Heartsore in Ratchet

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Heartsore in Ratchet

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At Ratchet
4 September 2009

Karina, married to Sancto, is also dallying with ibelin. After an altercation between Karina and Ibelin over the hearthstone, Karina turns the stone off. There is silence from Ibelin.
Chit goes in search of him.

Chit disembarks from the boat, and goes to make enquiries at the local Bank.
Chit says: Ya got a customer name of Ibelin, lives around here?
Chit says: What dya mean, 'customer privacy'!
Chit says: Suit yaself.
Chit says: It aint THAT big a place!

After looking for a while...

Ibelin picks up a small flat rock and throws it into the ocean, he watches as it skips on the water surface.
Chit says: Hmm.
Chit says: Heya...
Ibelin turns his head and blinks as he spots Chit.
Chit says: Mind if I have some of them rocks?
Ibelin says: I'm not hard to track, am I?
Ibelin says: Knock yourself out...
Chit says: Now there was me hopin ya would be in awe of my skill!
Ibelin says: I would be, if I wasn't this terrible at hiding.
Chit picks up a rock and throws it into the ocean. Plop!
Chit says: Well, the boat crews gossip.
Chit says: It woulda bin harder if ya had left the port...
Ibelin crosses his arms and nods.
Chit carefully selects a flat rock this time and hurls it to skip across the water...plop.
Chit says: I aint very good at this.
Ibelin says: Well, I did go to Stranglethorn... I think you need some work on that, yes.
Chit says: I tried an tried, but I never got the knack.
Chit says: Still, it does make a nice plop.
Ibelin picks up another rock and throws it in a certain way, making it skip across the water surface.
Ibelin says: That it does...
Chit says: Sometimes it surprises me that there are any stones left on shore.
Ibelin says: Oh?
Chit says: Whoa, how many skips was that?
Ibelin says: I didn't count.
Chit says: Yeah any time anyone comes here, they throw the stones into the sea.
Ibelin says: Three... Maybe four.
Chit says: Four!
Chit says: wow.
Ibelin shrugs.
Ibelin says: I find it somewhat relaxing... Throwing rocks...
Chit collects together a little heap of stones
Chit says: mm.
Ibelin says: Takes my mind off things.
Chit sits down comfortably,
Ibelin looks over at Chit.
Chit reaches for a pebble and hurls it at random out into the sea.
Chit says: Throwin rocks is one of the things kids get yanked away from, to do chores
Ibelin says: Nothing wrong with the distance at least...
Chit says: An then, when we are in charge of our own time, we don't go an do it...
Chit says: Everyone knows girls are rotten at throwin.
Chit says: It is the elbows.
Ibelin grins slightly.
Ibelin says: Is that so?
Chit says: Our elbows bend different, ya never noticed?
Chit says: Look.
Ibelin says: Hmm, never looked I suppose...
Chit extends her arm very straight.
Ibelin stares at her arm.
Chit says: Now see - It kinda bends.
Chit says: towards the inside
Ibelin says: You got a point...
Chit says: Ya try to use a bow, the string will thwang right down ya arm
Ibelin says: So, men are throwers by nature, eh?
Chit says: Leave a nasty bruise
Chit says: Spose so
Ibelin sits down as well.
Chit says: Girls learn about that stuff from the Bow master
Chit says: Ya can't use ya arm straight.
Ibelin nods at Chit.
Chit says: I figure it is a good excuse for this.
Chit hurls another stone. Plop!
Ibelin says: I'll let it slide, yes.
You grin wickedly at Ibelin.
Ibelin says: Oh well, eventually you grow tired of throwing stones all night.
Chit says: ..that what ya bin doin?
Chit says: No wonder you are up to 4 skips!
Ibelin says: Well, I've been out here all week.
Chit says: Really?
Ibelin says: A man has to do something with his time.
Ibelin says: Mhm...
Ibelin says: I'm still not used to the peace...
Ibelin says: People only pass through this place.
Ibelin says: They rarely stop.
Zalvi greets you with a hearty hello!
Zalvi greets Ibelin with a hearty hello!
You smile at Zalvi.
Zalvi smiles at you.
Ibelin says: Then there is the horde of course.
Ibelin nods at Zalvi.
Zalvi says: [Orcish] Goth'a
Zalvi smiles at Ibelin.
Chit says: Nice to meetya an all Miss
Ibelin says: Goth'a to you as well.
Zalvi says: [Orcish] HA
Chit says: Yeah, goth'a
Ibelin says: Hmm, looks like we got company, heh.
Chit says: I think we've made a friend
Ibelin says: Indeed.
Ibelin says: Even though she has no idea what we're saying.
Zalvi waves goodbye to Ibelin. Farewell!
Zalvi waves goodbye to you. Farewell!
Zalvi bows down graciously.
Chit says: Nice manners
Ibelin says: That was a polite troll... if I ever saw one.
Ibelin nods.
Chit says: Mmhm.
Ibelin says: Yeah... So this has been my home for a while.

