiskey moved to her left shoulder. "Am I dreamin?" She checked her teeth. Loose teeth were a sure sign of dreaming. Great trick for figuring out whether she should be alarmed or just ride it out.

Syrawenn shook her head. 'They're all in yer mouth. This ain't no dream. This is a when.'

"An ya know " The younger girl tilted her head and sighed. "Never mind, cause yer me, of course. So, no guild rescue this time? Do you have ANY idea what happened after that?" A fire lit up in her eyes.

'Yea...I know...' Syrawenn took a deep breath. She remembered all too well how Seann had gone ballistic and sped up all plans he'd ever had to make sure he would not have to deal with her again.

"DO ya, huh? That blimmin idiot of a brother has gone MAD! He keeps talkin about the cat, ya know. An how he wants the best fer me an he knows what the best is an I don't cause I'm crazy an too young an he's gonna make sure I ain't no trouble to people an he don't have to watch my step but he don't HAVE to watch my step cause I friggin well know what I'm doin!" Syra got up, catching Whiskey before he slid down her shoulder. "I dunno what yer plans are this time, but I suggest ya QUIT IT! I know yer me but that don't mean I have to LIKE it! I was DEALIN with stuff, yea?"

Syrawenn's turn to get up and fold her arms, for lack of the very much missed rat on her shoulder. 'I KNOW! Ya don't have to tell me what happened! I KNOW! Been there, done that, alright? An it wasn't a choice at all! Had to come cause stupid stuff was goin on an we was gonna die cause of that shard Whiskey found, remember? Ticks took the shard cause otherwise I woulda been gone! An I'm SORRY I messed all that up! I didn't know when Starlight was gonna barge in. I'm sorry...stuff just keeps gettin messed Seann is still...' She clapped a hand in front of her mouth.

A moment of silence.
Whiskey's eyes darted from the one to the other.
A hesitant move towards Syrawenn until a younger hand held him back.

"Guess ya can't spill the beans, huh?"


"So why are ya here."

All thoughts of finding Tarnuun through her younger self were whisked away. It wasn't going to work. Too much would have to be explained.
Too much could not be explained without making things more complicated.

She shrugged. 'Stupid plans.'

Syra grimaced. "An reality interfered?"

'Somethin like that.'

"Am I still crazy then?"

'Dunno...maybe. But yer not crazy back when. Not really. Ya just know too much.'

"I know."

'I know ya know.'

A little grin in the mirror.
Another leap and Whiskey found himself in another pair of familiar hands. Grateful for the unexpected comfort Syrawenn brought him up to her face and burrowed her nose in his fur. 'Whiskey, ya silly rat! I missed ya! Yer the best friend ever. The smartest too!' If there ever was a tear, it quickly got wiped away by the soft caress of the rat's kisses.
"I love ya." With a smooth motion she moved the warm bundle back to when.
There was a slight shimmer in the air between them.

'Hey, ya know what?' Syrawenn wiped a strand of hair from her face. Definitely not a tear.

"Wha?" The younger face started to vanish in the shadows.

'Just screw it all, yea? what ya wanna do. To nether with the rest. We'll figure it out at some point. Whenever.'

A soft voice from the other side. "So...this whole talk was fer nothin?"


'No.' Syrawenn shook her head, the smell of furry friendship still lingering. 'No, not fer nothin.'

Slowly she climbed out of the boat, her hand instinctively holding back a rat that was no longer on her shoulder. 'And now I'm gonna kill Gerna.'

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Re: The Reminder contest

#8 Post by Nomine » Tue Dec 25, 2018 5:29 am

Life, and all - so I am too late - but since I wrote it, a shame not to post it.

It was not finding myself staring into the mirror, having a younger me looking back that surprised me. After living my kind of life ya start to expect these kinds of small wrinkles in time. No, it was realizing how much I looked like a caged tiger, sharp white teeth, wicked smile, ready to rip the world apart.
Lost a bit of that on the way, an feeling how much that realisation hurt, that is what caught me by surprise. Reckon I need to find that feeling again, the need to grab life by the throat an wrestle it into submission.

The younger me, he is bleeding, red showing through his bandages. Can´t remember why I am wounded or who cut me up that time. Young enough that my hand shakes a bit from the pain I must be feeling, these days the pain is a familiar sort of thing, so it won`t make my hand shake. He is smart enough to know that a being cleanly shaven matters, that if yer crew saw ya cut and bleed, ya got to show em that it doesn`t matter, that you can laugh it off. I watch myself force my hand steady, watch my hand slowly scrape a blade across my throat, watch it pause there for a second, as "he" is asking himself if it is worth it to keep going. It makes me start laughing out loud, I know the answer to that question, to all the other questions he has, but we are on different sides of the mirror, and he can´t hear me. It is so damned fucked, so damned sorry, such a twisted joke.

By the time the laughter dies out, the younger me has finished his shave. Pale as fuck, blood loss will do that to you, but the cheeks are smooth as velvet. A door opens behind him and I watch him put on a smile for show, number thirteen by the looks of it, turning to face the door, hiding the razor with his body. Caged tiger, ready to cut down the lady in the door if she proves to be a danger to him or his. A shame I can´t tell him she won´t betray him, that she died a summer evening, with the scent of jasmine on her skin and laughter on her lips. That she never stopped laughing at my cheap compliments and worse jokes, not until she took an arrow meant for me. Would have made for a love affair where I did not take distrust, fear and a blade with me into the bed.
Would not be any need to tell him what to do with her killer, young me knew that art well enough.
She has a look of concern on her lips, one the younger me tries to chase away with swagger an pulling her tight. Can´t remember ever noticing the fear in her eyes, how her smile just pretended to go along with my pretense of not being in pain, not being having been close to dying a handful of days before, if I am to judge by the state of my bandages. She look over my younger-selfs shoulder, looking straight at the mirror, almost like she is seeing me on the other side. The moment lasts only for a second, just long enough for me bow my head in respect.

I watch them leave before I turn around with a scowl, time to find the damned gnome and remind her that my past experiences are not strings for her to tug and toy with, that I don`t need the reminder anymore than I need three ghosts telling me that I am a scrooge.

The scars on my body ain´t what matters, or how they got there. What matter is that I remember the name of every lover I had, from the touch to the taste, that's the life I choose to live.

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