Remembering Ibelin in 2017

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Remembering Ibelin in 2017

#1 Post by Nomine » Sat Nov 18, 2017 7:34 pm

Starlight still remembers, as I write this - there is a number of facebook posts, of members lighting a candle for him (One burning on my desk as well), some of us have gathered in game for a remembrance. Ibelin made the world a better place, in memory and in action we try to do the same. ... 9.jpg?dl=0

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Re: Remembering Ibelin in 2017

#2 Post by Reike » Sat Nov 18, 2017 10:10 pm

Dubheasa-ArgentDawn says: Yes miss. Totes glasses
Dubheasa-ArgentDawn says: Saw mister Stoen with them and just HAD to have them
Cheysa nods at Dubheasa.
Dubheasa points at Stoen.
Cheysa-ArgentDawn says: Ah've wanted a pair m'self.
Dubheasa-ArgentDawn says: Good thinking. They are RAD !
Dubheasa-ArgentDawn says: Not sure what that means though
Dubheasa-ArgentDawn says: Probably super totes
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Red?
Cheysa-ArgentDawn says: Radioactivity protection?
Cheysa-ArgentDawn says: Maybe?
Dubheasa-ArgentDawn says: nono. Raaahd
Dubheasa-ArgentDawn says: what? nonono
Cheysa-ArgentDawn says: If so they're more useful than ah thought.
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Nomne?
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Ay, Stoen?
Dubheasa-ArgentDawn says: Don't think they do that. And am not going to test!
Dubheasa laughs at Cheysa.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn rolls his shoulders
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Can we, it.. make the rad-glasses part of the Starlight uniform?
Stoen points at Dubheasa.
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Like, it.. Tabard and those?
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Ya know, there is only one problem with that Stoen
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: My sense of humor, have at occassion given a positive reading on e,
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: em*
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Oh?

Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Ay, reckon there is a bite in my wit that goes deep under yer skin
Stoen-ArgentDawn seems a bit confused. He looks to Dubheasa for help.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn flashes a smile
Dubheasa-ArgentDawn says: Ehm. Devvy thinks mister Nomine likes them, but he tends to chew on them
Tikál nods at Chit.
Cheysa-ArgentDawn looks just as confused.
Gryphonbeak greets Chit with a hearty hello!
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Oh..

Chit smiles at Gryphonbeak.
Cheysa greets Chit warmly.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: I reckon we are about as many as we will be here tonight
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: I trust all can hear me loud an clear
Dubheasa-ArgentDawn says: oh...
Dubheasa-ArgentDawn says: Yes sir
Tikál nods at Nomìne.
Cheysa smiles at Gryphonbeak.
Reike-ArgentDawn looks to Nomìne, nodding once.
Dubheasa nods at Nomìne.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: (( - I would like to say something out of character, and invite others to do so, if they wish, before moving on to the In character part ))
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: (( Today, it is 3 years since Ibelin`s funeral, a good number of Starlight was there, for many of us it was the first time to be in Norway, for all of us, it was the first time to "meet" a person we had learned to know through a character
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: (( We meet him in a place, where so much of what causes troubles, hate, and missunderstandings between people do not exists, in a game like this, there is no judgement on apperance, wealther, physical limitations, race or religion. At least not at first
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: (( it is not before we let people see the player behind the character that comes into play. and in this world of ours, I think it is really worth remembering - person first, then all that other stuff, let us leave that behind, Focus on learning to know
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: (( somebody, not to pass judgement on them ))
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: (( Ibelin was a good example on how somebody should be, in that regard. As Stoen said back then: "What mattered to Mats was being able to spread joy in our lives. He was selfless and kind, always above the petty drama that sometimes arises in online
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: (( enviroments - Despite his handicaps, he still found the strenght to be there for us."
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: ((Good things to emulate, to learn from and through that make the world a brighter place. Light a candle so to say.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: (( Also, that we are here now, that around us, there is people remembering him, lighting candles. Shows that he made an impact, that the friendships and people you meet online have a lasting impact
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: (( He will live on for a long time through our collective memories, and the last thing he said to us, through his family "Tell my friends what has happened, tell them I loved them and that they made my life different. Tell them all goodbye."
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: (( That was all I had to say, I am glad to see you all here, I am glad to know we remember one of our own, and I know we all make an impact in the lives of others, trying in our own way to make the world a little brighter
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: (( I leave the floor to others, IC or OOCly
Nomìne bows down graciously.

