The Cell - Part 2

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The Cell - Part 2

#1 Post by Nightspirit » Thu Oct 04, 2018 11:14 am

Weeks passed until the Eastern Unity returned to challenge the Witch again, having run small interfering actions between leaving Desolace and encountering her directly in Deadwind Pass. The Witch knew that they had to be delayed at the very least or stopped entirely in order for her current plan of conquest to succeed. She had no real forces in the Pass at all, aside from her loyal minion turned champion, E'larrah. In a very short while, all the pieces were in play, a last, desperate attempt at a checkmate. E'larrah's formerly Elune-blessed bow was returned to her once more, this time, a weapon of darkness, void energy manifested inside its very core as the Highborne could almost hear the weapon wailing and shrieking as she took it in her grasp.

The hunt had begun and it didn't take long for the Unity's former comrade to find their location. They were investigating the former site of cultist activity, cultists that had been dealt with by E'larrah earlier upon the commands of her mistress. It appeared as though one of them had yet to die, as she could make out a few movements from the crippled cultist, as it attempted to speak with and get some help from Unity. E'larrah had found herself a perfect ambush spot, from which the first black arrow fired struck the cultist, ending him before her could provide them any more useful information. The second black arrow struck the stunned Pandaren who had been communing with him, finding her arm, making her howl in pain and retreat to cover, scattering the rest of the Unity to whatever shelter they could find in the process.

A third black arrow struck Ellyth as she attempted to rush to the rest of the group from a concealed position closer to the cliffs behind her. The unnerving precision with which she struck would have never been possible if she were committing this act alone, those down below meant too much to her, but as ever, the choice was not her own. She had been forced into using her skills by the same dark energies that empowered the weapons she was striking with. Despite the protests from her mistress inside her mind, E'larrah was eventually allowed to stop attacking and relocate, she intended to track and follow the Eastern Unity through Deadwind Pass, firing shots of opportunity into them along the way. Most of these were ineffective however, with the element of surprise gone and the group actively looking for their quarry.

It wasn't long before she found herself amongst them. This was not the sort of fighting she wanted, but it had been demanded to delay the group for as long as possible, with the only acceptable outcome being to cause as much damage as possible. There was what felt like an endless flurry of attacks coming in, even with her enhanced abilities and power, E'larrah could only defend against so many for so long. She did what she had to however, amidst the combat she spotted an opportunity to inflict severe injury to their leader, Ellyth, the primary target of the Witch's wrath. With the combat ongoing on one of the narrow paths that ran along the tall cliffs of the pass, Ellyth found herself with her back to the huge drop into the water below, her feet on the edges of the earth and to her direct front, the monster that her friend had become. With a sharp, sudden turn and a furious front kick, Ellyth was propelled from the ground and left at gravity's mercy for the fall.

Eventually, inevitably, E'larrah was finally brought down by the combined might of Unity, knocked unconscious by a blow from the Pandaren Monk she had shot earlier. She was brought back to a cellar in the ruined settlement around Kharazhan, the place in which Unity had been hiding and had used as a sort of base for their operations. Ellyth was later brought there too, having been found by some members of the party, severely injured but alive. Despite her unconscious state, E'larrah would still act as a beacon for her mistress, telling her exactly where not only she was, but also betraying the location of Unity. Barely an hour later, those of the Unity able to feel magic auras could sense that she was near. With almost all of them injured to varying degrees and a pawn of the Witch in their midst, they came to a decision that this was an encounter they could not win. Abandoning E'larrah to her fate, the group fled for the safety of new ground.

When she was finally brought back from her unconscious state, E'larrah felt strange. Despite the presence of her mistress and her gentle touch she had come to know, complete with the pressings of the void she knew something wasn't quite right. Her voice. She could no longer hear her voice. All she heard in her mind was whispering, constant whispering, so much so that she barely registered what the Witch had even said. Her hands reached out for the woman before her, gently taking her hips within her grasp. It didn't feel the same, the look of sorrow in E'larrah's eyes didn't seem to indicate anything wrong. Instead her mistress comforted her, welcomed her back, cuddled and embraced her almost like a mother to a child.

And all E'larrah could do was to hold on.

And cry.

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