Assault on the world tree (Pre-expansion event 2018)

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Assault on the world tree (Pre-expansion event 2018)

#1 Post by Nomine » Thu Jul 26, 2018 9:39 am

"It would have been better that way, it would have sounded like the truth, but it is not the truth today, it is too late to turn the other cheek.
Steel and claw, fire and blood. It is much too late for any other way."

The Kaldorei have already been forced back, forced to leave the dead and wounded, and any would-be rescuers were meet with undead assassins. As the Horde`s main army rides towards Darnassus and the world tree.

We know the horde, like us, have been forged in wars, from the Lich King, Cataclysm, Legion, that each and every warrior left is a battle-scarred veteran.
That blood will soak the soil around the world tree, that this greed for might will force the attackers to fight until there is nobody left.

The Kaldorei defences are stretched thin, and I do not expect them to hold against the mailed fist now striking.

Starlight stands with Darnassus.
We have two tasks, first - Let no horde pass.
If we break, Darnassus, the world tree will fall.
If we break, save as many as we can, give them a chance at a future, at any cost. If it comes to that, we will not focus on their warriors. We will focus on priestesses, artists, storytellers. The Kaldorei is nothing without their culture, leave others to focus on warriors, leaders, and others that seem important.

Most of us will fight, others lead by Stoen will heal, some lead by Chit will look for the smuggler's route out.
For Darnassus to stand, all will matter equally.

With us, Reike, Darmiel, Morrigan have all taken part, watch out for them as you would watch for a Starlighter.

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