Article about Mats/Ibelin in National news

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Re: Article about Mats/Ibelin in National news

#31 Post by Nomine » Mon Mar 25, 2019 8:10 pm

Second BBC story, this one is called Haven: - This time they have gone for a different angle, and I am very glad they did.

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Re: Article about Mats/Ibelin in National news

#32 Post by Chit » Wed Mar 27, 2019 11:24 pm

Private message received on the forum:

Good Morning Anne "Chit" Hamill, how are you?

My name is Rodolfo, I'm 23, and I'm from Brazil!!!

I've just read about Mats "Ibelin", and I'm completely in love for all his life experience, and I'm really glad to know that, he had "you", I'm glad to that Mats had Starlight as a family, I've read about him in a News here in Brazil, and I'm in a hurricane of emotions, I don't know how to explain how I'm felling about, I mean, it is just like if I was there, like if I was part of his family, not just the "real", but the Starlight too, thanks for sharing this beautiful history with us, I know this happened a few years ago, but I joined this forum just to say "Thank you", and to say that, I'd like to be part of this such beautiful and amazing family Starlight, my sincere condolences for all of you of Starlight and family.

My best, Rodolfo Melo.


Hallo Rodolfo!

I am so glad you read about Mats and how much we all mean to each other. His story has spread so far across the world and the amazing thing is - all the comments I have seen are positive. It makes me smile that Mats' positive approach to life is still sending ripples across the world. We've had a lot of parents saying that the story has made them rethink their children's approach to gaming - that they don't necessarily have to worry about them not making friends - they may already have good friends online!

I've just spent an hour and a half in chat about real life with people in Starlight - not even playing WoW, but just chatting on Discord. Starlight is my community, more than Salisbury where I live.

Thank you so much for reaching out from Brazil and joining the forum to send your message - I loved it! It made me smile! Starlight is very much not alone as a supportive online group - there are stories coming out from other guilds too. I remember one response where a girl from the US said that she was at university when she got a message that her father was about to die in hospital. She had no money to fly home. She went online in floods of tears to talk to her online friends - and within 24 hours her gaming guild had raised the money to fly her home. Online friendships are sometimes more real than 'in real life' ones. You can get into deep conversations in text.

What I love about online friendships is that we talk across boundaries. You're 23 and in Brazil; I'm 65 and in the UK; Mats was 24 and in Norway. We come online, and we are all just people. It widens your mind to have a wide group of friends.

I would like to pass on your message to Vicky Schaubert who wrote the article that you read in translation - she is the star storyteller who has lit this fire - and to Mats' dad Robert - is that ok? I will also share it with the rest of Starlight.

I wish you light and luck and love in your journey. As we say in Starlight - "Walk safely".

With many thanks,


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Re: Article about Mats/Ibelin in National news

#33 Post by Syrawenn » Thu Mar 28, 2019 4:01 pm

Oh gosh....both the letter and your beautiful response...lost for words by now by how this is turning heads in such a positive way. Way to go, Ibs!

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Re: Article about Mats/Ibelin in National news

#34 Post by rafirala » Sun Mar 31, 2019 9:00 pm

Hello, friends of Starlight!

The history of Mats reached Brazil and like my countryman, Rodolfo, I would like to send a few words to Mats online family. The history melted me like many others around the world. As Rodolfo said, is like being there, and I think is this way because, all of us, WOW players, is like Mats a little. Yesterday, I created a human char in EU Argent Dawn server to pay a visit in Goldshire, to remember Mats history about the place, once I don´t play WOW for a while. Searched some Starlight member to pay my respect, but without sucess. Still, was joyfull being online in Azeroth again.

I tried to know Mats behalf his blog, and through his words, I discover that he was a huge star, lighting another peoples life. What a sensitivy guy he was, his stories really touched me. Watched his funeral in youtube, and could say goodbye for this fella I never met, but really would like to have the honor.

For you guys, braves members of the Starlight, I would like to send a huge hug, for still keeping alive this wonderful world, when many others, like me, left, due the duties of the real world. You guys are true heroes of all the invisible and misunderstood Matsses around the world. Long life to the World of Warcraft!

Rafael Irala. (IcebeRg#12201)

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Re: Article about Mats/Ibelin in National news

#35 Post by Rumour » Thu Apr 04, 2019 5:06 pm

The Swedish podcast 'Algorithm' just released their episode containing Mats story, it can be found here: ... dig-latsas

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Re: Article about Mats/Ibelin in National news

#36 Post by Chit » Tue Apr 09, 2019 5:50 pm

I've replied to Rafirala in a PM - such a lovely post.

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Re: Article about Mats/Ibelin in National news

#37 Post by Nomine » Mon Nov 11, 2019 8:34 am

Mats/Ibelin was referenced, during the opening of SpillExpo - speech held by the Prime minister of Norway

Dear everyone,

It's so much fun to be here at Spillexpo this year. And just like you, I'm looking forward to testing some of the games on display afterward.

It is not only when I visit that I am passionate about computer games. Even when we have meetings in the government, we talk about games. We have high aspirations for the computer games industry, and we want everyone who has a player or game developer in their stomach to have the opportunity to develop.

So can we get more like Emil "Nyhrox" Pedersen, who won the Fortnite World Cup.

So the next big game might come from Norwegian developers.

The Norwegian gaming industry is well on its way.
A lot of games are being developed that put Norway on the world map;
For example, My Child Lebensborn who won BAFTA.

We will provide the industry with good and predictable framework conditions so that it can develop as much as possible on its terms.
In next year's budget, we will allocate NOK 10 million more for computer games.
An ever-so-small buff from the government, you might say.
I call it an escalation - which we will continue within the years to come.

We must aim high internationally.
We see how Sweden and Finland have experienced tremendous development and turnover of billions.

The goal must be for us to achieve the same thing in Norway.
And then it's social to play, and you know who is going to be at Spillexpo this weekend.

You've probably read about Mats "Ibelin" Steen, who made friends all over the world through World of Warcraft.
The close friends he played with online
Close friends who came to his funeral.
Games are a source of culture, learning, and community.

Through the screen, we can build bonds, see each other, and create a warmer society, with space for everyone.

Then it's time to say GG and declare Spillexpo 2019 officially opened!
Link to the speech. ... id2676404/

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