A Change Of Scenery

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A Change Of Scenery

#1 Post by Blackbranch » Mon Mar 12, 2018 4:43 pm

"My freedom was so easily reclaimed, perhaps almost as easily as it was taken from me that night in Duskwood. The ship Starlight held me captive aboard now burns, any plans they had about executing me, keeping me as a slave or any other punishment they wished to inflict go up in smoke with it. It is a shame it had to end that way, but I was left no choice. The moment I realised it was just a pair of Gnomes on board guarding Chit I knew that any action I took to free myself could not be stopped. After I was free the old man tried to put an end to me once more and bring me down. While his attack was equally both valiant and cowardly, it failed. He lives because I owe it to Lumi's efforts to not tarnish my name any more than it already is. Starlight will never understand my viewpoint and I will never understand their own, the Anchorite was the only decent mediator they had and it seems I was destined for only one instance of her company."

"I suppose I should congratulate them for keeping me any length of time against my own will, though doing so will likely only get Devvy and Stoen asking more stupid questions and making more stupid demands. I understand why this Reike they spoke of wanted to be rid of the company so soon. The Gnomes might yet make sitting for some tea with me look like an attractive offer."

"In spite of all this, I have decided that a change of armour and weaponry might be in order for the time being, as well as being rid of this burnt white hair of mine. Change is always a good thing, except when it comes to me altering my ways on the whims of others. I might also consider a change of scenery as well, as nice as being back in Duskwood or the Plaguelands is, I have considered haunting Stormwind City for a short while, I am aware Starlight normally can be found within city limits and the promise of guards being around might not make them so eager to continue the campaign they started against me. Whilst there I shall aim to make contact with Lumi once more, perhaps I can find a way to correspond with her through written letters rather than face-to-face, as she'll no doubt be constantly shadowed by her fellow Starlight drones."

Senyllaea? Is that you? What have they done to you?!
Nothing that my kin and the Kaldorei have not done before.
But why?! How could you let this happen to you?!
I had no choice...my child. Forgive me. I am sorry for your loss.

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