The letter in the sea writes..

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The letter in the sea writes..

#1 Post by Reike » Wed Nov 26, 2014 9:53 pm

They all say that I should not be this hard on the surface. But I can’t help it, if I do not let any of the emotions through, they won’t see how much I’m crumbling. I know we had our differences. But still, we were a couple for two years.

When I heard it, I was sure it was some sick joke. I still expect your ginger tail to come swifling by.
My mind know it won’t happen, but the rest of me, hasn’t really picked up on it yet. It hurts. It hurts so damn much.

Ibelin, don’t worry I won’t touch your fireworks. I’ve been taught how to do them myself, just so I didn’t have to steal from your stash, yeah I found it, it was me there made sure that you were missing a crate now and then, I’m not really sorry for it, because it was some nice display I put on for myself.
Remember the time in the Vale when we were going on a date? You put on the display for me, you wanted my opinion on it. How did it look, for how long should it go on, and so forth. You worried so much about that show for the Ball, it was so cute really.

Ibelin, don’t worry, I won’t take your cat, I have my own. It’s grown, it’s brown. It doesn’t wear a crown, but it wears my hat from time to time. Or well not –my- hat, but a hat similar to my own. I hope that where ever you are, you will enjoy a cat too, with a hat. That reminds me, I will never get to give you the hat I had gotten for you for Winters Veil, it even had fireworks in it.

Ibelin, do you remember the time at the tree, that you said to me. “Reike, you’re my Lighthouse in the darkest hours, always there to guide me back home to safety. “ Now I sit starring at the Lighthouse, there’s no one to steer me home to safety, the light is there, but I do not really see it. The harbor is there, but I can’t go to it.

Ibelin, if you were here, how would you tackle it? Would it be with the head held high and the tail swishing in the wind? Would you turn on that switch that you were so good at using?
Can I have that switch? Because I need it, I need to shut down, I need to let go of it all, but I just can’t.
Now I have one more to drink to come December when I go off on my own. I will mourn you like I mourn my family, now if you were just around to be able to tell me where you kept the recipe for the turtle soup. I will be needing that, and so much more of it when I’m done. To ease the damn hangovers there’s going to come.

Ibelin, I hope you will sleep well, I hope that you will remember Starlight even in your eternal sleep.


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