"If Game" - the third state, after IC and OOC

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"If Game" - the third state, after IC and OOC

#1 Post by Nomine » Thu Nov 02, 2017 2:42 pm

You got IC/In Character, for all the roleplay you do, the things that affect your character, etc. Then you got OOC/Out of Character, for things that happen outside of your character, like talks between players, checking the dates to find something that works for all players or even happy chocolate day.

Then there is the third state "If Game."
"If Game" is when you are not actively engaged or seeking roleplay, but you are happy/comfortable with going in character, taking part of roleplay if you get invited into it.

For me, this often is also me taking part of guild chat conversation, welcoming people online etc., while I am also doing daily quests etc.
It also means that when I am "If Game" - I can be drawn into stories, events etc., but I will not be actively arranging or seeking RP.

So why is this is important to talk about?
Because often we log on without a plan, hoping somebody will suggest something or take the initiative, and there is a big difference in saying "I am just here OOC" - which is like closing the door to being offered roleplay, or activities.
While saying " I am If game." You signal that in fact, that door for roleplay is open.
I would like for us to do more of that, stop assuming that because somebody is in Argus, they are not available, I would like for us to talk better and more about being available for RP, even when it is not actively seeking it.

A second thought to go hand in hand with this, we all seek different experiences from a nights roleplay, or with a character. Talking with your fellow players on "I would like to experience, or my character needs XYZ" is a good thing." - and more on that in a later post.

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Re: "If Game" - the third state, after IC and OOC

#2 Post by Syrawenn » Sat Nov 04, 2017 8:21 pm

Yep, as a big big fan of completely randomness happening I support this wholeheartedly :) The times really interesting stuff happened just because I made a random comment online and someone picked up on it...beautiful. This way Aley and Syra are developing an interesting history of food and drinks even though we haven't been online together a lot. It's what you say: we can't read minds. People have to tell each other what they are after, what they are hoping for :) Even if it's just a goodnight hug ic.

I'll make sure to steer towards this as much as I can when I'm online!

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