Beneath, Between, Behind

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Beneath, Between, Behind

#1 Post by Nightspirit » Sun Sep 09, 2018 10:13 pm

"We need you to find, a comfortable space, that's not only comfortable, but vulnerable. We need you to shut your eyes and go there. And we'll meet you on the other side."

E'larrah frowned as she pondered these words, over and over and over again. Her brow furrowed. Her body shivered and shuddered. Her hairs stood on end. And then she slipped into the water.

What are you but my reflection? Who am I to judge or strike you down? If I do I think I'll fade away. If I do I think I'll fade away, my dear.

Her eyes remained open. If there was any irritation it was not felt. She just stared upwards through the shimmering rays of light and the blue depths. A long sigh escaped her lips, her hands finding their way to her face, labouring their way down along its front.

"First rule about leadership Night, trust people, what I am doing now."

"Trust got ya saved Night, when ya got captured an put in a box. Think about that."

The view above discontinued. A great weight suddenly dragged E'larrah down, as she could feel herself falling. She was unable to hold on. Unable to slow herself. She could not even turn to face her demise. Her body was held in the same position, constricted by an unseen force, or a lack thereof of a force from within.

Her mind raced. Thoughts of home. Thoughts of her sister. Of all those things lost. Her head burned for those just as her lungs burned for air. It was a pain for now she quelled. Denying her body that right to act out of instinct. Still not ready to swallow. If she exerted herself hard enough, the Highborne could still hear the wails, the screams. A painful howl so unbecoming to her now. She would not feel herself wrenched in two again.

No more fallen. No more enemy. No more casualty. No more dream.

With a gasp, the Elf's eyes shot open. She was cold, so very cold. The blanket she had pulled over herself had been thrown aside in a panic long ago. She was sweating, in a way she hadn't in a long time. Her entire body was coated in a layer of moisture, a lot of which had apparently soaked through the sheets below. Groggily she pulled herself to the bed's edge, lifting her frame up and out of it shortly thereafter.

It was early, far too early, as there was barely any light coming through the uncovered window. She felt naked, exposed to the world. Grabbing a towel and doing her best to rub herself down, the Highborne donned her armour once she had dried to a suitable extent. She would find time for a proper bathe later, for now, she needed a walk.

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