Chit says: It's hot here, could be hard to sleep
Ibelin says: I could have picked a worse place to stay.
Chit says: there are many worse places.
Ibelin says: I see your point though. Then again, it's not the heat that makes me lose sleep.
Chit says: yeah, if it was that, you could just have a nice swim in the sea.
Ibelin says: Anyway... How is life treating you, Chit?
Chit says: Oh...it has been ok of late.
Ibelin nods once.
Chit says: I feel a bit...uncertain of my place, maybe
Ibelin says: How so?
Chit says: O, well, Nomine knows everythin an everyone...I sometimes feel completely outta my depth when I'm with im.
Ibelin says: You're not the only one.
Chit says: Yeah.
Chit says: Someone else oughta know that stuff...just in case
Ibelin says: Mhm...
Ibelin says: I usually just leave it to him, he seems to know perfectly well what he's doing.
Chit says: Yeah..but what if he can't sometime
Ibelin says: Not like the rest of us uncertain people...
Ibelin says: Hm?
Chit says: Starlight might need to step up.
Chit says: But I know what ya mean.
Chit says: I take AGES to make decisions.
Ibelin says: Hmm, you're saying it too much for one man, eh? Have to agree there.
Ibelin says: Heh, just look at me.
Ibelin grins.
Chit says: Well you are...not in a nice place right now.
Chit says: It is a bastard, wantin what ya can't have.
Ibelin says: Sitting here far from... Anything at all really... Waiting for an answer...
Ibelin says: Mhm...
Ibelin picks up another rock and throws it in the same fashion as before.
Chit watches the stone skip 4 times, before surrendering silently to the sea...
Chit throws in a pebble. Plop.
Ibelin says: Starting to get the hang of it now.
Chit says: Not as dramatic, mine.
Ibelin smiles at Chit's attempt.
Chit smiles too, under her hat.
Ibelin says: I've had enough drama to be honest, so it's alright.
Chit says: Good.
Chit says: I like throwin rocks in the water. I ain’t ambitious or nuthin.
Ibelin says: Besides, yours make some nice rings in the water.
Chit says: They do!
Ibelin nods at Chit.
Chit says: And a nice noise.
Ibelin says: See? Nothing to be ashamed of there.
Ibelin says: Unless you hit a fish, then you're free to feel bad.
Chit says: I aint ashamed.
Chit says: Ooh
Chit says: I never thought of that!
Chit says: You ever hit a fish?
Ibelin says: Well, I nearly hit a seagull once...
Chit says: Seagulls! They are fair game.
Chit says: I dunno how many of my sandwiches they have snatched.
Ibelin says: Heh, I guess.
Chit says: ...what happened to it?
Ibelin says: Besides getting the shock of a lifetime?
Chit says: Heh, besides that.
Ibelin says: I never really actually hit it, but I got pretty damned close.
Chit says: It probably thought you was throwin sandwiches.
Chit nods.
Ibelin says: A few inches from its head...
Chit says: Lucky it dint try to snatch it!
Ibelin smiles.
Ibelin says: Yeah.
Chit says: A stone inside, it mighta sunk!
Ibelin says: True, true.
Chit says: Then you woulda hadda dive in an rescue it.
Chit says: I bet you would’ve.
Chit says: Ya got a soft heart.
Ibelin peers over at Chit.
Chit is turning a stone over and over in her hands.
Ibelin says: Of course I wouldn't have let it drown...
You smile at Ibelin.
Ibelin says: A soft heart, eh? I guess that's what my problem is sometimes.
Chit matches action to words. Plop.
Chit says: I think ya want to make people happy, yeah.
[Guild] Imorgan: So waht is everyone up ta?
[Guild] Chit: Throwin rocks in the sea.
[Guild] Nomine: Standing by the sea
Chit takes a sharp look around.
