Annie - a new legacy...

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Annie - a new legacy...

#1 Post by Chit » Fri Feb 17, 2017 10:04 pm

Tiks and I had an idea for a new Starlight project, a little similar to Legacy (a previous project where we explored an aspect of the guild through stories).

The idea is that Tikal & Mielle's druid daughter Annie has become very much a character as she grows up in the guild, and different Starlighters have different relationships with her. While we can't explore them via role play, we can explore these relationships via stories.

Tiks and I started this off by doing a 2-parter story together inspired by Tik's original piece showing her upset when she learns he is leaving her to fight demons and not taking her with him. How does Chit respond? How does Anne explore her relationships with the other Starlighters?

Tikal wrote the first paragraphs and then we evolved it together with me rewriting some of the Chit bits, by writing in a few paragraphs with [Annie's response] in a few places, and then doing a further round where Tiks wrote more leaving room for [Chit's response]. It evolved fluidly with some rewriting each time, and after a few rounds of this it was finished. You can see the result in Annie's journal.

Hopefully this will blossom into a collection of stories and drawings!

What's your character's relationship with Anne?

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