Logbook of the Everliving Erather

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Re: Logbook of the Everliving Erather

#11 Post by Eritis » Thu Jun 10, 2021 9:06 am

I feel like it is safe to say that the planned night was a successful one.
The people who came all seemed to be at peace and happily playing with them.
Watching Lylieth work Mini to earn treats and food alongside playtime, seeing Chit having a jolly time with Windie as the little bugger sneaked in to her bag, being able to see our stoic and collected Lord Protector tossing squeak toys about for the birdies, looking at Ana resting with a calm and sleeping Snowball on her lap and even being graced with Nala's presence as she got in some good belly rubs with Zhurd.

I wonder if they are aware of the fact that while they did indeed help me with hippogryphs, my main goal was to give all of them a moment to just unwind and experience a bit of peace?
So many of us are showing just how much recent happenings have been weighing on us. And it pains me to see those I care for have to hide just how heavy things are on their hearts.
While I might just be an insane sailor who says things that are way too idiotic, I care a lot about all of you.
And anything I can do to make this all easier... I won't hesitate to do it.

We all need moments of cheer and joy in our lives.
I promise to do what I can to spread more of that in these darker times.

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Re: Logbook of the Everliving Erather

#12 Post by Eritis » Thu Jul 01, 2021 10:05 pm

Many thoughts are on my mind in recent times.
I just don't understand why things always turn out so... against us.
No mission with them can ever be as simple as a supply run or a fetch quest or just anything that doesn't involve pain for us.
Be it through injuries or... experiences coming back up.
Worry takes over me as I see it all going down and I pray to all I can that better days will come soon for all of us.
We've all seen enough pain and suffering.

The Hippogryphs are as good as ever and filled with energy.
Sat down with them after I came back from that mission to find a courier and I got some much needed warmth and distraction.
Yet as Snowball fell asleep on my lap, my thoughts were brought to what happened in there.
What Ana did was something that struck me as... familiar.
But it hit me just why it was familiar when I made my way back after the mission.
While I wasn't there that night in those frozen wastes to search for the lost captain, I had heard about it. Both from her herself and from others.
It was that night that led to her asking me for anything Orcish that I could find for her for the orphans of that night's happenings.
And it happened with the exact same power.
One day soon, I hope to find the time to talk with her about things.
But for now, I'll show my support through care packages and prayers.

I focused my nervous energy in to fixing things up at the safe house.
You know that feeling of having something like a favorite bar where everyone knows you and calls out your name when you enter?
I have that but instead of a bar it is a makeshift barracks and instead of drunks, they are tiny children.
Every time I enter, I swear that I see faces I do not recognize that seem on edge.
My heart aches when I see them flinch and pull back as I get closer to look at their bruises to try to offer aid in whatever way I can.
But their friends reassure them that they are safe. That I'm trustworthy.
And I swear, it's becoming hard to keep my laughter in whenever Pip pipes up and says that "Mister Moonlance would never harm one of us for he can't reach us from up there!"
All of them deserve happiness. A bed for the night. A daily meal. An outfit that isn't torn to shreds. A body that isn't covered in bruises and wounds.
It's quite funny that they all spread whispers and rumors about Old Town about how there is a protector for all the tiny ones in need of aid.
Well, rumors... The words aren't wrong.
Though I just wish they wouldn't be as insistent on helping me out with things. One day, someone will think that I'm putting them to labor forcefully with the amount of work that they do without taking no for an answer...
Especially Pip.
He reminds me of him at times.
Perhaps I should see if he would take to a bow...

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Re: Logbook of the Everliving Erather

#13 Post by Eritis » Sat Jul 17, 2021 6:16 pm

It's hard to not find myself smiling when I think back on yesterday.
I mean, how heartless does someone need to be to not find themselves feeling warmth inside when they imagine such lovely birds playing with people?
Especially when the people playing with them are people you wish could catch a break and just get some good moments.
And from what I've gathered and what it looked like, they definitely did enjoy themselves, heh.
Being able to see Lumi doze off in such a relaxed manner with Zhurd, Pol play fetch with such an excited Mini, Czele making a silent bond with Empress and even Aldus coming back from obscurity to fiddle about with Windie... it was good.
And as always, it is definitely great to see Snowball and Ana being able to spend some time together again.
Rosy definitely seems to be appreciative as well with how the people who come over handle the time.
After all, she hasn't had to step in yet and push anyone away!

And in other news, it seems that the work on the Blackwall's house is going well.
When we began cleaning things up, everyone who went put in some good work.
Though it definitely was quite a revelation to find out that Nyl and I had been in the same group the whole time.
Think you got to know someone through getting drunk together several times but hey, some surprises can be quite pleasant!

When we went out on the supply run, it ended up being just Ana and myself.
It was... nice. Calming. Pleasant.
I have a feeling that it's moment like that that we both need everyone and then. That we -all- need in these days.
Though, I suppose I know need to go and find a nice kilt now...

Also, the kids seem to be quite excited at the prospect of possibly helping out with building a home for people who need it.
Going to have to ask about if there is a job they could do... nothing too heavy, ofcourse.
As much as they try to make it seem like they can take on the world, they're still just children and it already makes me feel guilty when they even just help lift empty boxes on top of the ship.
Yet Pip keeps speaking up for all of them to say that they want to help and that refusing would make me be a bad guardian.
Made me laugh to hear him call me that. Clever little bastard. He picks up on things quickly.
Definitely am looking forward to see just how far he can reach.

