A disguise made from warm wizards wood

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A disguise made from warm wizards wood

#1 Post by Nomine » Thu Nov 20, 2014 9:38 pm

My wife tells them she is leaving, and I wear the mask of protector. Hand on the dagger, ready incase the growling beast to my right surrenderes her controll. Hand on her shoulder, a show of support or just ready to push Eileena away from danger.

Caliyen tells me is leaving the guard and I wear a janus mask, half the comforting smile of a friend and half the steel grin of a man who knows he is the last honest man in Stormwind.

The Hospitaler tells me her people are safe, and I wear the mask of a courtier, every word the promise of illicit romance. For I know that like an killer, a hospitalers hand is covered in blood and every woman needs to know she is desirable.

I am Nomine, and that is not my name.

Eileena gave me compassion
Chit reminds me there is need, even when opertunity is a stranger
Hearfang keeps me honest
Mielle makes me remember there is new blood comming
Kalanathe reminds me that even cubs have sharp teeth

My hand rests on the worn wizzard wood card. Just me and David left. He trusts me, thats why he never leaves me alone in the Pig.

Zarcon makes me remember that good steel needs a guilding hand
Lumi never lets me forget people who kill are needed
Tikal makes me smile
Stoen shows me a disguice beyound the means of kings

I feel every grain of the top card´s backside, worn, aged when I forgot to age myself. The cards back is black, and its color will never change. I tap it trice for luck
A part of me loves being a bastard, ready to grip a dagger and settle matters quickly
Another part of me knows I am defined by the women around me.
I need a bad romance to drive me forward. Equal hate and desire.

I feel every grain of the card and my thumb rests on its corner. Other side will have a mask for me. Lover, Star, Hirophant, Noble or any of a multitude. It can be so very easy.

Milwin offers a home, even if I never venture the way
Ibelin reminds me there is value in stubborness
Karina makes me remember that there is other smiles than mine, with poison behind
Lyssea keeps me wondering how many women out there that is steel armor or without

When facing my daughter by the grave of her mother, it takes me longer than it should to find the right one.
There is no card for father in my deck of wizard wood.


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