Tiks - Devvy, ongoing game.

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Tiks - Devvy, ongoing game.

#1 Post by Tikál » Sun Jan 22, 2017 4:21 pm

Tiks = White
Devvy = Black
Pawn = Pwn, Rook = Rk, Knight = Kn, Bishop = B, Queen = Qu, King = K.

Kn G1 to F3
Pwn D7 to D5
Pwn D2 to D4
Kn G8 to F6
Kn B1 to C3
Pwn E7 to E6
Pwn E3 to E3
Pwn B7 to B6
Qu D1 to D3
Pwn C7 to C6
Pwn E3 to E4
B F8 to D6
Pawn E4 to E5
B D6 to B4
Pwn E5 to F6 (takes Knight)
Qu D8 to F6 (takes pawn)
B C1 to G5
Qu F6 to G6
Qu D3 to G6 (takes queen)
Pwn H7 to G6 (takes queen)
B G5 to D2
Kn B8 to D7
Pwn A2 to A3
B D4 to C3 (takes knight)
Pawn B2 to C3 (takes Bishop)
Kn D7 to F6
B F1 to D3
RK H8 to H5
Castle Queen Side (King to C1, Rook to D1)
KN F6 to G4
B D2 to E1
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