Ibelin notices Chit's reaction and shakes his head while grinning.
Ibelin says: I don't think he's here, Chit.
Chit says: People NEVER think he is here, Ibelin.
Ibelin says: Then again... Yeah.
Chit says: Actually, I don't think he would spy.
Chit watches the ship's lights recede into the distance.
Ibelin says: Life is something, isn't it?
Chit throws a rock trying to make her arm do what Ibelin's does. Plop.
Chit says: It sure is.
Ibelin says: That one was actually closer...
Chit says: Was it?
Ibelin nods.
Chit smiles.
Ibelin says: It's mostly in the wrist really.
Chit says: I was thinkin, the other day...how with Karina...doublin up, seems to halve the happiness...
Ibelin picks up another rock, takes aim and sends it flying across the water.
Ibelin says: Mhm...
Chit waggles her wrist experimentally, while selecting a rock.
Ibelin leans back on his arms and watches Chit.
Chit tries to throw the rock like Ibelin. The rock almost hangs fire in the air - but falls without a skip.
Chit says: That was more of a silent one, like yours...
Ibelin says: Yeah...
Chit says: Maybe if I sit here for a week, it will rub off on me, how to do it...
Ibelin grins.
Ibelin says: I don't doubt it, Chit.
Chit folds her arms comfortably on her knees and rests her chin on her arms, looking at the emerging stars.
Chit says: The lights on the ship are nice. Comfortin, kinda.
Ibelin says: Indeed...
Ibelin says: Especially at night.
Chit says: I like bein awake at nights, when others aren't.
Chit says: It feels...safer.
Ibelin looks over at Chit and nods once.
Ibelin says: I'm actually familiar with that.
Chit says: yeah?
Chit looks at Ibelin.
Ibelin says: Strange really, used to fear the night as a kid...
Ibelin says: Never wanted the day to end.
Chit says: That's true...
Ibelin says: Candle at the nightstand and everything..
Chit says: But grown up...it is like bein out of school, at night.
Ibelin says: And of course, the door had to be open...
Chit says: Hehe
Ibelin says: Heh, a nice way of putting it, Chit.
Chit says: I feel...no one can get at me
Ibelin says: And the peace and quiet... It is something else.
Chit says: I spose I must spent most of the day guardin against people somehow
Chit says: Yeah
Chit says: Time to breathe.
Chit says: No talkin
Chit says: It is like...
Ibelin says: We all need that sometimes.
Chit says: Mm.
Ibelin says: Maybe that's why I came here?
Chit says: Probably.
Ibelin says: It was as if I would choke any second...
Chit reaches out quietly an puts a hand on Ibelin's arm, then lifts it away.
Ibelin blinks and looks at Chit.
Chit selects a rock, and has another go at the wrist trick. Again the stone slides a bit on the surface, before sinking.
Ibelin says: Hey... Not bad.
Chit says: I think I am gettin better at this.
Ibelin says: Yeah, I agree.
Chit says: It is probly cos I am not tryin very hard.
Ibelin nods.
Chit says: You hirin a house here, or what?
Ibelin picks up yet another rock, stands up and throws it towards the ocean with a flick of a wrist. This time it skips at least six times.
Ibelin says: Sort of...
Chit says: Whoa!
Chit says: That was awesome.
Ibelin says: This time I really put an effort into it...
Ibelin smiles at you.
Chit says: O yeah?
Chit says: hehe
Chit says: So maybe tryin hard works
Chit says: For you!
Chit picks up a stone and tosses it into the sea with a naughty look. Splosh!
Ibelin says: I wouldn't call it a house... Want to see?
Ibelin says: Nothing fancy...
Chit says: I'd love to
Chit says: Lead the way.

