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#1 Post by Blackbranch » Sun Mar 11, 2018 11:04 am

Don't get too close by the way, she bites.
I just wanted to chat anyway.
Chat about what...? This is evil.
It's mind is fulla hatret.

"A young Anchorite was brought to me, perhaps even younger than I, wishing for us to be able to speak somewhat candidly despite the waiting, blood-hungry audience. It appears throughout the following conversation I was far more candid than she was hoping. She arrived with the mindset that she might find remorse, or some sort of way to defend me in the eyes of her guild. It seems I gave her nothing."

"She was, sadly, the closest thing this guild of hers has to reasonable intelligence, she did at least try to work out what was going on behind all that happened on the surface before coming to a conclusion, meanwhile an injured Chit is lorded as a fool or a hero for her actions, for trying to go alone into a fight with a Death Knight. If I hadn't wished to toy with my food before killing it, all of their well-wishes would now be being delivered to a shallow grave in Duskwood."

"I am not even sure if she will receive any form of punishment beyond the damage I inflicted for her actions. Even if she does I highly doubt it will be in proportion to her crimes, unlike in my case where I am to be condemned to death simply for doing what I had to in order to secure the success of a mission they brought me along to and furthermore for me to survive. Instead I am to be judged by ignorant fools, all just as bad as her, who could never understand what it is to have this life. Though I do so wish I could have them all hunt me until the end of time, then I might yet get to induct every single one of them into undeath at my side. I expect they would all kill themselves thereafter for what they believe to be a good cause, it is weakness like theirs which allows monsters like me to prosper."

I'm...not sure why I'm telling you this.
I can't stop them. For my conscience and...also very literally.
I'm sorry.

"Part of me wishes to meet her again, before I am executed at the behest of Starlight. There is a wish to persuade her to remove the collar from around my neck so that we might both walk elsewhere in private. She allowed far more emotion though than I was expecting while she was around me, an Anchorite's values of care an empathy no doubt, but a welcome change all the same. Lumi however ran into the same barriers that even withhold me from myself at times, the times when I ask of myself such deep and meaningful questions as her own. Perhaps if she had been there on the day my past life was determined at its end, she might have changed my fate. Made the difference. Turned to the next page of the book rather than burning it in place of a new."

"I will cling to what little time we had like it were a barren, unwelcoming island in the midst of a vast sea, before I am drowned in the rest of Starlight's petty little sorrows and guilt for allowing someone like me to butcher their friend. I long for her to be my salvation and for that I need her to break down the walls that have divided me from myself for so long. I need her, alone and anyway from the chain and the wards, somewhere that Starlight can't meddle with my plans further."

"As sure as with each days' end when the light surrenders to the darkness, my will shall be done!"

Then...please, Miss Blackbranch. Know that I bless and pray for the Highborne you once were.
I'm so sorry she's gone.
So was I...once.

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