The Cell

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The Cell

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"I feel it is my duty to let you know, this won't be an easy or quick process. Cleansing the Void from anybody is not a challenge we are all prepared for and in your case you were shackled with a lot of it. E'larrah, we want you to know that we are here for you at any time and we will make sure you are returned to the path of the Light when this is all over."

It had barely been a few hours since her return from Arathi with a severely injured Ellyth over her shoulders that questions began to be asked.

"Why had she stayed?
What was she thinking going in alone?
Why couldn't she wait for the rest of us?
What made her do it?
Will Ellyth survive?"

Nobody had directed any questions towards E'larrah, only one person from the entire gathering had laboured themselves with even asking if she was all right. The Void taint within her and the aura about her remained ignored and unchallenged. She was allowed to simply leave and to be left alone while Ellyth had as much company as she could possibly dream of until the end of time. That night was uncomfortable and painful for the Highborne, both physically and mentally. Out of a sense of pride and perhaps as a way to justify her having nobody by her side, E'larrah insisted she didn't need medical aid or for any healers to properly check her over. Even those within the Eastern Unity were turned away.

She hadn't wanted to feel this way again, not since the "Witch", the mother of Ellyth and a fellow Highborne like herself, had been defeated long ago and relinquished her hold upon E'larrah. She had been at war with herself all the time, her heart racing and her mind yearning for release as the Void burned like a fire through her veins.

Get me out of here! I've been lost in the dark!

Get me out of here! I'm locked inside me!

It harnessed darkness, repressed memories, anger, vulnerability, ignorance, arrogance, fears, everything that served to make her the fragile creature she didn't want to be and blurred it into a blind frenzy. The only freedom from these emotions was release and her release was to be upon the members of the Unity who dared to challenge her Mistress' will. In this corrupted new world, she was to provide everything that E'larrah could ever need or want. A friend, a family, a sister, a mother, a lover.

I lost my fears and the notion of time. I healed my sorrow.

They had come with a plan. To rescue their most cherished member, a personal friend of many among the Unity, especially so to Ellyth. Someone who had worked as their councillor and their ambassador on many occasions. Someone who never failed to bring happiness and laughter to those she was in the presence of. Someone who would be described as a kind, loving, innocent and bright soul. A true gem among the Pandaren people and among those who stood under the banner of the Eastern Unity.

They knew where she was being held captive and they knew they had to raid the outpost and cause as much destruction and chaos as possible to allow the prisoner to escape captivity. Of course, with E'larrah amongst them, her Mistress knew all of this too. Before the attack had even begun she had been relocated from her presumed captivity and detained elsewhere, with E'larrah there to cover up the trail and to present a fairy-tale ending, the Unity assumed that their work was done. While they had stopped the Witch entirely, they had a least saved the life of their friend, having been told that she had escaped, E'larrah witnessing it with her own eyes.

And so the following evening the departure from Desolace began. All of Eastern Unity made their way down to a small dock with an awaiting boat to take them home, the lands they were due to left behind under the control of the witch. Despite the attempts of the Naga to stop them leaving, everyone eventually made it aboard, stowing away their belongings and preparing for a long trip home.

"Wait, where's E'larrah?"

It wasn't until they were passing the cliffs on their turn out to deeper waters that they got their answer. Stood atop the towering rock wall were two unmistakably Elven figures. Both of them waved the boat off as it turned away from the lands below. A spyglass was brought to Ellyth's eye as she stared upwards at the silhouettes, E'larrah and her mother stood side by side, holding hands and waving Unity off. But something was wrong. What was E'larrah holding?

It wasn't until they heard the haunting, painful screams and shrieks of a Pandaren that they knew the price they had truly paid. They had passed the point of no return and they had allowed one of their members to go missing. All that remained of her was a small, stuffed bear being waved and swayed in the wind in the clutches of a former comrade. By the time the boat had withdrawn from sight, both the Elves turned away in unison. The witch leaned up and stood upon her toes for a moment to kiss E'larrah lovingly upon her right cheek. With a smile back to her, the stuffed toy was discarded to the dirt and left to decay. Holding each other close, they both walked back to their home together.

All ghosts,
Dwelling in,
In the heart,
I see,
Them all,
Their shadow.

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