They walk to Ibelin's place outside Ratchet.

Ibelin says: Hmm, not quite the way to do it, and sure.
Chit says: Heh
Ibelin says: And I thought my office was a mess..
Ibelin says: Just wait until you see this place.
Chit says: It's "in need of updating"?
Ibelin says: It needs to be demolished, that's what it needs.
Chit says: Haha!
Ibelin says: And of course, I had to pick the shack the furthest away from the village.
Ibelin points over yonder.
Ibelin says: There we have it.
Chit says: Wow!
Chit says: Nice location
Ibelin says: Hmm, maybe.
Chit says: Ya probly get a breeze here at night.
Ibelin 's chopper is parked outside.
Ibelin says: Couldn't leave home without it.
Chit says: Heh, I never thought to ask around for the chopper
Chit says: Woulda found ya faster.
Ibelin grins and picks up a small rusty key, unlocking the door.
Ibelin says: Yeah.
Ibelin opens the door and enters.
Chit peers in.
Ibelin says: Used to be a blacksmith I think.
Chit says: um...handy, a lil forge or somethin
Chit looks at the hot coals, unsure.
Ibelin says: I'm usually never downstairs..
Chit says: Ohh
Ibelin pulls the doors aside.
Chit says: Oh wow, Ibelin
Ibelin says: Hm?
Chit says: What a fantastic view
Ibelin says: That's true.
Ibelin says: I spend ages just staring into the distance...
Chit says: You can see most of Ratchet..an the sea, and the ships comin an goin
Chit says: It is BEAUTIFUL
Ibelin says: Mhm, like a watch tower of sorts.
Chit says: I never seen any place like this before
Ibelin says: Heh, that's what people usually say...
Ibelin says: Not in a good way.
Chit says: It is a bit like my house in Darnassus
Ibelin says: Ah..
Chit says: Really? They must be mad
Chit says: MY house - well it is rented
Ibelin says: The goblins have no problem with it at least.
Chit says: But it is open to the air, around the bed, I like that
Ibelin says: I've never understood elven arcitecture..
Chit says: This is such a romantic place...
Ibelin sighs.
Ibelin says: I guess so.
Chit says: Ya gotta think of their houses...like nests.
Ibelin says: Mhm.
Ibelin says: Almost like sleeping outside if you ask me.
Chit turns impulsively to Ibelin.
Chit says: Don't spoil it with bad memories...
Ibelin says: Oh, right.
Chit bites her lip and turns away.
Chit says: Sorry.
Ibelin says: Never mind then.
Chit says: No...I meant - ya need this place
Ibelin says: Hey, it's alright.
Ibelin says: How so?
Chit says: I think.. this place just seems right for ya.
Ibelin says: Well, I figured there is a reason for picking this exact spot.
Chit says: There probly aint any happy endins...I think she was right to say, best to talk elsewhere
Ibelin says: Surprisingly enough... I could stay here. And yeah, you're right there.
Ibelin says: Maybe I should just get it over with.
Chit says: Finish it?
Ibelin leans his shoulder against the pillar.
Ibelin says: Mhm...
Ibelin says: I can't hide here all the time like a child either.
Ibelin says: Afraid to make the call...
Chit says: It is a damn shame Karina is so insecure.
Ibelin says: Yeah.
Chit says: She needs two guys to make her feel good about herself.
Ibelin says: I don't know.
Ibelin says: Maybe she's just capable of loving more than we are.
Chit says: ...I dunno her well enough to say, I guess
Chit says: Loving differently maybe.
Chit says: Wider, an less strong.
Chit says: There aint nuthin wrong with your ability to love
Ibelin says: I'm the one blowing the whole thing up here.
Ibelin says: Because I'm not sure I can take it any longer, you know?
Chit nods.
Ibelin says: Some people can live with this... Others... Can't.
Chit says: Yeah.
Ibelin says: Which side do I belong to is the question.
Chit says: Which side?
Ibelin says: It's either yes or no here...
Ibelin says: Shouldn't be so hard...
Ibelin lets out a long, drawn-out sigh.
Chit says: It's always hard.
Ibelin says: I've learned that alright.
Ibelin looks up at the sky.
Ibelin says: I think I need to do this... Jump in it...
Ibelin says: It's going to hurt but surely the pain will pass.
Chit says: Ya need to be prepared...
Chit says: I think..
Ibelin says: Ironic... It's much easier taking a bullet to the back...
