The world that forgot

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The world that forgot

#1 Post by Morrigan » Wed Jun 20, 2018 8:33 pm

Morrigan remembered dying.

It wasn't a traumatic memory. She remembered feeling warm, safe, loved, held in Sinthya's gentle embrace, wrapped in the scent of her perfume as pain faded from her broken body and anguish left her tortured mind. It was everything she'd ever wanted.

She could finally let go, and it was sweet, sweet relief.

She left the world feeling happy.

And so, when Morrigan was forcibly dragged from her place of peace, she was furious.

More than that, though, she was terrified. It was like being thrown in ice water, bright light burning her eyes and sounds and smells assaulting her oversensitive senses. Suddenly, she was acutely aware of her body, of clawed hands against a cold floor, of the pain of a thousand old injuries returning with vengeance. She wanted to go back to the dark.

She curled in on herself in the corner, covering her head with her arms. She heard familiar voices around her - but they were not comforting, friendly voices. They were voices that made her instinct scream at her to fight or flee - but her bones felt brittle and her muscles weak. How pathetic she was, naked and feeble at the mercy of old enemies she thought she was rid of long ago. Desperate, she anchored herself to the familiar, masculine scent next to her. She held Nomine's hand as the world came into focus.

She wanted to go back to the dark.
Nomine's hand was on his dagger the whole time, and Morrigan knew he was debating on whether a mercy-kill would be the kindest thing to do. She didn't give him her opinion. It didn't matter, anyway.

The broth and care was familiar, but the house was not. His fingers around her throat sent her breifly into blackness when she gave him too much attitude. Interesting. Nomine had grown less patient with age, not more so.

Morrigan grinned at him, sharp, clever words meant to rouse his sadistic side. She didn't care - this world had forgotten her long ago, she had absolutely no business being here. But an active kill is different from simply letting someone fade.


The lighthouse was strange, too. Morrigan felt out of place, where she stood next to Nomine, all silent and tame like a housecat. Pathetic. Pitiful.

She recognised the Sandwich-gnome, who cheerfully offered her foo, and Morrigan felt a pang of unfamiliar emotion in her chest. She didn't tell the Gnome that she hadn't been able to keep any food down as she rejected the sandwich, but Nomine did. Devvy simply beamed and offered to bring food some other time. The acceptance was foreign.

Morrigan saw another familiar face by the seashore. The one with the pudgy, slackjawed face, the one who looked unremarkable enough to be a fantastic Rogue. Chit.

Morrigan stared at her. Chit pointedly ignored her, and Morrigan wondered if Nomine knew how much Chit loved him, and if he noticed how painful it was for her to see Morrigan there.

Or perhaps Morrigan was simply misreading the situation. The world had changed, after all.


Thanagor had not changed. His warm breath puffed against her cold hands as Morrigan greeted him, leaning her forehead against his. His eyes blazed with cold green fire, yet somehow looked so warm.
He was familiar, an anchor in a world that had forgotten her.

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Re: The world that forgot

#2 Post by Morrigan » Fri Jul 20, 2018 2:31 pm

Nomine's repressed fury won't fade on it's own, so Morrigan provokes him until he snaps. He hurts her badly this time, but she doesn't mind. The physical pain feels distant and unimportant, sounds and sights muffled by a water-like blanket. She feels mostly nothing.

They both know what's causing it. Morrigan is not truly alive - she is a spectre summoned from the void, living on borrowed time. A part of her, the one that fuels her rage and passion, is still locked away in that dark place. Morrigan can see the concern in Nomine's face, but she fails to muster the energy to care. Things are as they are.


She shows up when and where she is asked to. Following orders is easy, although the members of Starlight always phrase their orders as polite requests. Some of them are wary around her, but many, especially those who she has never met before, treat her with an unfamiliar, strange kindness. The black and white, furbolg-like creature keeps trying to feed her, and at one point they even trust her with a part of the mission.


In the time before, she would have betrayed them all in a heartbeat. Now, she holds onto the item she has been asked to look after, and destroys it on command. Morrigan is good at destroying things on command.


Morrigan doesn't understand the mission much, (something about time travel and possible future outcomes, and dark crystal shards) but it doesn't matter. All she needs to do is follow orders and kill what she's told to kill. Most of the time she stands awkwardly in the background - the members of Starlight are peaceful people. Morrigan's skills are not needed.

Even then, her heart threatens to beat itself out of her ribcage when the older, future version of Chit wraps her into a warm embrace and calls her a friend. She feels something then, something heavy and dark in the pit of her stomach, something burning behind her eyelids and tightening around her throat like a hand. For a moment she thinks she's going to break.


Older Chit gives her an assignment. Morrigan obeys. When the dark creatures emerge from the odd gnomish machine, Morrigan fights along with the others.

Dark tendrils catch her in their crushing hold, and Chit, Devvy, and the black and white furbolg all call her name and rush to her aid.

They call her name, with fear in their voices. Reaching out, as though she mattered.

Later, when she is alone once more, Morrigan weeps.

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