Log from October 2018 howl

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Log from October 2018 howl

#1 Post by Reike » Mon Oct 15, 2018 10:50 am

Stoen waves at Crystal Spine Matriarch.
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: It.. Hello.
You smile at Stoen.
Xanai-ArgentDawn says: Ahh, good evening Mister Stoen.
Xanai-ArgentDawn says: So lovely to see you alive and, I do hope you are well?
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Oh, it.. I'm okay. It.. I just hung up some laundry before leaving, so it.. Fresh bed linens when I get back.
Xanai-ArgentDawn nods slowly as she offers a gentle smile.
Xanai-ArgentDawn says: Nothing better than fresh linnen to sleep in, that I agree to.
Xanai-ArgentDawn says: Oh, and a nice warm cup of tea too! Not to forget.
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Oh.. I should get some tea for Lumja too, it.. She's out working really hard.
Xanai-ArgentDawn says: Oh yes, and if she is working really hard, you do need to add a little sugar in it, to let her know that you care and really appriciate her hard wrong.
Xanai-ArgentDawn nods a few times.
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: But it.. If she has the tea before going to sleep, it.. um.. Won't the sugar make it harder to fall asleep?
Xanai-ArgentDawn says: No no, that's a myth.
Xanai-ArgentDawn says: It helps with..-
Xanai-ArgentDawn looks towards the water and spots Beid, instantly shutting up as she gulps hard.
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Oh! Another person, it.. Hello.

Stoen waves at Beid.
Beid-ArgentDawn stepped down from the makeshift raft, Stoen's yellow hood imediately catching his attention.
Beid-ArgentDawn says: "Another person"..? Come on, we've met.
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Oh! Sorry, it.. Hard to see with it.. Hood and such.
Beid-ArgentDawn says: Nice to see ya. You and-...
Beid-ArgentDawn says: What in the blasted nethers is -she- doing here?
Xanai-ArgentDawn fidgets lightly with her fingers in the sleeves, coughing awkwardly.
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Howling, sir.
Xanai-ArgentDawn says: I was invited, Mister Hensen.. Invited to this Howl.
Beid-ArgentDawn says: Oh? Is that so -Xan-. By whom?
Xanai-ArgentDawn says: Nomine.

Ánnië-ArgentDawn says: Uhm no I am Annie, but I can understand the confusion miss.
Ánnië-ArgentDawn says: I am after all the best there is.
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Oh, it.. Hello, Annie and Noodle.
Xanai-ArgentDawn looks to the side rather startled.
Ánnië-ArgentDawn says: Hi Stoen!

Beid-ArgentDawn furrowed his brow, probably hard to spot due to the shadow of his hood, but his hood dripped with disbelief.
Beid-ArgentDawn says: Nomine invited you? Really? For this Howl in honor of Reike?
Xanai-ArgentDawn says: Of fallen people! Not her alone.
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: It's a general howl.
Beid-ArgentDawn says: Well, only fallen one I'm interested in.
Xanai-ArgentDawn stated that, less than firm, mocking a rather surprised gasp at the mention of Reike's death.
Xanai-ArgentDawn says: Miss Hanistole has died?
Beid-ArgentDawn paused a moment, seemingly needing a moment to swallow his annoyance and give the new arrival a first glance.
Ánnië-ArgentDawn says: So they say, I don't think it's true...
Ánnië-ArgentDawn says: Nothing can kill miss Reike.
Beid-ArgentDawn says: She's gone.
Beid-ArgentDawn says: If she was alive, I'd know.

Beid-ArgentDawn says: Sorry, I think I missed your introduction.
Ánnië-ArgentDawn says: There was none.
Xanai-ArgentDawn shuffles further back and somewhat behind Annie, trying to keep herself somewhat safe.
Beid-ArgentDawn says: Guess I'll start then. Beid Hensen.
Beid-ArgentDawn says: Only had occasional run-ins with Starlight.
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: I'm Stoen!
Ánnië-ArgentDawn says: But I am Annie Silvermist, of Starlight.
Beid-ArgentDawn says: I KNOW!
Beid-ArgentDawn says: I thought gnomes had good memories!
Ánnië-ArgentDawn says: If you knew, then why ask for introductions?
Beid-ArgentDawn says: I didn't know -you-.
Xanai-ArgentDawn instinctively ducks her head at the risen voice.
Beid-ArgentDawn says: Just him.
Ánnië-ArgentDawn says: Really? cause I knew you.
Ánnië-ArgentDawn says: You spent time with dad and Reike.
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: It.. Maybe perhaps he wants to.. to be introduced to Noodle too?
Beid-ArgentDawn says: And you can stop cowering, Xan. I'm not gonna kick up a fuzz here.

Beid blinks at Ánnië.
Ánnië-ArgentDawn says: Oh and that little puppy there is Noodle.
Xanai-ArgentDawn didn't really catch on Beid's words as she looked in shock at Annie's neck.
Beid-ArgentDawn says: Sorry, I spent time with your dad?
Cheysa-ArgentDawn says: Evenin'.
Ánnië-ArgentDawn says: Yeah, Tikal.
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Oh, it.. Hello, Tjessa.
Beid-ArgentDawn says: -Tikal- is your dad?
Xanai-ArgentDawn says: You.. You're.. Mister Silvermists daugther? You have grown so big!
Beid-ArgentDawn says: But he's a...
Ánnië nods at Beid.

