The Gift of Guilt

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The Gift of Guilt

#1 Post by Nightspirit » Thu Sep 27, 2018 10:24 pm

I shouldn't have held such high expectations for the gathering to speak about Light and the "Shadow" or "Void". They were never going to be realised. Between the Lightforged insisting on talking as much as possible and being an ignorant as possible when opposing views were being aired instead of her own, to Cheysa and Lumi and Stoen deciding those with the knowledge on how the Void really works was in fact not the people who possessed it, I found myself becoming more and more numb to their words.

It is not a subject anyone can proclaim full knowledge of, the fact that anyone might even try astounds me. The truth is that nobody within Starlight can be the arbiter of judgement. Especially not when it comes to deciding a path for Annie or any other Void users within Starlight. Even days after when Tikal goes to speak to a potentially interested party, Lumi decides to voice her displeasure on it being a Void Elf the moment she finds out. I never thought I'd be the one to want to tell her to grow up and open her mind.

Nomine persuades me into silence.

E'larrah is forced to stop for a moment and lift her gaze from the pages. She partially closes to book and waits by the corner of the tunnel, allowing a small group of Humans to pass, most likely on their way to the Blue Recluse. Shortly afterwards, the Elf continued her walk onwards towards Lion's Rest. It would always be the park to her, as it was the only place in Stormwind she ever really felt welcomed.

Along the way, she begins to muse over the conversation she caught both Chit and Nomine in, which she eventually introduced herself into after giving away she had been listening in. Naturally it happened to involved Morrigan, though with Chit being a part of it that wasn't of any surprise to the Highborne.

They asked for my advice on how we should keep Morrigan around Starlight. It's not a topic I have put much thought into myself, mainly because I am under no expectations that Morrigan will stay if she does not wish to. She has already stated to me and others she is not a Starlighter, nor does she like Starlight's approach on wanting to be the heroes or help save the world one sandwich at a time, or something like that. I wasn't sure what to tell them as none of the answers I had I could foresee fixing the situation for good. In my eyes, either we have to offer her something she wants or needs. Else we simply collar her and force her into subservience. Nomine talks about persuading Todd into something, I am not sure what, nor do I see why we'd need to persuade Todd into anything.

It was after a short while of talking about her that Chit asks a question which caught me off-guard, both because I didn't expect her to have any interest in the content of said question and I thought the answer was plain as day. All I can say in response is "Whatever gave that away?" because I do wonder what it was that gave it away. Nomine remarks about the person in question being possessive in a knife-holding manner. I am not phased. I've been a victim to the blade against myself, bloodletting all of my soul, reduced to silence.

Though if it makes Chit happier knowing if I have feelings for the void-swallowed girl, then I guess I am guilty as charged.

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