Stoen's little book of poems

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Stoen's little book of poems

#1 Post by Stoen » Fri Sep 14, 2018 4:18 pm

Icecream, Icecream

Icecream icecream, really nice.
A mix of cream and then some ice.
Or a cake, a huge big slice
repeated once or twice or trice.

Then you do a belly slap
before you curl up for a nap
all in cosy blanket wrap
ignoring all that demon crap.


Then you wake up full and rested!
Clad in armor lion crested!
That's the one style truly tested
in past wars that Alliance bested.

Skyball Poem

When we look up, we see it clear. A green and purple ball up there.
Dalaran in panic, cities in fear. As we look up upon that sphere.

Some are saying it must be fel, at least that’s what the doomsayers yell
Nomne said it’s an egg shell, some say it’s an illusion spell.

All that people seem to agree, is that they should panic and to flee.
They buy rations in some mad spree, as if that would ever be the key.

I looked up at the sky and thought; it could be blazing fel so hot,
But thinking back on all we fought, I figured that it matters not.

We fight demons all the time. We fought orcs even in their prime.
Dragons, gods, undead and slime. Even then, we’ve been just fine.

The thing up there that some might rue, must not know what Alliance slew.
For now it can be a dreadful view, but if it comes down, we’ll slay it too.


Goodbye now my dearest friend.
My heart broke when you died.
The day I heard you met your end,
I just broke down and cried.

Though no new will ever be,
what was will yet remain.
The memories that you left me
will yet outlast the pain.

Through tears brief reflections shine
of what we had before
And I know that forever mine
will be the days of yore.

I know when you kissed an elf,
I joked “love made her blind".
And when I fell in love myself,
you teased me back in kind.

When the undead of the north
attacked our Stormwind fair.
We grabbed our arms and ventured forth,
to give those fiends a scare.

And when this here starlit group
went to the frozen north
You would make us turtle soup
before we ventured forth.

In the moments life was mean,
you would lend a shoulder
And now that you have left the scene,
life is so much colder.

Though you are now in the past,
one thing I know is true:
These memories forever last
and so in turn will you.

Goodbye now my dearest friend.
Your story is now done.
But although you have found your end,
through us you will live on.

Child of Argus Shore

Rest now you child of Argus shore. Forgotten soul from days of yore.
Once you were safe in mother’s arms, quiet life with no alarms.
You were free to play with friends, possibilities that had no end.
Back when you were just a cub, what did you want to be grown up?
Did you dream of soldier’s life, perhaps to marry a pretty wife?
I just pray you never knew just what the world would do to you.
When leaders divided found power misguided and when two decided, all you knew collided.

And I can never fathom the fear of what you saw with Legion there.
Of streets ablaze with fire green, the screams, the horrors that must have been.
Did you get to say goodbye before you watched your parents die?
And did you even ask but why before fel caused your soul to cry?

I only know how your story ended, your crimson skin where sword descended.
Fel-infested Eredar, what once you were now seems so far.
But sleep now, child of Argus shore. There are no bad dreams any more.


It started when they first asked why
there were those shining lights in sky.
Tiny shimmers that seemed so far,
what they decided to name a star.

First they thought the stars were gods
Powerful beings to beat all odds!
They fell on knees and prayed to sky
as ages came and passed on by.

It lasted until one suggested
The sky could be where fairies rested.
A star above that seemed so bright
Could really be a napping sprite.

An elf suggested that maybe Elune
Had spare homes when tired of moon
"Perhaps the stars," he spoke his mind
"are just a place for Elune to unwind?

Although nobody remembers their name
Someone suggested orbs of flame
huge infernos in the furthest distance
making a shimmer in our existence.

Through the ages, people in wonder
would look up at the stars and ponder.
And in this time as people would stare
Never once did the stars ever care.

Darkmoon Poem

I went one night to the Darkmoon faire. A fantastic place, extraordinaire.
Rides and games and fun for all. Yet my friends did find a special stall.