Dubheasa claps excitedly for Nomìne.
Dubheasa-ArgentDawn tries to pluck up the courage
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: It.. um.. I can, it.. Do the poem?
Dubheasa-ArgentDawn says: please sir
Tikál smiles at Stoen.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Please do Stoen
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: I.. I'm sorry about the moonkins, it..
Cheysa smiles at Stoen.

Stoen-ArgentDawn digs a carefully folded piece of paper out of his pocket.
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: It.. I wrote this for, it.. but it.. I.. I kind of made some mistakes in it sorry, it.. Please don't throw old fruit.
Stoen-ArgentDawn clears his throat.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn nods and smiles
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: It.. Though no new will ever be, what was will yet remain.
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: The memories that you left me will yet outlast the pain.
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Through tears brief reflections shine of what we had before
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: And I know that forever mine will be the days of yore.
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: I know when you kissed an elf, I smiled, said "Love makes blind".
Reike-ArgentDawn was reminded of the pack of dried fruits in her pocket, she fishes it out and starts to much on one, then offers Ove the bag.
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: And when I fell in love myself, you teased me back in kind.
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: And when this here starlit group went to the frozen north.
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: You would make us turtle soup before we ventured forth.
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: In the moments life was mean, you would lend a shoulder.
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: And now that you have left the scene, life is so much colder.
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: It.. Though you are now in the past, one thing I know is true:
Cheysa-ArgentDawn bites their lip and scratches Luthe behind the ears gently.
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: These memories forever last and so in turn will you.
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Goodbye now my dearest friend. Your song it has been sung.
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: But although you have found your end, through us you will live on.
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: It.. That's it, sorry.

Chit-ArgentDawn listens, and nods to herself.
Cheysa-ArgentDawn touches Stoen shoulder and smiles to him.
Dubheasa-ArgentDawn says: gosh, that was very beautiful mister Stoen
Cheysa-ArgentDawn says: Lovely..
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: oh.. Thanks.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: I think that is worth a howl, for Ibelin
Nomìne smiles at Stoen.
Dubheasa-ArgentDawn lets out a long heartfelt howl
Nomìne-ArgentDawn howls to the sky
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Oh, I.. it.. Wraaarrh!
Tikál-ArgentDawn howls to the sky.
Cheysa-ArgentDawn howls, Luthe joining in with a long cry.
Stoen-ArgentDawn 's moonkins chirp howls too.
Reike-ArgentDawn did a howl as well, apples kind of spewing out as well.
Chit-ArgentDawn raises up her head and howls, a painful sound.

Reike-ArgentDawn says: I got one.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Beach is yers Reike
Reike-ArgentDawn says: It is for all those I've lost, not only Ibelin.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn nods
Reike-ArgentDawn says: Since the loss of you.
Reike-ArgentDawn says: I've learned to live for each day.
Reike-ArgentDawn says: And take it as a blessing.
Reike-ArgentDawn says: Knowing it may not always be this way.
Reike-ArgentDawn says: Since the loss of you.
Reike-ArgentDawn says: I've learned that when everything goes wrong.
Reike-ArgentDawn says: To never give up on what is right.
Reike-ArgentDawn says: Because it can only make you strong.
Reike-ArgentDawn draws in a deep breath before continuing.
Reike-ArgentDawn says: Since the loss of you
Reike-ArgentDawn says: I've learned that even when you're in a lot of pain.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn nods a bit to her words
Reike-ArgentDawn says: You've got to hold yourself together.
Reike-ArgentDawn says: So you won't feel like you're going insane.
Reike-ArgentDawn says: Since the loss of you
Reike-ArgentDawn says: I've learned how to hold the tears when I want to cry.
Reike-ArgentDawn says: Because all I have is memories.
Reike-ArgentDawn says: And just want to ask, WHY?!
Reike-ArgentDawn says: But mostly, since the loss of you
Reike-ArgentDawn says: I've learned a life can be taken in the blink of an eye.
Reike-ArgentDawn says: And only Heaven really knows when
Reike-ArgentDawn says: That person will have to say "Goodbye."
Reike-ArgentDawn bows her head lightly, whilst gritting her teeth, then let out a howl.

