The Second Coming

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The Second Coming

#1 Post by Nightspirit » Sun Sep 02, 2018 7:59 pm

I had a feeling it wouldn't be long until Starlight welcomed me again. It was only a matter of time. I offer them something that they do not currently have, which is why they would not refuse me. Of course they have Chit and Nomine who can embrace the shadows like myself, but Chit is sloppy where I am not and Nomine is determined to be as business-like as possible, which means he cannot interpret the full picture at all times.

They have magic users as well of course, though again, most of them are either the Druids present or Light users, like Cheysa and Lumi. I have yet to see one of their number with what I might call a mastery of the Arcane like I, or the ability to understand the Void and Shadow magic as anything but evil. It is these virtues that have always left that space open for me which I shall not vacate again.

E'larrah pauses in her writing, having come to the end of the overlook above the harbour. It was early morning, the sun having not yet conquered the expansive horizon to reclaim its throne in the clouds. Stormwind was quiet, with only those who were experienced night owls still wandering the streets, though they could easily be dissuaded from anything except the most pleasant reaction, especially with E'larrah's attire in mind. In this case, it made her anything but a target as Nomine had alluded to nights prior.

It was now that she cast her mind back to her meeting with Morrigan, after she had been returned to life by Starlight following their ritual. While she hadn't admitted it at the time, the arrogance and hostility she had been met with by Morrigan had offended her. Despite Morrigan's protests she was not a helpless victim, even on that night in Duskwood, E'larrah had smelt that aggression and ferocity as a rather poor mask for weakness. She could feel that Morrigan was fragile, so much so that the more feral part of her mind wanted to lash out and strike her down, keeping Morrigan in the place she should be in rather than allowing her the opportunity to feel dangerous and come across as a threat.

Meeting Morrigan was not exactly what I had expected. From the stories I had been told and the advice I had been given, I was lead to believe that wishing to speak to her or heading into her hideout was akin to walking into the lion's den. This was not the case. Upon speaking to her and getting an understanding of her mindset, she felt more like a lost lamb than an anticipatory predator. She clearly had a lot of venom inside her for Starlight and what they had done. However my attempts to actively be pleasant to her were met with insecurity and uncertainty. When I allowed her to turn the questioning upon myself, she seemed more preoccupied in trying to work out why I was with Starlight over anything else.

And yet, in spite of all this, I still get the sense that there is a lot of potential within her. Naturally she could turn to Chit, Nomine or a few other Starlighters who she might consider allies unlike the rest, however I believe both she and I do not trust them to get the job done. She lacks guidance and purpose at a time she needs it most in an environment which is all too happy to keep that from her and have her held as weak and as lost as she had been with only half of her self. It is a shame that she would never consider joining or siding with Starlight however, as while I do feel they could not give her everything she wants, they could at least provide her with the supervision and attention she may yet need during these testing times. My only hope is that I can put myself in the position of an ambassador in the two sides, even if it means making myself and Morrigan as the "Us" against the "Them" of Starlight.

Any potential outcome will require more time from both sides, which I certainly hope and expect to be allowed. Perhaps it would have been wise to bring this up at this evening's meeting, however I think this sort of thing is best kept to the attention of as few as possible. Namely Nomine and possibly Chit. Morrigan must succeed with this new life, else all our effort to aid her will be lost. Then Starlight will have allowed another unique opportunity to have slipped through their grasp.

With that, the book was closed with a firm movement. Dawn was upon her and E'larrah decided at last to retreat back into the safety of her room for a brief rest, even if only for a matter of hours. She knew that she had to help be one of the driving forces between Starlight's relations with Morrigan and also find a way to allow Morrigan to feel comfortable around her. She liked the girl, there was no doubting that, but she was not going to commit to anything to serious just yet, not without further analysis and deliberation. At the very least, this had proven what she had said to Tikal at the lighthouse true, she had missed this.

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