Stoen-ArgentDawn says: It.. Tjessa?
Ánnië-ArgentDawn says: A?
Cheysa-ArgentDawn looks down to %.
Cheysa-ArgentDawn says: Aye? hello Sto.
Cheysa-ArgentDawn Stoen
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: It.. um.. Do you know if.. if there's some way to keep water warm? Like, it.. If you need it warm for a longer period?
Cheysa-ArgentDawn says: How warm?
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Tea-warm.
Beid-ArgentDawn says: Nevermind. Just didn't think he was the type to settle down with kids.
Cheysa-ArgentDawn nods.
Cheysa-ArgentDawn says: Well, ah imagine yeh could make somethin' with good enough insulation,
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Lumja is working really hard tonight, so.. so I want to have tea ready when she gets home, but.. but I don't know when that is, see?
Ánnië-ArgentDawn says: Hmm, but you do know we have met before too, right.. I mean yeah I used to look more like a cat... before the accident.
Cheysa-ArgentDawn says: Some inward reflection of heat too.
Xanai-ArgentDawn says: Was it all the sandwiches? Or the candie which made you grow so fast Miss Silvermist?
Stoen-ArgentDawn ponders.
Cheysa-ArgentDawn says: T'night though? Ah'm not sure.
Cheysa nods at Tódd.

Beid-ArgentDawn says: Think you've lost me... You used to look like a cat?
Ánnië-ArgentDawn says: Mostly the cookies, miss.
Beid-ArgentDawn says: And what accident?
Cheysa chuckles at Ánnië.
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: So, it.. I put the tea on a mirror, it.. For the inward reflection and.. and then put pillows over it.
Ánnië-ArgentDawn says: Yeah, I was a druid... before the accident.
Tódd-ArgentDawn nods at Cheysa, before trying to beckon Luthe over.
Tódd kneels down.
Cheysa-ArgentDawn - Luthe is receptive to Todd's approach, meowing once before headbutting her hand.
Ánnië smiles at Cheysa.
Cheysa smiles at Ánnië.
Beid-ArgentDawn says: No idea what accident you're talking about. But you're probably right that I wouldn't recognise you if you mostly ran around as a cat.
Xanai-ArgentDawn looks between Beid and Annie, then scrambles somewhat back, still seemingly to want to keep as far a distance to him as possible, then spots the cat, and "Naawhs." instead moving towards it, and offers a pet towards it's back.

Nomìne-ArgentDawn glances around
Cheysa-ArgentDawn says: A mirror?
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Inward reflection of heat, it.. You said that.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Eve to ya all
Cheysa-ArgentDawn says: Uhh, more like, some foil maybe?
Tódd-ArgentDawn chuckles and rubs over the top of Luthe's head with her palm and thumb, while scratching under his chin.
Beid-ArgentDawn says: Ah, the man himself.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: I tend to appear, along with my shadow
Nomìne-ArgentDawn indicates Morrigan
Cheysa-ArgentDawn says: Wrap a bottle in some foil or foam or somethin'?
Beid-ArgentDawn says: Your what?
Beid peers at Morrîgan searchingly.
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: It.. What's a foil?
Ánnië waves at Morrîgan.

Morrîgan-ArgentDawn gives Beid a stare.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Afraid a void elf stole my proper shadow, so I got a deadlier one
Nomìne-ArgentDawn comments drily
Cheysa-ArgentDawn says: It's when yeh make metal really really thin'.
Xanai-ArgentDawn looks towards Morrigan then lets out a squeal, scrambling backwards.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: My applogies for being late
Beid-ArgentDawn diverts his gaze soon enough, clearly not at ease by the woman's stare.
Ánnië-ArgentDawn says: You're old shadoe was too easy to "borrow".
Xanai-ArgentDawn says: I.. I .. She was dead?!
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Oh.. I have a knife that's sort of thin.

Morrîgan-ArgentDawn looks at Xanai, baring far too many sharp teeth.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: No worries miss, we are all here to be friends. No fighting or blood
Nomìne-ArgentDawn smiles at Xanai, with less sharp teeth
Ánnië-ArgentDawn says: She was dead, miss... until the accident.
Ánnië giggles at you.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: No, she was not dead.
Xanai-ArgentDawn scrambles further back, finding it harder and harder to keep her calm.
Tódd-ArgentDawn 's head snaps up at the squeal and notices Morrigan having suddenly appeared, her back stiffening, yet continuing to stroke Luthe, not wanting to frighten him.
Cheysa-ArgentDawn says: Even thinner than that
Beid-ArgentDawn says: All friends..? Ahaha, think you take too much for granted, Nomine. But agreed, no bloodshed tonight.

Cheysa smiles at Stoen.
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Oh.. Engineering is really complicated.
Cheysa-ArgentDawn says: It's hard t' find though
Cheysa-ArgentDawn says: Ah'll see what ah can do fer yeh in th' future.
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Thanks!
Cheysa nods at Stoen.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Friends is an open term
Cheysa-ArgentDawn says: Lemme tinker fer a bit.
Morrîgan-ArgentDawn says: I have no intention of hurrting you. Calm your ssshit.
Cheysa-ArgentDawn nods to Nomine.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Stoen, have ya done the song an dance act, or should I+
Xanai-ArgentDawn edges to the side and around, not really convinced by Morrigan's words.
Tódd-ArgentDawn lets Luthe be for the time being, patting his head before standing up.
Cheysa-ArgentDawn glances the Morrigan, and nods again with a half-smile.
Morrîgan-ArgentDawn 's grin widens.
Tódd-ArgentDawn says: Evening Chit.
Chit-ArgentDawn walks stiffly over to the group.
Ánnië waves at Chit.
Tódd-ArgentDawn says: You okay?
Chit nods at you.

