A brand new journal, barely scuffed on the edges.

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A brand new journal, barely scuffed on the edges.

#1 Post by Liathene » Mon Aug 27, 2018 8:31 pm

Dear Diary

So I have decided, finally, to keep one.
I saw a stranger in the Brennadam Inn jotting down their thoughts on their day before bedtime, and... I don't know. I guess I thought I should give it a go. See, I can't sleep. For the first time in my life, I am worn down by thoughts and memories, and can't seem to quiet them enough.
I have to deal with the burning of my ancestral home.
Regardless of not growing up there as a child, I grew fond of it later. I became a better druid there, I bonded with my people, I came to appreciate all that we, as Kal'dorei, are, and what we had built.
It's gone now.
I couldn't save it.
I saw it burn, felt the heat of the flames on every inch of my body, breath scorching, ears deafened by the fire's roar. So much screaming.
I can't forget long enough to sleep. Children screaming, my mother's orphanage, innocent animals... all dead, and I couldn't save them.
I can't sleep.
So I work instead. Not sure it's healthy, but my time - all of my time - is spent trying to save and help as many as possible. I feel guilty about socializing, about resting, even about sitting down to write this while I eat dinner.
So I'm gonna stop for now, and see if it feels better tomorrow. Maybe, over time, it'll help.


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