The new book

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The new book

#1 Post by Philias » Sun Feb 02, 2020 1:57 am

continuation from here: viewtopic.php?f=103&t=1421&p=8719#p8719

I believe it is long overdue that i finally start a new chapter in my life... So let's begin with the fact that i feel the best i have in a long time.
And this ain't me just rambling on about my health... or the fact that i'm finally dry after what feels like an eternity of drowning myself in alcohol.
But because i am finally a step closer to having a proper home. To MAKE a family of my own.
To build one up from scratch. With the man i love by my side, and the numerous members of the family that is Starlight.

Ellbry said 'yes' to my proposal. And it is the dearest of my memories so far. The most important one for me to think of. One that makes me smile in an instant.
If not for him, i doubt i would have gotten this far. And that makes him the most important person i want to have in my life.
During our time together, we have both grown. Both made a name for ourselves. Both decided to make us work.
And it was a damn fine decision.

Though, i do not know what i am going to call you quite yet, or where this story i am going to write within you will go, I do know one thing.
All that happens within these pages will be a group effort.
A group of people i met. Am meeting. Have yet to meet.

I love where my life is going for once. All is clear for the first time. Maybe it's the glasses. Maybe it's because my head is no longer foggy or muddled with alcohol. Or because i made a choice, a wish and a promise all to and for myself.

All will start anew, this day.


For the first time in a long time (and may i say a very long time) i can see a bright future. One i want to be part of.

*added to the page: four pressed roses. One white, One red, a white one with red tips and a purple one*

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Re: The new book

#2 Post by Philias » Mon Feb 03, 2020 2:21 am

Today... Was wild.

Let me tell you.

The day began with silence. Lazy sunday one might think.
I love a good lazy sunday. Lie in. Peace. Quiet.

But not today.

Syrawenn nearly knocked my door down.
She's lucky i put clothes on. I thought it could be Gus again... Booger sometimes forgets his damn keys...
But no... It was Syra.
Walkes into my kitchen like a being made of unbridled fury and...
Calmed down just as fast.

I could see that she was tired. And hungry. With the latter i could help... Made her and Ducky breakfast. Proper breakfast.
And got the agreement out of her that she was going to be my flowergirl.
Dress (eventually) included.
Eventually because i got no clue if she even needs to wear one. Or wants to wear one.

After she left, i had a talk with Ellbry.
We settled for a date later tonight. Which was absolutely fantastic. But more about that later.

I met with Roxy. She finished making the ring. Just in time. Can't believe what a gem she is for doing such intricate work. It's silly, really. But roses mean the world to me. And us.
Speaking of...
Jemima, Audra, Isabelle and Eileena are doing just splendid. Especially Audra. My child of worry is actually outgrowing her sisters...

The guildmeet was... Plentiful in appearances. It is good to have them look so... Numerous.
Seen Syrawenn there again. Damn woman was wearing a ring.
From what i've seen, Ducky did too. There was a giveaway bulge in his glove at his ringfinger.
But i won't pry. That's their thing.
Just feeling so damn happy for those two...
And proud. Really... Really proud.

I took Lumi to the side after the meet. If only for a moment. Wanted to show her the ring. Opened the box. Did not say a thing because i figured she'd understand...
But no.
Darn spacegoat thought i was proposing to her!
She blushed. Stuttered... Stammered...
I was... Surprised that she'd even think such of me! As if i'd ever go for a pair of hooves!
No matter how pretty she is, i don't swing towards Draenei...
Sorry, Lumi... No horns or hooves for me!
But in the end she understood. And the ring? She seemed to agree that it would fit Ellbry.

The date...

Ellbry and i decided to go to the Darkmoon fair.
He never been there. So i took some liberties of... Showing him around. Sweet boy....
We had so much fun.
Roaller-coaster. Whack-a-hogger. The shooting booth... We fed one another frosted cupcakes and watched both concerts.
Ellbry was not much a fan of the Blighted Boar...
Allthough my guess is that he simply did not like the fact that he was transformed into an undead. Giant one at that. I made pictures to show proof at a later point.

I won't even mention the candyball soup we've seen on sale outside...
Let's just say i hope it's candyballs and not eyeballs...
I know it's not but... One can try to believe.