Chit frowns a bit, and scuffs her boot on the wood.
Ibelin says: Not an experience I'd like to relive I might add.
Chit says: Whatever the decision is, Ibelin - I don't think Karina is gonna make it easy on ya.
Ibelin says: I wouldn't imagine she would.
Chit says: It aint the way she loves.
Ibelin says: I'm worried for her as well...
Chit says: If ya decide to be her lover, she will tease ya with words about Sancto...to prove to herself you care.
Ibelin says: That's the thing... He will always be there, I'm silly to think otherwise.
Chit says: If ya decide not to, she will make it seem like ya are doin it to hurt her, because she will feel bad that ya could let her go.
Ibelin says: If I continue... I fear I will fall to pieces.
Chit says: Ibs...if Sancto suddenly was not there...do ya really think it would be happy families ever after?
Ibelin looks thoughtful.
Chit says: She needs people provin their love for her.
Ibelin says: I've... Never asked that question.
Chit says: It makes her feel good about herself.
Chit says: She is...excitin, an dangerous, an all woman.
Ibelin says: I'm acting like it would be the end of the world if I left... It's silly.
Chit says: she's not really a homebody, like Eileena or such.
Chit says: How would it will be the end of the world?
Ibelin shrugs.
Ibelin says: I'm just afraid I guess.
Chit says: Afraid?
Ibelin says: The thing is... If I leave here it will hurt and if I stay... I'm stuck here, Chit.
Chit says: Yeah.
Ibelin says: People will get hurt either way.
Chit says: That's right.
Chit says: Includin you.
Ibelin says: Mhm...
Ibelin sighs.
Chit says: Romances in the guild...always so painful when it goes wrong.
Ibelin says: I keep saying I'll manage... But what if I don't?
Chit says: Then ya gimme a yell. An we will throw stones in the sea.
Ibelin smiles slightly.
Ibelin says: I'll hold you to that promise, Chit.
Chit says: Anytime.
Ibelin nods.
Chit smiles at Ibelin.
Chit says: Who knows, I might even learn to Fish!
Ibelin grins wickedly.
Chit says: Or to cook.
Ibelin says: Trying to copy me now, eh?
Chit says: I am on...charred wolf meat at the moment
Chit says: Ya can live on it, but it tastes like shit.
Ibelin can't help but to chuckle.
You grin wickedly at Ibelin.
Chit says: Actually I lie. I can make a nice pot of Thistle Tea.
Ibelin says: That's where I started as well...
Ibelin says: And I make one hell of a turtle soup.
Ibelin says: I have the right to brag about that.
Ibelin nods.
Ibelin says: There are actually turtles at the nearby oasis over there...
Chit says: Heh, well I will wish for a long an tortuous recovery, then with lotsa rocks, soup, an stunnin views!
Ibelin smiles at you.
Chit says: I am sadly selfish...
Ibelin says: Oh?
Chit says: heh, yeah...a man that can cook!
Chit fans herself exaggeratedly...
Ibelin says: I've heard that before.
Ibelin winks slyly.
Chit says: hehe
Chit says: I wondered why ya let it drop, here and there...
Ibelin says: Never sure if it's a good thing though.
Chit says: O?
Ibelin says: A man that cooks?
Chit says: Pfft.
Ibelin says: I'd say.
Ibelin grins.
Chit says: Anyone who thinks that aint a good thing, isnt worth havin.
Chit nods decisively.
Ibelin says: At least I'll never go hungry.
Chit says: True enough.
Chit stifles a yawn.
Ibelin notices her yawn.
Chit says: Darn this sea air makes me tired.
Ibelin says: Yeah..
Ibelin says: Probably time to hit the sack.
Chit says: It probly is.
Chit says: Was nice though.
Ibelin says: It was, Chit.
Chit says: Thank ya for showin me this place.
Chit smiles steadily at Ibelin.
Ibelin says: You're most welcome.
Ibelin bows before you.
You curtsey before Ibelin.
Ibelin smiles.
Chit says: I wonder if I can make it by leapin down...
Ibelin says: I'll see you around and thanks for the talk.
Ibelin says: Give it a go?
Chit says: Yeah!
Ibelin applauds at you. Bravo!
Ibelin smiles.
Ibelin says: Nice if you need to get out in a hurry..
Chit says: Yes!
Chit grins and pushes her hat back on her head.
Chit says: Gnite Ibelin.
Ibelin says: Night, Chit.
Chit says: See ya around.
Ibelin nods at Chit.
You wave at Ibelin.
Ibelin waves goodbye to you. Farewell!


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