21.07.14 - Fel-tainted Vale: Mistweavers Unite

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21.07.14 - Fel-tainted Vale: Mistweavers Unite

#1 Post by Pol » Sat Jul 17, 2021 2:42 am

Pol's Report

Mistweavers Unite

Hello. Pol writing here.

Last week:
So I guess some of you reading this may have read Chit's report thingy about what happened last Wednesday in the Highlands. Last week me and Tomu (don't worry he had his fel proof wellies on) met with Chit, Lia and Ana at this site where that fel portal thingy blew up. At first I was not sure how I could help but I thought I could at least put out any extra fires or help clean up any of the rubble. But while I was looking at this pool nearby that was clearly filled with fel Ana suggested that we could attempt to cleanse it with our abilities. We gave it a go and it went surprisingly really well. I sort of refreshed the water and washed away some of the icky stuff with a thick layer of mist while Ana brought out these roots from the ground that I think really helped by sort of tilling the soil. Ana then suggested we combine my Mistweaving with a salve (the same salve we used today) that could heal the area. That also went well but we only did it on one patch with this large tree in it.

Now that brings us to today and the cleansing mists we created! We checked the patch from last week. The tree was looking a bit better, the mushrooms on the side were not looking as fel-ee as before too and some of the ones that were corrupted had dropped from the tree, but Ana said this salve stuff takes a while to really see a big change.

Today Ana had brought this new super big pot of salve, I think that Eritis had a big hand in helping with that too by the way, and Chit had found us a good spot that was high enough up but still overlooking the corrupted vale. Shienlao and Ailu were here to help with the weaving too which is also great. Ailu told me that she has been weaving since she was a cub which was good to hear since we were going to be making a very huge, dense mist to wash over the area. The super small (compared to the one today) cloud of mist last week was a little heavy so having extra paws that could keep the big cloud squished in was useful. Shienlao brought with her this really fancy looking jade statue that I think represents Yu’lon. It was infused with Chi which she was going to channel through and into me. With that we can channel and weave for longer with less strain and more power. I may not be good at the proper healing part but I do enjoy weaving with mists, it's sort of fun and relaxing to just flow with them, and it really came in use today.

All we needed to do was get some extra water in the air for us to weave. The whole place was a little burnt but since we cleansed that pool from last week we had a good source of water. Miss Chit suggested throwing one of those sticks in that go boom into it but after a talk we decided Ana could go down there with her drake and sort of boil the water. Like a big boiling soup pot. She could then use her nature magic to guide the steam up to us and we could pull it into the cloud. Eritis and Chit could be in charge of the salve while me, Ailu and Shienlao worked on gathering up the mist.

I sort of started gathering up the water in the air and Ailu followed. With Shien keeping our energy up we got to work fast. There was plenty of steam rising up to us to use too and very soon we had gathered up this really dense and large mist cloud. The next step was to pull a stream of mist out and over the salve, which Chit and Eritis were scooping out, then to loop it around and bring it back into the cloud to mix in. I needed Ailu to help me guide the stream of mist as it was a big one. After we got the pot of salve down to half way it was time for the big pour of salve and final push sort of. Shienlao had cracked the statue towards the end of this in order to throw more energy our way and she sent this chi mist thing in the form of a cloud serpent into the mist were making. It was quite the site.

Once Ana had joined us up on top of the hill I started to pull the cloud out to the point the mist was hard to see. Now that it was becoming a light shower of rain Miss Ana used her magic and her drake’s wings to create these strong winds that could carry the cleansing mist across the vale. The wind was really strong but luckily none of us blew away. My arms ache quite a bit but it is easily fixed with some food, drink and a good rest. Now that mist has probably covered the whole area by now and over a few weeks there should be some positive energy returning to it.
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Re: 21.07.14 - Fel-tainted Vale: Mistweavers Unite

#2 Post by Chit » Sun Jul 18, 2021 2:31 pm

I went under the meeting st while it was spreading! It was tingly on the skin and smelt a bit like peppermint!

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