A letter.

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A letter.

#1 Post by Anomen » Thu Oct 24, 2019 8:55 am

(A letter written by Anomen to Syrawenn)

To my Sunshine,

I know you can't read this and there's no point in me writing this but I just need to get it out somehow.
I love you.
And i don't blame you for leaving me, I deserved it.
But it hurts so much without you.
Whenever I close my eyes, I can imagine your lips on mine as I felt your warmth.
And I... miss you so much, Sunshine.
But I promise you that I'll try to get over you.
I'm not as strong as you, I can't just pick up everything again and act like nothing happened.
I'm already struggling with getting up.

When I saw you last night, so much was going through my head.
Pain, guilt, anger, regret, love.
I wanted nothing more than to tell you everything and beg you to take me back.
But you don't want me back, I think.
I don't think you'll ever want me back.
I understand that perfectly.
And I just... I don't know what else to put in this.

Besides... that I was planning on giving you this rose that night of the accident.
I knew what I was asking at least a little bit but I wanted to see how you'd tell me.
Maybe... even teach me.
But this rose, it's something that I found while wandering and when I looked up what it was, I instantly knew I had to give it to you.
I'm not going to say what it is, so that you can just tear it apart with this letter if you so wish.
But know that it was something I just instantly thought of you when I found it out.
I guess this is it, huh..?

I would write so much more in this but I know you'd hate that.
Though, it's not like you will ever read these words...
...I love you, my Sunshine.
I'll never stop loving you.
And I'm sorry for forcing you in to all of this.
Know that you're not the only one who will come running if the other one yells RIPA.

Forever yours,
Your idiot.
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