Behind Blue Eyes

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Behind Blue Eyes

#1 Post by Blackbranch » Sat Mar 10, 2018 12:58 am

A sacrifice of blood and bone,
A bridge for you to follow,
You will emerge a shadow.

"Once these hands of mine were not so pale. A time where they could give and accept more than just cold..and pain. I was no abomination then, my fate was not carved into skin but written in the stars. I do not wish for those stars to bask their light upon me now. I was never welcomed by my kin, neither before my rebirth nor since, I have no qualms with keeping it that way.

These people are just the same, though they get what they want an outrage is still warranted, for it was not the way in which they wanted it. I was given no such luxury in those choices, yet I am not allowed to complain. No. My status voids any wishes I might yearn to express because only those who are yet living may yet live in luxury...


My child, why do you cry?
Your mother will always love her daughter.
Just as she will live eternally within you.

"I am sorry. I do wish that if you yet live on, you would never see me like this. I took our name as a mark against me from the moment I was shackled to this vessel. A black branch, indicating death or decay, two fates that you always said person and animal alike never deserved. Now I have gladly brought both, though such suffering has been bliss.

Would you ever take me into your arms again? Because I do so wish you would. You were so concerned for making sure father took care of me. He did. More than I ever thought he would. But I could not make him happy. Why? Why did you haunt me with your vision? Why did I hear you call my name? Why could I smell your scent or see you standing there among the shadows? I wish you had gone to him once, let him hold you, let him know you were there for us both. You would have made him happier than I ever could..."

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