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#1 Post by Chit » Fri Jan 08, 2016 12:56 pm

Following Jasdevi's great musical idea, I'm opening a thread for creativity. Stuff we can do to make Starlight strong, vital, a part of the rp community.

Here's one of my own.

Journal writing
We need to kickstart the voices of our character in writing via the journals, as we used to. Rp with journals always made immersion much deeper - my first experience of this was how Chit and Anadelonbrin were at daggers drawn over Ana's (mis)pronunciation of Chit's name (yes, you know what I mean. For the Europeans, Ch is pronounced Tch and NOT Sh). But in the journals, you could see what Chit thought was going on, and what Ana thought was going on - that allows much more subtle, coordinated rp, where you don't have to tell everyone your life story the moment you meet them, but rely on the other player to ask a question or two that might reveal things. So I am committing to writing one journal entry a week from now on.

What other ideas do people have?

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