Dubheasa-ArgentDawn joins in the howl
Chit-ArgentDawn howls.
Reike-ArgentDawn says: For all of those we've lost.
Stoen-ArgentDawn howls too.
Tikál-ArgentDawn leans his head back to look at the sky, letting out a howl.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn raises his voice in a howl
Dubheasa-ArgentDawn says: Can Devvy go now?
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Ay, we have lost and loved so many
Chit-ArgentDawn nods to herself.

Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: All yers Devvy
Cheysa-ArgentDawn sniffs.
Dubheasa-ArgentDawn says: Sorry, is a bit ffficult
Dubheasa-ArgentDawn says: Devvy liked mister Ibelin a lot.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn smiles encouragingly
Dubheasa-ArgentDawn says: And as miss Reike says, only memories remain
Dubheasa-ArgentDawn says: And so now the memories are keeping mister Ibelin with us
Dubheasa-ArgentDawn says: But memories are like a hole in the ground
Dubheasa-ArgentDawn says: At first it is a hole, with fresh edges
Dubheasa-ArgentDawn says: But then rains come, and lioins walk over it,
Dubheasa-ArgentDawn says: And all sorts happen
Dubheasa-ArgentDawn says: and slowly the hole gets filled in
Dubheasa-ArgentDawn says: And shallower
Dubheasa-ArgentDawn says: And shallower
Dubheasa-ArgentDawn says: Until is seems to be gone
Dubheasa-ArgentDawn says: But
Dubheasa-ArgentDawn says: Even archeologists can search and still see it is there
Dubheasa-ArgentDawn says: Perhaps a little different colour than the other dirt, but it is still there
Dubheasa-ArgentDawn says: sharp or vague
Dubheasa-ArgentDawn says: Mister Ibelin's "hole" is now filling up
Dubheasa-ArgentDawn says: That is the way of the world
Dubheasa-ArgentDawn says: But it is meetings like tonight, that clear the hole a little
Dubheasa-ArgentDawn says: And that is why they are important
Dubheasa-ArgentDawn says: Devvy is already forgetting conversations, and other things with mister Ibelin
Dubheasa-ArgentDawn says: But can still see the hole
Dubheasa-ArgentDawn says: So Devvy says
Dubheasa-ArgentDawn says: "Let Starlight be that archeologist"
Dubheasa-ArgentDawn says: Let Starlight point at the ground and tell everyone
Dubheasa-ArgentDawn says: "Look, there is a hole there"
Dubheasa-ArgentDawn says: And the other person may have to squint, and get the colour pointed out
Dubheasa-ArgentDawn says: but the hole is there. And us will make sure it will be there for a long time
Dubheasa-ArgentDawn says: Thank you. The End

Chit-ArgentDawn nods to herself, and raises her head, her howl a little croaky.
Tikál-ArgentDawn blinks a few times.
Dubheasa-ArgentDawn looks at the stars and does her how
Tikál-ArgentDawn leans his head back to let out a howl.
Cheysa-ArgentDawn howls mournfully, their voice cracking slightly.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn smiles and lets out a deep howl
Reike-ArgentDawn lets out another howl.
Stoen-ArgentDawn sniffles before howling.
Chit-ArgentDawn says: When the dteails fade, the thing I remember about Ibs was that he was always kind, and he drew people in.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn nods to Chit
Chit-ArgentDawn nods at Devvy.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Reckon Barnaby has a few words
Nomìne nods at Gryphonbeak.

Reike-ArgentDawn looks to Ove, offering a brief smile.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: ( I never knew Ibelin like you all, and then, the opportunity had passed before I knew. But even so, from the times we had spoken, it was no doubt or question to be had. He was a good man, one worthy of respect. And your loss diminishes us all."
Gryphonbeak nods.
Chit-ArgentDawn smiles at the dwarf, listening.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: (( That was all."
Nomìne smiles at Gryphonbeak.

Dubheasa claps excitedly for Gryphonbeak.
Tikál claps excitedly for Gryphonbeak.
Dubheasa-ArgentDawn howls at Gryphonbeak
Reike-ArgentDawn let out a howl following that.
Stoen-ArgentDawn howls.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn lets out a howl to the sky, the voice starting to crack up
Chit-ArgentDawn howls into the dark.
Cheysa-ArgentDawn howls, lifting their goggles and rubbing their eyes with their cuff.
Tikál-ArgentDawn gives a long howl to the night sky..