Arcadegames and ringtoss-turtle later... We stood at the Tauren Chieftain concert.
That one Ellbry enjoyed. He all but lit up.
In that moment...
No matter the flashy effects, the fantastic lights or indescribable stage-performance...
I had eyes only for him.
Someone commented that i was entirely gone for him.
And that he should kiss me.
Right they were about the first point...
I thought nothing of the second.
Would't dare. So far he always turned bashful....
Ellbry... Never initiated a kiss before.
At home, yes. But not out in the open like this.
That was a first.
It only proves how much i love that man. And how much he loves me.

We... Agreed on Dares... Every game won, the winner decides a dare for the loser...
Ellbry beat me in 2 games...
And he dared me to wear....
Gosh i can't even write it without blushing.

For fucks sake Ellbry...
I'm a Redcliff. And we Redcliffs never back away from a challenge or Dare! We are no wussies!

I will wear that damned pair of panties!
For honor!

But in the end...
We strolled through Stormwind. I had... Planned... To talk to him in the spot that we... First met at...
But we had to relocate to our meet-up spot from way back when instead...
He sat down...
And i talked...
And talked...
And asked.
One one knee.
With that ring-box open.
Because he deserves that much.

He cried. Sobbed really as he said 'yes' and clung to me.
I mean... He did say 'yes' before...
But without a ring. In a hypothetical question.
It did not feel proper.
This is so much more what it's supposed to be.

But the night is not over yet...
For now he's tending to the dogs while i write this.
Most likely preparing some tea...
We need to get upstairs where my engagementgift to him is waiting in a nest on the bed.

I just hope he will love the future squeaker as much as i love Feathers.
The egg was everything but cheap....

Here's to hoping.

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Re: The new book

#3 Post by Philias » Tue Feb 04, 2020 12:21 am

Things changed.

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Re: The new book

#4 Post by Philias » Wed Feb 05, 2020 8:45 pm

One step forward, two steps back.
Can't find peace of mind.
Time for a smoke

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Re: The new book

#5 Post by Philias » Fri Feb 07, 2020 12:36 am

You just won't let me go until we met face to face again.
Fuck. I hate your guts right now!
Gotta drag my old bones back to our spot.

But i won't come alone and be miserable this time!

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Re: The new book

#6 Post by Philias » Sat Feb 08, 2020 12:18 am

Thank fuck for Marras and his Silkweed.
I think without it i would be a raving maniac. That's one of the few things that keep me sane
That... Ellbry... and Elodie.
Sweet little girl.

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Re: The new book

#7 Post by Philias » Sun Feb 09, 2020 2:12 am

I swear Elodie is gonna be the death of me...

But let's start at the beginning...

Why is it that women always find a pretense to come over?
Eileena made pastries. Delicious ones at that. But why use those as an excuse to come and talk and cry?
Sweet girl... I can not shake the feeling that you made a mistake by letting the man go that made you smile...
Someone from Starlight... If only i knew who it was, i'd talk to him. Thank him for making you beam, pummel him for causing you to break down in tears...
At least you got my shoulder to cry on, my blankets to get wrapped up in, and my handkerchieves to dry your tears with.

Why has noone ever told me how fucking amazing spas are?!
Ellbry and i went to Dalaran today as i had promised him to take him there for some shopping.
Yes... As well as to shop for something for me as i still got to fulfill that stupid dare...
Seeing Ellbry in the underwear i had chosen for him..
Gosh it made my blood sing for all the right reasons. Whoever said that corsets are only for women is an idiot.

After shopping - i even got magically enhanced fertilizer for the roses... Yes... Me and magic... Who would've thought?! - we went to the spa. The bathing... A giant tub with blubbering bubbly water... Rosepetals within'.... Fuck.
I did not even want to get out of there!
It was so wonderful and warm…
Too bad that we were interrupted just when things turned cozy.

A couples-massage…truly an experience! Who knew tha' getting a fullbody deep tissue massage would leave me feel ten years younger? It was fantastic. Truly.

And we went to the Compass, too.

Carvan congratulated me and Ellbry to our engagement.
Placed a glass of whisky in front of me.
He didn't know… only knew that i liked a good stiff drink…
It smelled beautiful… sharp and spicy and sweet…
And i wanted it. So badly…
But i was strong. Told him to take it away. That i was dry… So he got me tea instead. And sausages.
Sun-Wu was as usually a wonderful lovely self.
I still can't believe she has octuplets…
Just imagining to have eight kids causes me a headache.

Eritis was there, too.
Or rather elf tits… I offered him an occasional job as a bodyguard for Ellbry.
My love likes to roam the city at night. And i wish to see him safe. So a personal guard it is.