Cheysa-ArgentDawn - Luthe rolls over, showing his belly. he seems annoyed that the fuss had ended.
Beid-ArgentDawn says: Nomine.
Chit-ArgentDawn says: The person I am supposed to be, took a beating. So I am feelin a bit under the weather.
Xanai-ArgentDawn offers Chit a less than calm attempt of a smile, joining her shakey hands in her sleeves.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn rolls his shoulders
Tódd-ArgentDawn says: 'Person you are supposed to be'?
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Yes, Beid?
Cheysa-ArgentDawn says: Another one?
Cheysa peers at Chit searchingly.
Tódd-ArgentDawn looks confused.
Morrîgan-ArgentDawn moves over to Chit, eyes still on Xanai.
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Oh..
Chit-ArgentDawn says: It's a job, I am meant to be someone who aint able to fight back.
Tódd-ArgentDawn says: Ah.
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Snack?
Stoen-ArgentDawn offers Chit a Salty Dog Crackers.
Chit-ArgentDawn says: It's bloody annoying...
Tódd-ArgentDawn says: I can bet it is.
Chit-ArgentDawn takes a cracker.
Beid-ArgentDawn says: You'll have to take me through the evening.
Beid-ArgentDawn says: Never been to one of these "Howls"
Morrîgan-ArgentDawn says: Hey, gnome.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Ay, planned to do so Beid, why I asked Stoen if he had done the song an dance act, or if I should
Nomìne-ArgentDawn smiles
Chit-ArgentDawn says: Thanks, Stoen.
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Oh, it.. um.. Yes?
Morrîgan-ArgentDawn says: Where iss your girlfriend?
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: It.. She had to work tonight.
Morrîgan-ArgentDawn scoffs in obvious disappointment.

Beid-ArgentDawn says: Song and dance, eh..? Gotta say, this all sounds a tad too... I don't know, but I've never been much for strange rituals.
Cheysa-ArgentDawn says: She sounded out of sorts on th' stone earlier.
Beid-ArgentDawn clenched his teeth for a moment.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn chuckles at Beid
Beid-ArgentDawn says: But seeing that it's partly for Reike's sake...
Beid-ArgentDawn says: Couldn't very well stay away.
Morrîgan-ArgentDawn says: Out of ssortss?
Nomìne-ArgentDawn rolls his shoulders
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: So, if I can get everybody`s attention
Nomìne-ArgentDawn half smiles
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: An Miss Xanai, step up, so ya can hear me, an I won´t have to shout
Cheysa-ArgentDawn sits down, one knee propped up a little higher than the other.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: I will take ya through what will be going on an how we will do it tonight
Nomìne-ArgentDawn smiles a bit
Xanai-ArgentDawn only slowly edges closer, not at all comfortable with what she's seen tonight that's for sure.

Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Starlight have been doing howls for a few years now, it is a tradition that started on the Kaldorei lands, an we learned it from the Cenarion Guardians, if memory serves
Xanai-ArgentDawn nods at Chit.
Beid-ArgentDawn glanced at Xan.
Beid-ArgentDawn says: Sure you can hear from down there..?
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: We have been fighting for a long time, all of us, in different sort of ways. For different reasons, at times we have even fought each others, or the people we choose to remember
Xanai-ArgentDawn just nods once at Beid, then moves a little closer to Chit, still her hands was kept in her sleeves.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Over the years, we have lost people, good people, loved people, people that you might have seen or known differently than the rest of the world did. So we gather to share stories about those we have lost, the memories we want to live on, what we want others to hear, to make the dead live on. If not in body, then in memory. The idea is that they die twice, first when the body does, then the last time when the last who remembered them dies. At the end of each story we join in a howl to the sky. Shouting out, crying out to take part in the loss. The stories being shared are personal, and they are true. So no arguements, leave that for a different night
Nomìne-ArgentDawn half smiles
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Any questions?
Beid-ArgentDawn says: Uh... Yeah.
Nomìne nods at Beid.

Tódd-ArgentDawn listens as she tries to remember whether or not she has been to a howl before or not.
Beid-ArgentDawn says: I don't usually "howl"... What it supposed to be? Like a wolf?
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: More or less yes, As close as ya get with yer singing voice
Morrîgan snorts.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: An if ya howl for Reike, let me assure ya that she got pretty close. As anyone who have heard her sing would testify to
Chit-ArgentDawn snorts.
Xanai-ArgentDawn looks at Nomine, confused.
Beid-ArgentDawn says: Reike's -sung- at one of these?
Xanai-ArgentDawn says: Miss Hanistole could.. Sing?
Chit-ArgentDawn says: Not what I'd call it..
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: There has been song, just not at one of these. An she had a voice of her own Xanai
Beid-ArgentDawn folded his arms and frowned.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: But ay, we just join voices an let out a howl to the sky at the end of each tale
Xanai-ArgentDawn looks even more confused at that, but politely, she nods.
Beid-ArgentDawn says: Even now I'm hearing stuff I didn't know of her... Sorry, go on.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: That is part of howls, we see an hear things we did not know
Nomìne-ArgentDawn smiles a bit
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Any other questions?

Tódd-ArgentDawn says: I'll refrain from...'howl'ing to hard or else I might feel the need..to .change.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn nods at Todd
Tódd-ArgentDawn lets out a slight chuckle at that.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: So, that leaves one question, who wishes to go first?
Beid-ArgentDawn says: Wouldn't that just add to the authenticity?
Tódd-ArgentDawn says: Well it might...but I know some people get...nervous around worgen.

Beid-ArgentDawn says: Why don't you, Nomine? Ease the rest of us into it? Unless you got something good you wish to save for last?
Cheysa-ArgentDawn glances at Tódd.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn half smiles and nods
Tódd-ArgentDawn says: And we don't want that.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: I can go first, I reckon there has been many over the years.
Cheysa-ArgentDawn says: It's okay...as long as ah know it's happenin.
Tódd-ArgentDawn gives Cheysa a half-nod, as she had looked over her shoulder to speak to Beid.
Tódd-ArgentDawn says: Alright, if you are fine with it, then I might just change during it.

Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Each time I am at one of these, the list of names seem to grow longer an longer, names that should be remembered, stories to be told
Cheysa nods at Tódd.
Cheysa-ArgentDawn says: Just don't sneak up on me.
Cheysa smirks slyly at Tódd.
Beid grins wickedly at Nomìne.
Tódd smiles at Cheysa.
Tódd-ArgentDawn says: That time in Darkshire was an accident.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: From Ibelin an why he was called the fox, Jerome an his love for murlocs (in the best possible way), Garrett from each wound, Eileena for agreeing to marry me an all that followed, Sinthya, Lashela, an well, now Reike
Morrîgan scowls at Nomìne.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: We talked more than once, Reike an I, usually away from others, as that is how I have my best talks, one to one.
Cheysa blinks at Nomìne.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: I rarely get to talk to people about good things. Part of the job really, ya speak when something goes wrong, when something needs fixing
Tódd-ArgentDawn 's eyes widen as this was the first that she had heard of Reike's death.
Cheysa-ArgentDawn glances around in surprise.
Cheysa-ArgentDawn meets Todd's eyes with a matching look.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: An Reike was roughly carved, from strong wood, but roughly made, sharp edges, sort of person that could leave splinters in yer fingers.
Xanai-ArgentDawn looks to the side to Beid from the shadows of her hood, then back at Nomine, having her fingers twitch occationally within her sleeves.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: We have talked about how she did not fit, we have talked about what she gave to Starlight, we talked about how strenght was more than being more stubborn than an elekk, an ya know. In my mind neither of those things is what stands out strongest
Nomìne-ArgentDawn pauses for a moment
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: What stands out in my memory, is how much she loved her coffee.
Beid-ArgentDawn had yanked his cowl even deeper down to surround more of his face, hiding his eyes in shadow. His lips were tightly sealed however, showing some tension.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Strong, nothing added to it, black as the twisting neather. An how bringing her some, meant ya not only had seen her, but it also meant she had been remembered
Xanai-ArgentDawn lets a small coffeebean spill to the floor through the gap at her sleeve.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: So, thats what stands out, her smile, the honest appreciation for getting a fresh sack of beans. It ain´t a big thing, it is a honest an personal one.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: So, I howl in her memory
Nomìne-ArgentDawn lets out a howl towards the sky
Ánnië-ArgentDawn joins Nomine with a howl of her own.
Xanai-ArgentDawn lets out what sounds like a wolfs howl, it might have been brought forth by magic.
Chit-ArgentDawn lifts up her head and howls long into the night.
Cheysa-ArgentDawn howls in response,wavering and jumping a little at the wolf howl, but recovering quickly.
Tódd-ArgentDawn joins Nomine in the howl as well, however she doesn't change into her worgen form.
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: It.. A.. awruu!
Beid-ArgentDawn snaps his head up as he hears the others join up in a howl, caught off guard a bit. Cupping his hands around his mouth he raises his head and briefly joins in.
Ánnië-ArgentDawn says: Bless you Stoen.
Morrîgan-ArgentDawn remains silent, looking irritated.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn takes a deep breath, looking around

Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Who wishes to go next?
Chit-ArgentDawn raises her hand.
Cheysa-ArgentDawn bites the inside of their cheek.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Floor is yers Chit
Chit-ArgentDawn clears her throat.
Chit-ArgentDawn says: I wanna talk about my friend Reike. She was a strong blade in Starlight, someone who would scout out enemies swift an efficient, an bring back careful notes. She could be relied on to do her job, an end people quietly, was the army taught her that. Much of the time she was filled with rage. Especially when people messed about in trainings or argued when there was a need to fight.
Morrîgan-ArgentDawn sits back on her heel.
Morrîgan kneels down.
Chit-ArgentDawn says: She spared no one in trainings. I seen her make someone with a bad leg run 5 circuits just to warm up…
Nomìne-ArgentDawn smiles a bit
Chit-ArgentDawn says: Everythin she did was to make us stronger.
Xanai-ArgentDawn gasps at that, mouthing "How rude.."
Chit-ArgentDawn says: She wanted everyone who found themselves with their back to the wall to have a fightin chance – even if they was not fighters.
Chit-ArgentDawn pauses and pulls out a small, battered leather pouch, holding it out for others to see.
Beid glares angrily at you.
Chit-ArgentDawn says: See this, I carry it with me all the time. It is a first aid pouch Reike gave me, with needles an thread fer sewin skin up.
Chit-ArgentDawn says: When I need to use it I will think of her.
Chit-ArgentDawn says: When I could not see in one eye, she trained me to handle it.
Chit-ArgentDawn says: We went walkin around Stormwind, I was blindfolded an she taught me to know where I was because of the ground under my feet,
Morrîgan-ArgentDawn gives Chit a twisted grin.
Cheysa-ArgentDawn looks at the pouch.
Chit-ArgentDawn says: she found ways to sharpen my ears and my skin so I would know of an attack from my blind side. She pushed me hard an beat me up if I got broody or self-pitying like when I couldn’t make knives go into targets no more. She was a tough nut an no pushover - but when ya were her friend that was it. She would do anythin to help ya. I am gonna miss her friendship. I am gonna miss Reike, my friend.
Chit-ArgentDawn pauses, then tips back her head to howl, long and hard.
Xanai-ArgentDawn lets out another magical helped wolf howl.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn lets out a howl towards the sky
Tódd-ArgentDawn would join in the howl as well.
Morrîgan-ArgentDawn mutters something under her breath.
Chit-ArgentDawn grimaces at the sand, and tucks her purse carefully away.
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: It.. Awruu!
Cheysa-ArgentDawn howls again.
Beid-ArgentDawn wasn't caught off guard this time and joined in with the others.
Ánnië-ArgentDawn joins in the howls.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Thank ya Chit, who wishes to take her place
Xanai-ArgentDawn mutters out with a low voice, clearly misunderstood Nomine's request, "I .. Don't want to die.."
Beid-ArgentDawn looks around. Then lets out a short sigh.

