IDEA! Starlight The Musical

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IDEA! Starlight The Musical

#1 Post by Jasdevi » Fri Jan 08, 2016 1:24 am

Alright so it's now 1am. I've been lying in bed for about an hour or so expect strange ramblings of my mind getting creative because i can't sleep. So two ideas.

IDEA ONE: Starlight the musical : Tale of the Fox!

So this one was an ooc thought reminiscent of Denmark that perhaps during the UK meet up we could make another telling the capers of Ibelin and possibly offer it to his family. Sort of as a momento of how we all knew him. Make up a little song between us all each sing a little part of it and video it like last time. But i'm tired and these are ramblings of a mad man with influenza. I just thought this would be a nice idea.

IDEA TWO: Starlight the Musical!

Now in this one i thought that everyone who wanted involved could put their names into a hat, We all write a few positive sentences about each other and then make it into a song somehow! For example, Nomine writes about Jas, Jas writes about Lylieth, Lylieth writes about Stoen, etc.. Each character would need to say their thing (true or untrue) the character in question would get to react to the song lyrics and then tell their tale of the next person. Like Nomine could call Jas a massive flirt and ladys man and Jas would deny it and tell him he has a cheek then go on to tell his gossipy secrets about Lyl who would blush and try to pass the buck onto Stoen. This i thought would be kind of funny and fun at the same time.

At the end of this (if you read the bit below) We could put into words what Starlight means to us all and have it said as a sort of subliminal recruitment thingy

Now. Either of these could be done IC or OOC. They could also be made into little presentations to help us get out there and advertise ourselves for example in a Fablewind Faire performance starring special guests Starlight.

For the first one if anyone could contribute a fond memory of Ibelin whether it was silly or serious would be perfect. I think it would be best to keep things light hearted and a little tongue in cheek. Like one of my fond memories was how as a detective he was horrible at finding people in Hide and seek but awesome at hiding.

The second one as mentioned above could be a nice way to introduce ourselves as a guild and give both us and AD a little laugh and a little insight to who we are, how diverse we are and ultimately make us look a little less scary to approach.

If they were to be done OOC wise. Well all of us would need to sing (horribly or not) for the first one. And the second one would just be us having a laugh at our own characters and what we think about each other. Think of it like a rap battle where we each make fun of one of another and say our great points. But it won't be rap..Nope. NEVER.


Had to get my ideas down before i forgot them since i think they have some merit! maybe...kind of.....The voices are telling me i should probably be sleeping but what they don't know is i'm waiting for them to sleep so i can eat all the cookies...teeheeheee....heeeheeeheee...Okay seriously now. Going to sleep. THOUGHTS, OPINIONS, CRTICISMS, VOICES OF YOUR OWN PLEASE POST BELOW!!!!!!!!

EDIT: My explanation of the second one to Reike if it helps clear things up

Basically..It'd be like Nomine tells people about Jas in the guild. Putting his own spin on the words to make it sound funny. Jas would then step forward and say what he thinks of himself and then say something like, but hey enough about me you should meet Lyl. She loves brothels and topless men blah blah blah something about Lyl and Lyl would be all Shut up you idiot that's nothing like what I am, I'm a fighter, handy with a sword blah blah and anyway what about Stoen and his sausage fetish?
SO like...An embarrassing tale and the truth leading onto someone elses embarrassing tale. Then at the end we all say we were just messing around we love each other and despite our differences we'll always be Starlight. There to help one another Strenght in Unity Strenght in Exploration Strenght in Starlight

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Re: IDEA! Starlight The Musical

#2 Post by Chit » Fri Jan 08, 2016 12:52 pm

Love this idea! Maybe we could enlist Stoen's writing talents to make it hang together and rhyme, once we'd generated the content ideas? And I remember we had a lot of fun honing our emotes for the plays - that's what brought it alive. This would be great with the Fablewind and we could reprise it at the Winter Veil Ball if wanted, and it could go on the Starlight website (if Nomine can get one up and going again?)...

Fantastic midnight creativity, Jas!

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Re: IDEA! Starlight The Musical

#3 Post by Reike » Fri Jan 08, 2016 2:46 pm

I like this idea alot as well.

But to be honest, I do give props to Stoen and his writing abilities, hands down.
BUT if someone is to write my words - I personally - feel that it's not MY words, but something that someone HAS TRIED to understand, then it won't be mine in the end and it all just get lost really.

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