Live to regret

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Live to regret

#1 Post by Nomine » Wed May 30, 2018 12:33 pm

"Some mistakes you don`t get to live to regret Nomine." Still, remember when she said that, one cold winters day, the two of us huddled in the pouring rain waiting for the last stableboy to leave the stable for the night, or at least fall as sleep. Don`t remember what prompted her to say it, could have been me sleeping with a kitchen maid, or discussing the next scam I would run on behalf of king and crown. Don`t matter really, I am still waiting for her words to come true.
Con artists and assassins are not supposed to turn old, not really. In the stories, it is all some sort of pretence. The ancient mentor is really stronger, faster and more clever than their mentee, at least until the dramatically appropriate point in the story. Personally, I just cheat, been a whole lot of time since I was fastest, strongest, as to be more clever than others. Well, I said I cheated, right?

So apparently we are going to dig into the future now, a reality carved in shifting sands. Ain`t looking forward to that, seems like what I live to regret are those loved and lost. Still would not call any of them a mistake.

Damned sort of thing that.

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