Chit-ArgentDawn says: ((I just wanted to say. I can always hear Mats saying "Are you just saying that because I'm handicapped?" And no, Ibs, I'm glad we made a difference, because you did too, to me and many others. We remember and miss you."))
Nomìne nods at Chit.
Chit-ArgentDawn says: ((It's so right that his pets was the spirit of summer. ...that's all right now((
Nomìne claps excitedly for Chit.
Tikál smiles at Chit.
Chit-ArgentDawn gives a little sigh.

Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: It is a sad truth of this world, that for each year, there is more an more to remember, something that can easily feel like a weight around yer neck, pulling ya down
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Making it hard to look up an forward, hard to take strenght from those memories, an courage to experience new things, new people, new joys
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Hard also to know in what ways ya make an impact on those around ya, good or bad. Hard to know what memories ya leave em with.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Reckon, the truth is that if our intentions are good, if we want to leave em with a smile, we can´t go all wrong.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn half smiles
Cheysa nods at Nomìne.

Chit-ArgentDawn nods to herself.
Dubheasa-ArgentDawn says: Cannot have doubt stop you from trying
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Well, I don´t count husbands in the list of people i try to leave with a smile
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: A fella can make exceptions
Dubheasa-ArgentDawn chuckles
Reike-ArgentDawn pockets her fingertips, chewing her cheek as she remains silent.
Dubheasa-ArgentDawn says: oh. Mister Tikal now

Nomìne-ArgentDawn smiles to Tikal
Tikál-ArgentDawn says: Our world is full of darkness, even this time of year there is more dark than light, but Ibelin was a rare soul, who would always light up your day when you were feeling low, always there to lift spirits when hope fades.
Tikál-ArgentDawn says: His loss has changed us all, but his light is now home among the stars, always watching over us.
Tikál-ArgentDawn raises his head letting out a howl.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn joins in with a howl of his own
Reike-ArgentDawn let out a howl.
Stoen-ArgentDawn does a howl too.
Dubheasa-ArgentDawn says: raises her chin and howls a looong howl
Cheysa-ArgentDawn shakes a little, clearly crying as they howl shakily.
Dubheasa-ArgentDawn raises her chin and howls a loooong howl
Chit-ArgentDawn looks up at all of the stars, and smiles. She howls.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn looks over the group
Dubheasa-ArgentDawn looks at the horizon and mumbles "goodbye mister Ibelin"

Chit-ArgentDawn stands up.
Chit-ArgentDawn says: Can I say somethin?
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Beach is yers Chit
Stoen peers at Chit searchingly.
Chit-ArgentDawn scuffs the beach with her foot.
Chit-ArgentDawn says: Ya gotta remember, at times Ibelin was downright irritatin.
Tikál chuckles at Chit.
Chit-ArgentDawn says: At times he would infuriate me by nodding at everything I said as if to put a stamp of approval on it.
Chit-ArgentDawn says: And HOW MANY times did he fall in love?
Stoen-ArgentDawn nods at what Chit says.
Cheysa-ArgentDawn coughs a laugh through their tears.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn chuckles a bit
Reike-ArgentDawn grits her teeth at the last comment.
Chit-ArgentDawn says: And he had a damn tribunal for misleading the officers where he nealy got chucked out, and I am not even gonna mention his 'fear of commitment'...
Chit-ArgentDawn glances apologetically at Reike.
Chit-ArgentDawn says: Let's not forget that he was a man who could annoy as well as have fun.
Chit-ArgentDawn says: He REALLY hated 'cheating within the rules'.
Chit-ArgentDawn says: An he loved it when he beat me an Stoen by a mile on the motorbikes at the ball.
Chit-ArgentDawn says: He was a real person who roused passions, not some plaster saint.
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: We thought we found a shortcut..
Chit-ArgentDawn nods at Stoen.
Chit-ArgentDawn says: Yeah!
Chit-ArgentDawn says: I was so pissed to lose by a mile...
Chit-ArgentDawn says: Anyway that thing was, he was never mean or spiteful.
Chit-ArgentDawn says: An if ya needed help or company or there was an event that needed support he would always be there, workin to make it work.
Chit-ArgentDawn says: I think the stuff that had happened to him forged him, an he made it forge a kind person. Shows that ya can choose the direction ya take.
Chit-ArgentDawn says: He weren't bad at all, fer a noble.
Chit-ArgentDawn nods, and then gives a defiant howl into the dark.