Tódd-ArgentDawn says: I will.
Beid-ArgentDawn says: Fair enough. I can take a turn.
Beid peers at Tódd searchingly.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Todd, then Beid
Beid-ArgentDawn says: Fair.
Cheysa-ArgentDawn watches Tódd.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn glances over to Morrigan for a second
Tódd-ArgentDawn says: This...definitely is harder than the others...make it look....
Morrîgan looks at Nomìne.
Cheysa-ArgentDawn nods in agreement.
Ánnië smiles at Tódd.
Beid-ArgentDawn says: Don't worry. I didn't prepare either.
Tódd-ArgentDawn fumbles at a large wolf fang that hung around her neck.
Tódd-ArgentDawn says: I....I want to honor a man...someone who gave everything...for what those he loved...even despite it being a hard task for someone his age...someone who wouldn't slow down. I am talking about Marcus Brackenwood....My father.
Tódd-ArgentDawn swallows as her eyes threaten to water but she swallows before continuing on.
Nomìne nods at Tódd.
Beid-ArgentDawn perks a brow in evident surprise as Todd's emotions appear to well up.
Tódd-ArgentDawn says: My father...He had fought through many wars, against the orcs in the Second War, against the Undead during Gilneas' Siege...He even fought The Horde when we re-joined the Alliance after his friend could no longer hide us... He...showed true courage...He fought the King's men when they came for him...and then you rescued us. I....
Tódd-ArgentDawn swallows again before continuing, tears welling now as she sniffs.
Xanai-ArgentDawn looks towards Todd, letting out a sound of empathy offering a saddened smile.
Tódd-ArgentDawn says: I only wish...I only wish he could have seen the Howl as I know...he would have liked to have attended... but he was taken from me...by a pickpocketing scumbag....
Nomìne-ArgentDawn smiles sadly
Tódd-ArgentDawn 's voice has a slight edge of anger as well as grief.
Tódd-ArgentDawn says: ...so join me now...as we honor him.
Chit-ArgentDawn mutters under her breath, Damn...
Chit-ArgentDawn howls!
Xanai-ArgentDawn lets out another howl helped along with magic.
Ánnië-ArgentDawn Howls along with Chit.
Tódd-ArgentDawn 's tears flow down her cheeks as she lets out a full-throated howl, changing into her worgen form mid-howl.
Tódd-ArgentDawn howls loudly to the sky.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn joins in a howl, scraming to the sky
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: It.. Awruuu!
Beid-ArgentDawn is taken aback somewhat by Todd's passionate howl, so much that he doesn't manage to stammer out his own.
Cheysa-ArgentDawn looks down at he sand and pebbles for a few moments before leaning their head back and joining in on the howl.
Cheysa-ArgentDawn nods at Tódd's new form.
Morrîgan-ArgentDawn remains silent.
Tódd-ArgentDawn sniffs again, tears still running down her face before she transforms back into her human form.
Morrîgan kneels down.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Thank ya Todd, Beid, the floor is yers
Tódd-ArgentDawn says: There is one thing I'd like to do Nomine.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn nods to Todd
Tódd-ArgentDawn says: Before we continue. I'd like to lay my father's ashes to the sea.
Cheysa nods at Tódd.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: We would be honored to observe, pay our respect
Tódd-ArgentDawn smiles lightly at Nomine and the others, sniffing and nodding, her voice breaking now.
Tódd-ArgentDawn says: Thank you all.
Tódd-ArgentDawn says: He would have..liked that.
Cheysa-ArgentDawn whispers a quiet prayer.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn takes a deep breath, watching Todd
Quietrage-ArgentDawn slowly rolls both her shoulders as she takes her place behind the group, observing proceedings quietly.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: May he find peace, Todd.
Chit-ArgentDawn stands at a respectful distance and bows low as Todd shakes the ashes into the water.
Chit bows down graciously.
Stoen-ArgentDawn bites his bottom lip.
Xanai-ArgentDawn continued to keep her hands linked together within the sleeves of her robe, keeping her gaze towards what was happening infront.
Chit-ArgentDawn smiles at Todd, and offers her her arm back to the small hillock.
Tódd-ArgentDawn smiles gently back at Chit, and takes the offered arm, swallowing.

Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Brave of ya to share Todd, the floor is yers Beid
Beid-ArgentDawn says: Not sure if I should now, Nomine... Almost feels a bit, anticlimactic.
Beid-ArgentDawn says: But alright.
Chit-ArgentDawn pats Todds hand.
Morrîgan-ArgentDawn snorts.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Each story matters equally, I reckon
Morrîgan-ArgentDawn says: What iss thiss, a contesst of who can prretend to be the ssaddesst?
Cheysa-ArgentDawn glances to Nomine and raises a hand, to show they'd like to take the floor at some point.
Tódd-ArgentDawn smiles lightly at Chit as her hand is patted, before her eyes shoot up glaring at Morrigan.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Respect Morrigan, counts tonight. For all stories, yers too - if ya dare to share.
Cheysa-ArgentDawn nods to acknowledge E'larrah as they spot her.
Morrîgan-ArgentDawn says: Nobody givess a sshit about my sstory.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn gives a little nod sideways, before looking to Beid
Beid-ArgentDawn inhaled through his nose, appearing to steel himself as he pulled his hood back. Looking over the line of people, from right to left.
Quietrage-ArgentDawn nods back once to Cheysa in kind.
Ánnië frowns with disappointment at Morrîgan.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: That is a lie Morrigan. People care.
Chit-ArgentDawn says: I care. Try it an see.
Chit-ArgentDawn says: Sorry mister...
Beid-ArgentDawn says: Alright... Most of you here don't really know me, except maybe a couple. I'm Beid, and I hail from the same lands as Reike. We grew up together, good friends in our youth. I never could've imagiged that I'd stand here one day to honor her memory.
Chit-ArgentDawn presses her lips into a thin line.
Beid-ArgentDawn says: Reike in her childhood was surprisingly not much different from her grown self. Bold to the point of reckless. Never afraid to let her lips snap at anyone who angered her. I have to admit that I looked her as more of a nuiscance than anything else back then, both me and my brother. Despite that, we always found ourselves entangled in her company sooner or later. Often to our regret later on...
Nomìne-ArgentDawn tilts his head, listening
Beid-ArgentDawn flashed a brief grin as he thought back.
Chit-ArgentDawn smiles a bit.
Quietrage-ArgentDawn wanders forwards, a little closer to Annie while she listens to Beid reminiscing, giving the younger Elf's hair a brief, gentle ruffle with her right hand.
Ánnië-ArgentDawn almost jumps in fighrt, but instead leets out a sigh.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn glances sideways for a quick moment, noticing the reaction in the corner of his eye
Quietrage-ArgentDawn looks over her shoulder as she steps back down the far side of the hillock, though she might have also turned away to somewhat hide a wry smile on her lips.
Morrîgan-ArgentDawn yawns widely.
Beid-ArgentDawn says: Then our paths split and I did not see her again for several years. When we met again, she was scarred, tough and mature. But still the same by her core as I had come to know her as a child. Both adventuring souls, I joined in on a couple of her expeditions, got to know her better. Her fiery temper and merciless nature. I came to like that, eventually even love it. I'm glad that I came as close as I did to her. Able to share some of the darkness that had come over her. However, she had gotten strong whilst I had stayed... Well, weak. I never caught up to her, even now. And whilst I critizised her for all the dangerous tasks she took on, I know there was no toher way for her. She lived her life to the utmost, and therefor has my deepest respect... And affections.
Tódd-ArgentDawn touches the large fang that hung around her neck.
Beid-ArgentDawn says: So, I guess I'll howl to that. Even though I'm sure she'd laugh her ass off if she heard me.
Cheysa-ArgentDawn smiles slightly.
Beid-ArgentDawn cleared his throat and cupped his mouth with both hands, tilted his head back and shouted a howl into the air.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn chuckles a little before joining in a howl
Cheysa-ArgentDawn howls again.
Ánnië-ArgentDawn joins in the howl too, leaning her head back.
Xanai-ArgentDawn let out another magical enhanced howl, sounding like a wolf.
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Awruu!
Beid-ArgentDawn folds his hood back up and resumes his old place.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Who will go next?

