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#1 Post by Fadedkind » Sat Aug 04, 2018 8:32 pm

((I haven't written anything in a long time... I hope you like it! ))


The rain was falling on Krasarang Wilds. On a high stone spire above the Anglers Wharf sat a lone house. On top of that house sat a giant roost, and in the roost a juvenile proto-drake was finding a good position to sleep in. Inside the single room of the house, a young draenei was doing the same.

Curled in their large Pandaren bed, Lumi could hear the house creak as the drake, Fragaria, was turning in her nest. The sun had not yet set, but Lumi wanted respite. The dramatic events in Kalimdor had injured her in ways more than one, and she had been wheeled off to the Exodar to recover. What she wanted to do, though, was to go home, and this she had done as soon as she had been able. Her armor still lay discarded on the floor. It needed repairs. It could wait.

Lumi turned to face the wall and nestled deeper into the familiar, comfortable depression in the mattress. She tried to listen to the rain. She had left the door wide open, letting the fresh air and the rhythmic pattering of the shower lull her to sleep. There was no danger in leaving their door open; While the altitude was enough to keep most uninvited guests away, Lumi also knew Ria liked to drowse with only her third eyelid shut, just so she would be ready to snap and roar at anything coming too close (even if it happened to be just a wayward seagull).

Lumi fell asleep for a while. At least she felt like she had. She was roused to half-sleep by Ria guardedly shifting on her roost. As she heard the drake make no more sounds, she thought nothing of it. After a moment, through her closed eyelids she sensed light flooding into the room from the open doorway. She felt vaguely disappointed in her drowsy state, thinking the sun must have come out - but in the same moment she realized she could still hear the rainfall.

Tousled from sleep, Lumi sat up. She wasn't yet aware she was awake, lingering in the state that's between. She thought she saw a figure in the doorway, standing tall and broad and taking up nearly the entirety of it. The light was not shining into the room from behind him, rather it hovered brightly around him like a scent in the air. Her blurred eyes sluggishly took in the image; heavy armor battered but shining; skin and hair once white, now turned a soft gray with age; stern features, lined and scarred; below a furrowed brow, eyes ardent and gentle.

"Daddy", she thought, feeling distantly saddened. She knew this dream. She had had it so many times before. She wasn't going to allow herself to be too taken by the dream - it would hurt more when she woke - but at the same time, she was amazed by how much she could remember of his features. Every little line and pock...

"Lily", he breathed out.

Her breath came to a stop as the torpor fell from her. For a moment she saw clearly, and then her vision was clouded again. Crying she ran to her father, before even realizing she was crying or running. In his arms she let it all go via tears; over ten years of insecurity, of stress, of battle, victory, loss, of new worlds and of heartbreak. Without words, she shed it off of her shoulders and laid it upon his, and he accepted it all. She was just a little girl again, repeatedly crying daddy, and at that moment it was all she wanted to be. It was all he expected her to be.

The vindicator cried too. Powerfully he embraced the daughter he had thought dead. She was finally given back to him.

And he did not intend

to let go.
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