Tikál-ArgentDawn joins Chit in a howl.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn grins and joins into the howl
Stoen-ArgentDawn sniffles, wiping his nose with the back of his hand before howling.
Dubheasa-ArgentDawn howls along
Reike-ArgentDawn howls through gritted teeth.
Cheysa-ArgentDawn wipes their eyes with a smile before howling.

Cheysa-ArgentDawn fidgets with the edge of their tabard.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn looks over to Cheysa
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Ya want to hold the beach Cheysa?
Cheysa-ArgentDawn looks up to Nomìne, then nods and stands.
Cheysa-ArgentDawn says:, ah'm no good with speeches or nothin'...Things like this weigh on our minds at the most unexpected times, ah think.
Tikál nods at Cheysa.
Cheysa-ArgentDawn says: Yeh can be walkin' down th' street at night an' smell...smell fireworks.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn smiles and nods
Chit-ArgentDawn says: O, yes.
Cheysa-ArgentDawn says: And suddenly yer in another time, with people yeh no longer know.
Cheysa-ArgentDawn says: And...and people can leave in all sortsa ways.
Cheysa-ArgentDawn clutches onto their necklace, their voice cracking.
Cheysa-ArgentDawn says: But ah think it's so good t' remember that every one of us affects people like that.
Cheysa-ArgentDawn says: An' that we can't take the times we have fer granted.
Cheysa-ArgentDawn says: Ibelin, an' all other's we've lost through time, we can't ever really lose you.
Cheysa-ArgentDawn drops their hands to their sides and nods.
Cheysa-ArgentDawn says: That's, that's all ah had.

Dubheasa-ArgentDawn lets out a howl for the story
Stoen-ArgentDawn howls too.
Tikál-ArgentDawn lets out a howl for the story.
Cheysa-ArgentDawn howls louder than before, folding their arms.
Chit-ArgentDawn nods in agreement with Cheysa's words, and gives a low howl, melding with the others.
Reike-ArgentDawn howls.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn takes a deep breath and joins inn the howl, raising his voice to the sky
Chit-ArgentDawn says: Ya can't get away from us that easy, ya irritating man!
Cheysa smiles at Chit.
Chit-ArgentDawn grins a bit.
Tikál-ArgentDawn smirks.
Chit-ArgentDawn says: But damn I could do with a bowl of that good soup.
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: It.. He was really proud of that soup.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn chuckles
Chit-ArgentDawn says: The turtle one, yeah.
Tikál-ArgentDawn says: Perhaps next year we should make some turtle fin soup for this occasion.
Cheysa lets out a hearty chuckle.
Cheysa-ArgentDawn says: That sounds like a plan.
Chit-ArgentDawn says: Keetee once said she got his recipe.
Chit-ArgentDawn says: Or Reike, do you know it?
Reike-ArgentDawn looks over the group, shaking her head.
Chit-ArgentDawn looks over at Reike.
Reike-ArgentDawn says: He said he'd never give that recepie out. Was a family secret.
Chit-ArgentDawn says: Hmm, maybe she stole it...
Dubheasa-ArgentDawn says: Then perhaps it is fitting that soup cannot be made anymore?
Chit-ArgentDawn says: Or spied on im from stealth.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Would not be unlike Heartfang that, to be honest
Reike-ArgentDawn says: Or she lied.
Chit-ArgentDawn says: ...true
Stoen-ArgentDawn ponders.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Not to mention, she had a few thousand years practice on stealing recepies
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: It.. I think it has turtle meat.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Lies was not like her
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: (( From Barnaby "And I never got to taste it, so I never got to copy it"
Chit-ArgentDawn says: Only way to tell is to taste it though.

Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: The truth is in the taste ay
Cheysa chuckles at Gryphonbeak.
Chit-ArgentDawn shrugs regretfully at Barnaby.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Personally, I never have gotten the hang of making all that well... tricky foods, so the turtle soup is beyond me
Chit-ArgentDawn stands up and stretches a bit.
Chit-ArgentDawn says: Soup looks so easy too. But it aint.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: But I think all has said their peace
Dubheasa-ArgentDawn says: It was very moving
Dubheasa-ArgentDawn says: Thank you, nice all
Cheysa nods.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: It was good, an as ya know, next year, same time, same place.
Chit-ArgentDawn says: Thanks fer organisin it.
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Oh! Wait, it.. um..
Cheysa-ArgentDawn says: Of course.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: But until then, give people a reason to remember ya.. ay Stoen?
Chit-ArgentDawn looks around as if seeing all the moonkin hatchlings for the first time...
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Nomne said to.. to leave people with a smile on their face, it.. um.. Do you guys know what.. what you call fake noodles?
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: It.. Impasta!
Stoen-ArgentDawn nods.
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: That's all.
Dubheasa-ArgentDawn says: oh...
Tikál gently pats Stoen.

Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Sounds like something that would explode... or show up on the monitor
Chit-ArgentDawn frowns horribly, trying to work out what Stoen said...
Reike-ArgentDawn just looks to Stoen, perking a brow.
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: But it.. it's like a pun, it.. um..
Cheysa-ArgentDawn cracks up.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Well.. move safely all, an remember "If it ain´t a pun, it ain´t fun"
Cheysa-ArgentDawn says: Impasta!
Chit-ArgentDawn says: Hehe
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Oh.. Sorry, I.. I'll try to work harder to.. to leave people with smiles on their faces.
Dubheasa-ArgentDawn says: thakn you nice all, have a nice night and so
Tikál-ArgentDawn says: Now do we really deserve this pun-ishment?
Chit-ArgentDawn says: Good night!
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Until I learn, it.. Everyone has to make sure we see each other again.
Cheysa-ArgentDawn says: Light guide yer paths.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Ya twice as much as all others Tikal, due to the tail
Tikál smirks slyly at Nomìne.
Chit waves at Cheysa.
Tikál-ArgentDawn says: It is not a tall tail.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: It ain´t a fair tail either
Stoen-ArgentDawn looks around.
Chit-ArgentDawn says: Did we camp on a Moonkin nest or somethin?
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Which.. which moonkin was Annie?
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: I.. I fed them once and.. and now they won't stop following me.
Tikál-ArgentDawn says: Oh, Chit we lost Annie in the moonkin festival.
Chit-ArgentDawn says: She's the one with the flow of course, Sto!
Chit kneels before Annie.
Chit-ArgentDawn holds out Annie's Cookie.
Tikál-ArgentDawn | Annie takes the cookie and shares it with her moonkin army.
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Oh, it.. Um.. That's nice of you, Annie.
Chit-ArgentDawn looks at bit askance at Barnaby...
Chit-ArgentDawn says: Annie that was showin true leadership!
Tikál nods at Annie.

Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Oh, it.. I mean she will lead Starlight one day.
Chit-ArgentDawn takes a big breath and blows it out again.
Chit-ArgentDawn says: Hey Reike.
Reike-ArgentDawn says: Mhm?
You peer at Chit searchingly.
Chit-ArgentDawn puches her gently on the upper arm, instead of saying all the tuff that could be said.
Reike-ArgentDawn says: Can't believe it's been three years.
Chit-ArgentDawn says: Yeah... Time is elastic stuff.
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Oh.. I should get going too, it.. I'll see you later.
Reike-ArgentDawn nods.
Reike-ArgentDawn says: Quite.
Tikál-ArgentDawn says: See you later.
Stoen-ArgentDawn looks around.
Chit-ArgentDawn says: Sometimes it comes right back, an sometimes everythin before the demons is ancient history.
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: It.. The one that stayed with you is Annie, right?
Chit-ArgentDawn says: G'night Stoen.
Tikál-ArgentDawn says: I think so.
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Oh! It.. Goodnight.
Chit-ArgentDawn says: I hafta go find myself somethin to eat, too.
Reike-ArgentDawn says: Enjoy your food then.
Chit-ArgentDawn says: Will just catch a word with the boss.
Chit-ArgentDawn says: Thank ya.
Reike-ArgentDawn says: I'll have to get back to work.

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