“Look over there,” said Betty the Elf. As I was picking a prize from the shelf.
At a dark tent stood a Gnoll, quite old. With a sign: “Get your fortune told”.

“Aye, it’ll be a laugh!” Grinned Frank, the dwarf.
But at the tent, he seemed in doubt. And I went first as they both chickened out.

The old gnoll smiled and handed me, a small note as note as he grinned with glee.
I raised an eyebrow as I read it over. Just one simple line: “You’ll die in an hour.”

“Oh, don’t worry, they’re never right.” Said Betty as my face turned white.
Yet as she read hers, she still gave a cheer. “It says I’ll get to ride a bear!”

Frank read his, “Ye’ll help a man”. He shrugged simply, “Ah do what ah can.”
We pondered these fortunes and as we stood there, we suddenly saw a man with a bear.

“Excuse me, can you help me please?” He asked as I felt the coldest breeze.
“This here bear needs to be trained, But I’m afraid my ankle is quite sprained.”

Frank nodded, “Wha’ needs to be done?” I just felt I wanted to run.
The man asked, “Oh, yes, you. Can you please take this bear to the zoo?”

Frank nodded and took the leash, seeming to handle the bear with ease.
Betty looked at the bear excited, “Oh, please sir, can I ride it?”

And as my two friends trotted away, I looked at my fortune feeling only dismay.
It said an hour when I read it before. Instead it now read "minutes: fifty-four".

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Re: Stoen's little book of poems

#2 Post by Stoen » Fri Jul 12, 2019 7:34 pm

Ode to Stormwind

It seems to me
a wonder here for all to see.
There's nowhere I would rather be
than Stormwind.

In days of yore
and time before
When humans did first sail ashore
They founded where the wind did roar
our Stormwind.

Though orcs did spring
With swords to swing
Our Stormwind was rebuild again
And still this day our bards do sing
Of Stormwind.

Through fire rain
We taught them pain.
Even the Lich king tried in vain.
The lord of dragons too was slain
For Stormwind.

We fear no horde
As we draw sword.
To distant lands we march toward.
It's not for king and not for lord.
For Stormwind.

It seems to me
so blissfully
When one day we return from sea.
Back to our home and family
in Stormwind.

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Re: Stoen's little book of poems

#3 Post by Stoen » Fri Jan 08, 2021 9:17 pm

The Oceanbound

I saw at dock the Oceanbound
before it set to sea
Soldiers 'pon its deck abound
As eager as could be.

They sang songs on the Oceanbound,
of glory to be won.
And in Stormwind all around
they joined in on the song.

There from the dock on solid ground
Stood many maidens fair
And they cheered the Oceanbound,
blew kisses in the air.

Yet in the eyes of older men,
I saw the knowledge deep.
Past the smile they put on then,
a frown would slowly creep.

The anchor rose to Oceanbound
The final sail did raise
And the dock was filled with sound,
As people cheered their praise.

For thus sailed off the Oceanbound
to honour which they yearned.
Never would the ship be found
and nor their lives returned.

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Re: Stoen's little book of poems

#4 Post by Stoen » Fri May 06, 2022 7:01 pm

Final Child of Azeroth

Final child of Azeroth
Who stand at this world’s end
All that was is to be naught
So let not hate append.

Hate not men that stood up high
And ordered doom to come
Try to let hate pass you by
Lest hate will make you numb

Think instead of better days
When all united stood
Think of all the thousand ways
That people would do good.

Think of Winter Veil and gifts
And honeyed winter treats.
Think of children sledding cliffs
And playing in the streets.

Think on when you fell in love
However many times
And spare a smile to high above
For all of Bertel’s rhymes.

Think on when you laughed with friends
And not on how they died.
Think on drunken, wild weekends
With your pals at your side.

Final child of Azeroth
Before the world is bared
Let the planet’s final thought
Be of the world we shared.

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