Tódd-ArgentDawn joins in the howl as well, even though it sounds somewhat broken.
Chit-ArgentDawn howls for Reike.
Quietrage-ArgentDawn also joins in with the howl, though her own is perhaps a little too mellow, also ending up more like a roar or a snarl than a howl.
Cheysa nods at Nomìne.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Chey, the floor is yers
Ánnië smiles at Cheysa.
Cheysa-ArgentDawn looks up at the group through their goggles.
Xanai-ArgentDawn moves slightly forward as Beid walks behind her.
Beid-ArgentDawn grunted and put a palm against his forehead.
Beid-ArgentDawn says: Fu-...
Beid-ArgentDawn raised a hand and offered up a quiet "Sorry." before backing away down the hill.
Cheysa-ArgentDawn says: Ahem...Ah'm not so good with speeches, ah think we're used t' that by now...There are a few souls ah've tried t' forget in th' past.
Chit-ArgentDawn looks over her shoulder, watching Beid.
Cheysa-ArgentDawn says: Though the guilt of tryin' t' forget them, though ah think is worse than it'd be if ah thought about them.
Chit-ArgentDawn looks back to Cheysa.
Cheysa-ArgentDawn bites their lip, glancing out at the waves lapping at the shoreline.
Cheysa-ArgentDawn says: First, ah'd like t' acknowledge a woman ah couldn't save, who was lost in th' shipwreck ah survived. Ah saw her at th' last second...didn't know much about her, hardly had talked. But ah knew she was a person and ah always felt guilty fer... Fer not bein' able t' help, ah guess..
Cheysa-ArgentDawn shoves a hand in a pocket nervously.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn smiles with encouragement
Chit-ArgentDawn shoots Cheysa a sympathetic, twisted smile.
Cheysa-ArgentDawn says: It's- it's uh, th' same feelin' ah get when ah think about when ah'm away, knowin' that people are fightin' fer my home - th' other thing ah'd want t' dedicate this to. Those who were lost t' the monsters in th' woods, human or- well, otherwise.
Cheysa-ArgentDawn takes the hand out of their pocket.
Quietrage-ArgentDawn momentarily looks away from Cheysa, over her shoulder, as though contemplating departing very shortly after her arriving. After a brief pause, her attention returned to Cheysa once more.
Cheysa-ArgentDawn says: Ah guess ah just wanna acknowledge th' people who die without celebration, or even knowledge of their death spread. Lonely soldiers, those lost.
Stoen-ArgentDawn looks down at his feet.
Chit-ArgentDawn nods a bit.
Cheysa-ArgentDawn says: Ahem. Yeah, so.
Cheysa-ArgentDawn leans their head back a little and howls, their voice cracking a little.
Chit-ArgentDawn howls for people in the woods of Darkshire, and other lost souls.
Beid-ArgentDawn howls out.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn joins in a howl for Darkshire, for the lost souls
Xanai-ArgentDawn let out another magical enhanced wolf howl.
Ánnië-ArgentDawn howls along with everyone else.
Cheysa-ArgentDawn says: Thank ye fer listenin.
Morrîgan-ArgentDawn scratches feverishly at a scar on her cheek.

Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Morrigan, will ya go next?
Stoen-ArgentDawn bites his bottom lip.
Cheysa-ArgentDawn reaches under their goggles to wipe a tear.
Morrîgan peers at Nomìne searchingly.
Morrîgan-ArgentDawn says: I told you, nobody caress.
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: It.. I have one too, if.. if miss Morrigan wants to wait.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: I told you that you are wrong, and she deserves howled for
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Please, Stoen, floor is yers
Chit-ArgentDawn looks at Morrigan.
Morrîgan-ArgentDawn grunts.
Tódd-ArgentDawn says: ...I'd be interested in...hearing Morrigan's story after Stoen..
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: It.. um.. It's about Jerom.
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: I remember this one time, it.. Jerom and I, we were sitting on the talking bridge. And.. And after a while, the conversation turned to talking about love.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn smiles a bit sadly
Tódd-ArgentDawn turns her attention back towards Stoen.
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: And.. And I was telling him all about, it.. How love is amazing and perfect and light and beaming and the best and.. and after a while, I noticed that I had been talking for way too long. So.. So I ask Jerom, it.. What he thinks of love. And Jerom, he.. he just sort of shrugged. "I kinda like redheads," he replied.
Ánnië giggles.
Chit-ArgentDawn snorts.
Xanai-ArgentDawn looks towards Todd's red hair, then at Stoen.
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: And it.. And I think we really lost something when.. when we lost Jerom. I.. I mean it's too easy to get caught up in glorious terms and.. and someone like Jerom kept us grounded. Kept us from losing track of the simple things. So, it.. um.. Howling for Jerom.
Chit-ArgentDawn sighs.
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: It.. Awruu!
Nomìne-ArgentDawn takes a deep breath, letting out a howl for Jerome
Chit-ArgentDawn tips back her head and howls for Jerome.
Xanai-ArgentDawn let out yet another magical enhanced wolf howl.
Ánnië-ArgentDawn tips her head back and howls.
Tódd-ArgentDawn smiles slightly at Stoen, before she as well lets out a howl for Jerome.
Quietrage-ArgentDawn joins in with the howl again, despite her apparent lack to be able to howl properly.
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Sorry, it.. That was sort of short.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: It was good Stoen
Cheysa-ArgentDawn howls once again, trailing a little.

Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Who will go next?
Ánnië points at Morrîgan.
Xanai-ArgentDawn says: Uhm.. I.. I can do it if no one else has.. I mean..
Beid peers at you searchingly.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Floor is yers Xanai
Ánnië peers at Nethaera's Light searchingly.
Xanai-ArgentDawn offers a brief nervous wave.
Nomìne smiles at you.
Xanai-ArgentDawn says: I.. ahem.. I am Xanai Nidavold, some might.. I mean, remember me for running the Mountainside Dininghouse with.. Humbert, my.. Late husband.
Chit-ArgentDawn nods.
Xanai-ArgentDawn says: He died.. Already fighting in.. On.. Argus.. Long before that, my five year old son.. I mean, he didn't get to see much, sick and all..
Nomìne-ArgentDawn nods
Xanai-ArgentDawn wringes her hands together as she looks down to the ground, raggedly breathing in.
Xanai-ArgentDawn says: Then L-lord Ibelin Redmoore too, he needs to.. Remember him too, he was a k-kind soul the kind who.. He found my spellbook once..
Chit-ArgentDawn watches Xanai intensely.
Cheysa-ArgentDawn nods.
Xanai-ArgentDawn nods a little as she can't really make much sense of her words. Every now and again shaking her head.
Cheysa smiles at you.
Xanai-ArgentDawn says: Then.. Miss Hanistole, she stole from my poc.. I kinda burnt her for that.. Her fingers that is, she stole my coins when.. I took them to the countinghouse.. Sorry for that .. Or well, she shouldn't have stolen!
Chit-ArgentDawn nods solemnly.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn smiles a bit
Xanai-ArgentDawn says: I.. Uhm, Umbert Ironshield, he drank a lot of my Ale at the dininghouse, he was the best kindest dwarf I knew.. And.. Uhm.. His second, Vespassian, I didn't like him much, as he trained Miss Hanistole.. But, he couldn't help it..
Nomìne-ArgentDawn half smiles
Morrîgan-ArgentDawn goes as stiff as a board, clenching her jaw so tight her teeth threaten to crack.
Xanai-ArgentDawn says: Oh! And.. Miss .. Miss East, that kind Priest who .. Healed me, died on the war too.
Xanai-ArgentDawn nods slowly, then didn't really know how to end her blabbery, but leans her head back and let out another magically enhanched howl.
Chit-ArgentDawn looks over to Morrigan.
Cheysa-ArgentDawn looks to the stars and howls.
Ánnië-ArgentDawn leans her head back and howls too.
Chit-ArgentDawn howls with Xanai.
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Awruu!
Xanai-ArgentDawn offers a short saddened smile then hurries towards her former spot.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn lets out a howl
Quietrage-ArgentDawn joins in on the howling once again.

Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: So, Morrigan, will you take the story, an share a story that should be told, one many of us have said we wish to hear, yer truth
Cheysa-ArgentDawn says: Ah'd like t' hear Morrigan's piece.
-ArgentDawn joined in the howling once more, though her howl wasn't as loud as the others.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Not others assumptions, of what or how she was
Cheysa-ArgentDawn nods at Morrîgan.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn looks sideways at Morrigan
Morrîgan-ArgentDawn grinds her teeth, glaring at the sand for a moment, before she stands up in a harsh movement.
Morrîgan-ArgentDawn says: Fine.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn lets out a smile thats caught half way between sad an tired
Morrîgan-ArgentDawn looks sideways at the group, avoiding eye-contact. Her pupils are dilated and a little wild-looking.
Chit-ArgentDawn looks intensely at Morrigan.
Morrîgan-ArgentDawn says: Yeah, It'ss about Lady Sinthya Bloodthorn.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn looks over Morrigans shoulder for a moment, before focusing on her
Stoen-ArgentDawn bites his bottom lip.
Morrîgan-ArgentDawn says: Mosst of you think sshe wass a bloodthirssty, ssadistic bitch. You think I needed to be rrescued from her. Well, fuck you for that. I sserved her because I wanted to.
Xanai-ArgentDawn supresses a gasp, having heard of the name in less than nice terms, she takes another step backwards.
Morrîgan-ArgentDawn says: She neverr hurt me unless I deserved it. And I deserved it a lot. When I did well, sshe put her hand-- here-
Morrîgan-ArgentDawn places a hand on her cheek, staring blankly at nothing.
Morrîgan-ArgentDawn says: And sshe'd ssay, "well done, dear." And ssshe'd make me take a bath. And eat, ssometimess.
Chit-ArgentDawn clasps her hands together tightly.
Morrîgan-ArgentDawn says: I would've died for her.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn nods slightly
Morrîgan-ArgentDawn says: But you lot - for you, sshe died yearss and yearss ago. But for me-- But for me it'ss only been a few monthss. You know? And I'm fucking mad at you.
Morrîgan-ArgentDawn huffs, looking away.
Cheysa-ArgentDawn puts their hands in their pockets, looking on.
Morrîgan-ArgentDawn says: ...Yeah. I'm not going to howl, because sshe'd find that obnoxiouss. Have a glass of wine if you want to honor her, though I doubt you will.
Ánnië-ArgentDawn raises her hand.
Morrîgan looks at Ánnië.
Ánnië-ArgentDawn says: Can I have a glas of wine?
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: No.
A sly smirk spreads across Quietrage's face.
Cheysa-ArgentDawn smiles at Annie.
Morrîgan-ArgentDawn makes a choked half-coughing noise, then stalks back to her spot.
Xanai-ArgentDawn really didn't know how to tackle that situation. Though raised her hand awkwardly in a mock toast of wine.
Chit-ArgentDawn produces a Bottomless Flask from her bag and drinks a toast, pouring a little wine into the sand as a libation.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn raises his flask up high in a toast, before taking a sip from it
Chit-ArgentDawn says: Sinthya Bloodthorn.
Morrîgan-ArgentDawn flops down in the sand, closing her eyes, jaw clenched.
Morrîgan kneels down.
Tódd-ArgentDawn looks down at the sand, fumbling with the wolf-fang.
Quietrage-ArgentDawn nods once to Nomine, then without saying or sharing a word she departs.
Chit-ArgentDawn raises a hand to Nomine.

Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Floor is yers Chit
Chit-ArgentDawn says: I just wanna say two things more. Ibelin, I aint forgot ya, an I’m thinkin of ya. I will go running in yer memory just like ya used to run with Reike, a little more than a month from now.
Cheysa-ArgentDawn nods at Chit.
Chit-ArgentDawn says: An everyone is welcome.
Cheysa-ArgentDawn says: Ah'll come.
Chit nods at Cheysa.
Chit-ArgentDawn says: An I want to howl once more fer Darnassus. All of us have memories of the people we could not save that night.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn half smiles at Chit, nodding
Chit-ArgentDawn says: Jingtei is cuddlin their baby tonight.
Stoen-ArgentDawn nods slowly.
Chit-ArgentDawn says: Please think of them an join in a howl for the people who lived in the beautiful city of Darnassus, where we have married, an trained, an held balls and loved, an lost – so much
Xanai-ArgentDawn nods slowly.
Chit-ArgentDawn says: Along with all the others we talked of today.
Chit-ArgentDawn says: Let's howl...
Xanai-ArgentDawn says: Oh.. That re-reminds me of.. Cult.. An.. I mean, A Simple Troubadour who did the.. The play for one of your first Ball's..
Chit-ArgentDawn throws back her head and looks at all of the myriad stars, and howls a bit over the top of Xanai's words.
Ánnië-ArgentDawn Howls as loud as she can.
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: It.. Awruuu!
Nomìne-ArgentDawn takes a deep breath, before howling for Ibelin and Darnassus.
Cheysa-ArgentDawn bites their lip, thinking of Darnassus, then howls to the stars.
Xanai-ArgentDawn once more lets out a magically enhanced howl.
Tódd-ArgentDawn swallows and stands up, joining in the howl as well, changing into her worgen form.
Chit-ArgentDawn sits down, hugging her knees. She rubs at her eyes.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Floor is yers Annie
Ánnië-ArgentDawn says: Uhm I kinda have two, I guess... uhm... yeah..
Tódd-ArgentDawn takes a large swig from a hip flask of hers before she changes back into her human form once more.
Ánnië-ArgentDawn looks down at the sand.
Chit-ArgentDawn looks at the ashes still washing in and out with the waves.
Ánnië-ArgentDawn says: The first one is grandpa, he never really said a whole lot, but he had a really kind heart. He always looked out for people, despite people not really looking out for him, not to mention he always had candy.
Ánnië giggles.
Chit-ArgentDawn mutters, ay true.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn half smiles
Ánnië-ArgentDawn says: The last thing he gave to me was his Starlight stone, then he went to war against the demons along with the former king... and he never came back. Uhm the second one was the little girl, she loved to play in the sand with Chit, dancing around seeing if she could ever really keep up. She liked to steal cookies, grow flowers in peoples hair. Tug Luthes tail when no one was looking....
Chit-ArgentDawn 's face crumples a little.
Chit-ArgentDawn says: Poor Luthe!
Ánnië-ArgentDawn says: But uhm she got lost...
Stoen peers at Luthe searchingly.
Ánnië-ArgentDawn leans her head back and howls to the stars.
Chit-ArgentDawn looks at Annie.
Cheysa chuckles at Luthe.
Stoen-ArgentDawn says: Oh, it.. Awruu!
Cheysa-ArgentDawn -Luthe looks at cheysa, offended.
Xanai-ArgentDawn lets out another howl. Seemingly confused, nonetheless she did howl.
Chit-ArgentDawn gulps.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn joins in another howl
Cheysa-ArgentDawn howls.
Tódd-ArgentDawn joins in yet another howl.
Chit-ArgentDawn opens her mouth and throws back her head.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn looks over the group, taking a breath

Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Thank ya all, any who have more on their heart?
Nomìne-ArgentDawn rolls his shoulders
Chit-ArgentDawn shakes her head.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: I hope you all take these stories with ya, keep them in memory, keep people "alive" through those memories.
Morrîgan kneels down.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn says: Move safely all, an please don´t become one we howl for at the next one.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn smiles a bit
Chit-ArgentDawn gets slowly and painfully to her feet.
Cheysa smiles at Nomìne.
Xanai-ArgentDawn offers a sad smile at Nomines words.
Chit-ArgentDawn reaches out an arm, offering to hug Cheysa, careful not to spook her.
Nomìne-ArgentDawn gives his flask a shake, before taking a sip from it
Xanai-ArgentDawn says: Good night.

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