Fitness trackers

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Fitness trackers

#1 Post by Nomine » Mon Jan 30, 2017 9:05 pm

People managed to get fit for 1000s of years without them, are they really needed?
My answer to that is - Being chased by a lion is a damned effective fitness tracker...

I have been wearing one or another fairly constantly over the last 3 years. Most of the time the Misfit Shine and Shine 2, picked it for its clean design, metal body, swim proof and that the battery lasted for months, now I have gone over to the Apple Watch (Series 2, for built in GPS and being swim proof)

My experience have been that it helps both a little with the motivation to reach my daily movement goal. Keeping the streak going, basically. It is a simple but easy motivator. Of course after 2-3 days without reaching the goal, it is hard to get started.
Also I do like the combination of activity vs calorie use/intake that you can get from a fitness tracker combined with the right app (Like MyfitnessPal)

I also noticed that when I have a tracker that allows me to share numbers with other users/friends. That too is an extra motivator. Not least because "they get to see how bad I am today"...
But for that to work, it really needs to be worn all the time, it can´t be put on as a "sometimes" device. Else it become to easy to cheat.

Most of this fitness trackers seems to really come into their full when you combine them with either an specialized app or pick a tracker that lets you break down your exercise. So you get to see how hard you have worked out. Something that suddenly makes it very easy for me to track improvements. Really looking forward to seeing what Runkeeper does for me there.

So I would recommend getting a fitness tracker, and commit to wearing it. - Then see how you can use the data or get a relationship with them.

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Re: Fitness trackers

#2 Post by Devvy » Sat Feb 11, 2017 3:50 pm

I got me a FitBit Charge 2. Still getting to grips with it. Unfortunately it does not work with my phone. Apparently there is only a very limited amount of phones that it works with.
So no text alerts and so for me. Grr.

I had to drive over to Limerick to get if from Currys, a shop I find horrible, but it was 50 Euro cheaper than in Shannon, so, well. You know.

And now I have done stuff I never did before in my life, like measuring how long a step is for me (83 cm). And other stuff that I do not see the reason for yet. But I already know my heart rate when sitting down is anywhere between 57 and 63. Apparently that is good and not lethal at all.
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