It had been a good choice as it turns out…
We did not even yet leave Boralus, when Ellbry was yelling for help.
Elodie had dumped a load onto the pavement past feeding...and some idiot tripped and fell into it.
Gave Ellbry shite for the happening.
What a tota tool. Can't even look where he steps and falls into birdpoop….
At least Ellbry came out of his rage in time, and Elodie was unharmed.

He loves that birdbaby.
And she loves him. Always sleeps best with him holding her. Ellbry might have been shy at the beginning, but now? Now he's properly turning bird-'mom'.
He's a wonderful father, truly.

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Re: The new book

#8 Post by Philias » Mon Feb 10, 2020 4:25 am

It's taking shape.
Who knew that an idea born on a high could be so beautiful?
The fabric i purchased in Dalaran sure makes this look more like something he would wear.

Huh... Dalaran... Capital of magic...
Makes me wonder when we are going to return there again...

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Re: The new book

#9 Post by Philias » Tue Feb 11, 2020 11:20 pm

I... went shopping... For us.
Got some chocolates. Hardcandy... even a card.
Ellbry was elated. He's entirely too cute about these types o' things.
I love that man. Dearly.

Even invited him for a float on the love-boats.


Then... Tiks...
That man. I swear... ye either love him. Or hate him. but not both.
He's a mystery to me. Funny, snarky, horrid sense of humor.
Simply someone you have to like. Just the way i like it.

We went watching the brawls at the Shady Lady.
And usually... those are always fun. But darn... this time?
So boring that we left.


Tahrina wanted to talk to me. I suppose... i always knew that she harbored some sort of feelings for me.
But that deep?
Damn... Woman... I never gave you reasons, did i?
I'm sure i didn't.
Let her down easy. She deserves that much. Friendship is still a thing from my side. After all, i don't hate her.
Damn, in the contrary. She has all my respect for telling me the truth about her feelings.


Went to the recluse, too. Spend the rest of the eve with Tahrina, Tikal, Eritis and Aldus.
Ellbry... was all soft smiles and lovestruck eyes. I swear if not for my fuzzy form i would've kissed him then and there.
On another note...
Gender-changing potions are fun!
Memo to self: Breasts are really heavy...
Another memo: Ask Ellbry for another of those potions.

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Re: The new book

#10 Post by Philias » Thu Feb 13, 2020 12:30 am

Made a day of baking cakes with Augustus,
It was fun to see Ellbry's elated face at the sight of all those cakes.
He started tasting them...
And sure enough, before long we ended up crumbling them up, added frosting to it and made chocolate-covered cakepops out of them.
A delicious affair if i may say so.


At the Recluse, we met up.
Again. Not a bad spot to interact with others.
Nannou was there. And damn... I finally got a good look at the lad. He's not much more than skin and bones.
Augsy should bring him home some time so i can feed him proper...
Boy ate one of Ailu's nutterbars. And a cakepop.
Speaking of Nutterbars...
Asked Ailu if she could deliver me a handful...
Blasted panda delivered me a huge box with hundret and FORTY nutterbars.
That bear... Is NUTS.
Quite literally.

Ellbry... Sweet love of mine... Caused me to choke on my drink today... And Nannou to cry... And Lylieth to blush...
She wore a dress today...
Damn that woman is gorgeous if she's dressing up that way. Of fered her one of the dresses that i have laying around at home.
Better not tell Ellbry that i did it out of boredom to keep myself busy...

Speaking of busy...
Lia, from the Recluse came up to me. After tasting my cakepops, she decided that i was to make her weddingcake.
Guess baking is not only a fun pasttime... But also a lucrative business.

But speaking of business...
Something keeps nagging me in my hindbrain to take on a new challenge to work on...
Baking is simple... Making plushies, too...
I'm taking Ellbry to Dalaran tomorrow. Gonna go shopping again. For catalogues...
Of underwear. (out of all things...)
I might take up designing and sewing undergarments.
In all honesty... If only to keep my hands busy. But a nice corset? Mmmh...

Make me ponder.
Speaking of pondering.

I was thinking... A lot. Thankfully smoking Silkweed seems to help with overthinking.
Need to ask Marras for some more soon. My stash is running low...
For now, i'm good.

Can't get Tahrina out of my head. For whatever reason the way we talked bugs me... I might have to talk with her again.

So many thoughts...
I should go and hit another smoke before bedtime.
Then again... I just had a bath. And smoking means i need to go out and be cold.
Urgh.... Decisions...

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