Imagine (follow up from Honest Abe events)

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Imagine (follow up from Honest Abe events)

#1 Post by Nomine » Sun Apr 29, 2018 6:58 pm

Imagine waking up with the sun, working hard at clearing the land until your muscles aches and your papa laughs as he praises you, calling you the toughest weed in all of the land.

Imagine hearing him shout "raiders", in a voice you never heard him use before. Hearing screams as a mailed fist grabs hold of your neck. Taste of your brother's blood on your lips, before the world goes black and quiet.

Imagine your voice saying over and over again "I did not see them die, I did not, not". As you are trying to scrub the rough planks of the ship clean, kicked and beaten by any man noticing you. Fighting for scraps of food, never cleaning the grime off your face, not wanting to imagine what would happen if a pirate took a shine to you. Better to be beaten.

Imagine fog rolling over the beach, thick enough to be cut, and then a girl pulling you out of your home, what you later discover the others call a cage. Looking at this group of monsters, a knight in white, a man wearing black leathers like a storybook killer, a walking talking bear in silks, a short gnome with a pirates hat.

Locked up in a castle, threatened, forced to fight to keep your clothes, then the girl returns. Saying words that almost sound like they should mean something, pulling you through a wound in the world. Then it all goes black and quiet again.

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