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Re: Logbook of the Everliving Erather

#14 Post by Eritis » Fri Jul 23, 2021 6:22 pm

Sometimes, the actions that are most suitable in a given situation can lead to the gravest results.

Went on the mission to track down Violet in that town to perhaps get the time to clear things up but... it's a naïve thought that I quickly gave up when the night was over.
The aftermath of the battles we found was less than satisfactory to my eyes, I must say.
It wasn't a clean sweep in an efficient manner, it wasn't a misunderstanding that grew bigger and bigger... it was an intentional display.
But was it to set an example or was it perhaps oneself losing to their emotions and it releasing in such a... distressing manner?
As we were inspecting one of the previous spots of battle, I noticed a movement in the shadows.
Drawing my bow and arrow, I aimed at it and when it began to try to run, I released the bow string and hit it in the leg.
But... it wasn't one of the cultists. It was a girl who seemed to have been enslaved by them instead.
A younger one was by her side and they both seemed terrified, obviously having been through hell... which considering the surrounding area isn't all too surprising.
I know that I made the right decision because for all we knew, it was one of our enemies.
Yet... my heart still yells at me over what I've done.
Suppose it's true what they say. There is no logic in how we feel.

The rest of the mission was... something.
We missed a ship which had a two headed serpent on its sails, the same markings on some throwing daggers I found embedded in a cultist near the town's church.
A crow that we had spotted earlier was crying bloody murder on top of the church.
At the time, I wondered if it was trying to get us to go in or stay out but the decision ended up being to go inside.
Sticking to the back with my bow, I at first couldn't see anything in the interior because of a flock of birds obscuring everything but apparently Violet was standing at an altar. Carrying a heart in her hand as she was covered in blood.
Yet I didn't lower my bow. I kept an arrow aimed at her until the moment she disappeared in to nothing.
From inspection of the church we found out that the person whose heart got pulled out was either the Backwater Noble Emberpath or someone made to look like him. There was also a bunch of supposed slave collars with the names of several Starlighters on them.
Considering that Violet didn't say a word and hasn't bothered to reach out over the stone either after that night can mean several things.
Perhaps this was all just another ploy of them to wear down our sanity, trying to trick us or something.
Or maybe it was Violet standing by her plan to abandon Starlight to 'protect' us.

Tonight was the breaking point for myself on the matter.
For her, I've gotten injured and lost things several times on journeys to aid her.
Be it scars I now carry or items of emotional value I had to trade in.
For her, I almost lost my life.
Ambushed and attacked in a place I used to feel safe in, surviving only through sheer luck that allies managed to come around in time.
And for her, I almost accidentally took a child's life.
While I gave prayers to Elune when I got home that they didn't get fatally injured, it still weighs heavy on me now that I almost...

Violet, my heart goes out to you. And I wish nothing but the best for you. But you made it clear which path you have chosen to take.
And even though I tried to change your mind on the matter in the past, I must respect that decision.
Maybe one day we will meet again and maybe we will be able to meet on pleasant terms.
But until then, I shall try to keep myself away from thinking of you, my lost friend. I hope you will find your way again. I truly do.

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Re: Logbook of the Everliving Erather

#15 Post by Eritis » Wed Sep 15, 2021 8:50 am

I don't often do much with poetry.
Mostly I popped in every now and then for the poetry night to have a listen and possibly support one of our own.
Only once before did I plan to perform but I ended up not doing so. Did still share the poem with some people. It was taken well by them. Especially so by one person.
But I didn't have any other plans and I felt like having some fun listening to poems so I went to last Friday's poetry night. It was in Dalaran which was a change of scenery.
As I was waiting for more people to show up, I noticed Ana landing and seeming quite nervous when she changed back to her elven form. Or Stupid form, I suppose.
And apparently she would be performing a poem of her own. First thought that ran through my head was "It's going to be about fish."

When she returned after signing up, she asked if I was going to perform as well while she looked quite hopeful to hear me say yes.
I had nothing planned, I have no skill with thinking up poetry and I'm fairly certain that my fight or flight responses would kick in when I step in front of an audience like this.
But... well, I did promise her that I would stand by her side through whatever would come. And... I wouldn't want to disappoint or make her sad.
So I signed up.
And I only had about thirty minutes to think up a poem.

When Ana stepped forward to perform her poem, it was quickly made apparent that a lot of people weren't able to see through and see that the real meaning of the poem was a cat's love for fish.
Listening to the whispering going around was quite amusing. Though I swear, I could feel someone's eyes upon me at some point.
Either way, the poem was amazing. It was amusing, it was taken well by people and call me biased but the one performing it was pretty cool.
And then... well, then it was my turn.

Besides having to follow up on such an enticing act, I felt quite... nervous as well.
But hey, I came there to perform an act and an act I would perform!
As I was doing my best to put up a show, I noticed Violet carrying a bright smile.
An unexpected but not entirely unwelcome sight. It should be there more often.
Surprisingly to me, people liked the poem about Rosy.
That's good. A bit reassuring.

Violet performed the first poem she performed about a year ago.
It still was just the same as it was back then.
A good poem.
Afterwards, the ending of the poetry night had come and I was preparing myself to head back for a stiff drink but...
One of the other performers came up to me and Ana.
Pawlina was her name and we had a little chitchat.
She then asked us if we wished to go to the Faire with her and some friends.
While I will not write down all that happened there because this is becoming too long as it is... I will say that I had fun.
Lots of fun. And it was good to see people enjoy themselves.

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