How to build a Monster, how to care for it, how to understand your creation.

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How to build a Monster, how to care for it, how to understand your creation.

#1 Post by Nomine » Fri Jun 21, 2019 5:15 pm

There are a hundred little tools that can be used to create your very own Monster. The nobles use glory and dreams of riches, the promise that "you will be remembered as a hero in a thousand songs."
To make monsters like Morrigan, it is a bit more complicated. There needs to be a pain, a rather exquisite kind of pain. The sort that stretches the soul of a person impossibly thin, pain that precludes all thought, all memory, all identity. To know such pain is to lose oneself, one becomes part of it. Knowing one will die born away on pain, its high soundless song drowning away everything else.

In short, to make a monster like her, you start with making pain truth and everything else a lie. When the Monster begins to feel comfort and peace in pain, then you move on to the next step.

The next step is to let the monster harm others. To let it curiously explore how others scream, how they bleed and wonder why they deserved to be hurt. It is very important that you balance the monsters victories with losses. If there are too many victories, she will start to imagine herself as somebody with power, that is dangerous. You want to give her just enough victories that she starts to enjoy the rush of it.
The losses need to be hard and brutal. She needs to believe that every loss is an insult to you - her creator, and a lesson for her. Do not protect her from the injuries and harm in these cases, but care for her as she heals, then hurt her for being weak enough to lose.
Use her losses as a teaching moment. Let her know that some of those losses were part of your plan, so she understands that others too are a tool you wield and use to create her.

Then, let her know that you trade her services to others, as easily as you would lend them a knife. If she fails, let her understand that this is not acceptable, punish her for her failures. When she questions commands, punish her.

Know that through creating a monster, it is unfit to navigate the world of humans. The world of humans is full of noise, confusing expectations, weakness, and there is fear in that. Clear commands and structure help your Monster understand how to be, as the Monster knows it is not a person and should not be judged as a person.
If the Monster is not to lose itself, it needs to be brought back to that exquisite pain that drowns out everything else.

A monster that is not used will not grow dull as an unused knife would. It will turn onto itself, and it will turn onto you. Therefore, it needs to be used, both in victory and loss on a regular basis. That is the true lesson in the Ouroboros symbol, and a snake that eats itself can't be used properly.

The final rule in creating a monster or keeping it is never to question your actions. There are a hundred different tools used to create a monster; one of them is the lie that you can create one without being one yourself. Master and Monster are just two sides of the same battered coin.

For those dealing with a monster.
1. A monster must always know who is in control.
2. A monster can no longer understand subtle meanings and hints. All words must be laid bare.
3. A monster will ignore what it can not understand or care for. What it cares for, is what it engages with, even if it does so through dealing pain or poor imitations of human interaction.
4. To command a monster to submit or take an order from another person is to tell the Monster that this new person should hurt them and will use them in any manner they see fit. Such commands should, therefore, not be used lightly.
5. The personal touch is a prelude to dealing or receiving pain. A clear physical distance between you and the monsters will ease communication.
6. A monster seeks to be part of something. It gives structure and purpose. A monster will always seek purpose, therefore inviting a monster to be part of a group or gathering should be handled carefully. It will feel any slight more than any other person. It will treat all it does not understand as a slight.

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